Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year Everyone

     I would like to take the time to thank each and everyone who has stopped by a viewed and commented on my humble little blog. To date, I have had 8323 views and have 33 Outstanding Americans and a Canadian or two (LMFAO @ Kimber and her man) and a few other countries, if I don't know which country you are from, I'm sorry to not have recognized your country. They have decided that my points of view are worthy enough to have clicked the follow button. Once again, thank you all!!!

     2012 is gone and we are rolling into 2013. The Mayans were off on their end-of-the-world date, American made the foolish mistake of re-electing the current president, and by god, we celebrate the birth of a Kardashian child more than our men and women who are serving in our military, throughout the world. What does 2013 hold in store for us? Probably a complete collapse of our society due to ridiculous tax rate hikes, I know for sure if the new AWB that Sen. Frankenstein wants to pass is implemented,

(Training Time-Out) BITCH!!!!, get your finger off the trigger until you are sure of your target and willing to destroy it. Didn't you learn anything from a firearm safety course?

Secure from the TTO:

there will be a Civil War, to say the least. I really hope my prediction is wrong, I really do. I will close this post with some quotes to ponder:

"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants"
“For a people who are free, and who mean to remain so, a well organized and armed militia is their best security.”
“When a man assumes a public trust, he should consider himself as public property.”
"All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must seem inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near. Hold out baits to entice the enemy. Feign disorder, and crush him"
"To fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting"
"The clever combatant imposes his will on the enemy, but does not allow the enemy's will to be imposed on him"

New Years Eve 2012

Well this is what I ended up doing on my New Years Eve. Better do it now before they ban rice or tax the hell out of it.


Saturday, December 29, 2012

WOW! Where has everything gone? 300 AAC Blackout Case Prep.

     Wow! Where has everything gone? Seems like there is a gun ban coming around the corner, being sarcastic here so bear with me. Well my mission today was to go out and see what I could find locally for reloading 300 AAC Blackout at some of the hidden places that most metro-sexuals don't know about. One place is a restaurant supply store that has a reloading shop in the back. These people were a frequent site at one of the two gun shows we have locally. Well the family and I arrive and see the sign.
We arrived at 1230, and their sign said they closed at 1300, well the doors were locked and after looking in the tinted windows, seems they aren't in business anymore. Another casualty of the Obama Administration. 
So we load up and proceed to the second location and happen across a one pound jug of IMR 4227 which I can use. After a quick survey, I pay for the powder and proceed to our third establishment.
The third stop is notorious for high-quality Chinese crap, here is where I bought a cut off saw for case sizing.
The last a final place has reloading stuff along with metro-sexual camping, fishing, and hunting stuff. As I am ND are in the reloading section I notice a fellow and his wife walking around frantically looking for something. Well by this time, JUGM and NW come over and we observe the fellow ask the sales associate, do you have any .223 ammo. I look at JUGM and just smile. The poor young sales associate tells the fellow, "We are out and have no exact date of when we will get anymore in". The man spits out his shuttering mouth, "Why do I have a AR15 if I can't get ammo for it". Now in my "Jump at an opportunity when you get it" moment, I say to the man and his wife, "Well you should have thought about ammo 4 years ago, sucks to be you." and we turn and walk away giggling. I heard utter silence behind me. I'm sorry if I was a complete ass-hole to this poor man and his wife, but don't tell me that anyone who has seen the writing on the wall for at least the past 10 years, would not have taking the same jab at them as I did. Well this final place had nothing in the 110-135 grain range for .308 so we left.
Since the 300 AAC Blackout uses the 5.56x45 or 223 case and trying to find that specific brass with all that is going on, I decided I will make my own. Doing a bit of research on the NET, it really isn't that hard to make.
    The next thing I though about is how will I cut the casings using the cut-off saw, so I made a jig for the saw so I get good and even cuts each time.
    After making the cut, just below the neck on the 5.56 case, this is the outcome.
   After the cut, there is some minor case trimming to do to remove the burs caused by the saw.
     Once the burs are removed from the case, I apply some RCBS case lube to it and run it in the sizing die. I only did one case at a time to get my exact sizing down before I go into a production run. Note: I learned reloading from a very wise man with VAST reloading knowledge, lets just say that I learned about 4 decades worth of reloading in one day. This man knows his stuff. Anyone know who it is?
   After making a couple cases, here they are with the production case that I had shot. Which ones are they? They should be easy to spot.
    As most of you have seen, there is a shortage of reloading supplies, but did manage to order some bullets and a LEE Case trimmer, which is on backorder until later next week. Once I get these things in, I will continue with the 300 AAC Blackout postings.





Late December Mission

I am still here, just been busy and taking a much needed break from technology. I will embark on a late december mission today to every hole-in-the-wall establishment I know of in search of........


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

    I wanted to wish all you a Very Merry Christmas.


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Ted Nugents KLRU interview

   I think he stated his point..


Dr. Susan Gratia, remember her?

    My second mom posted this to Facebook tonight, wanted to share this. Notice who is on the comittee, Chuck "The Turd" Shumer.


Gun Ban on the U.S. Government

     I have stepped away from the blogisphere for a few days to collect my thoughts, get some Christmas shopping done, which has been hard with the events in Stoney Brook, and try to get my mind off what is going on as of late.

     I think there is an overall consensus that this shooting should not have happened, was PURE EVIL and I think as a nation, we all are hurting from it. One of my neighbors stopped and talked as her kids were outside with mine and ask me my thoughts on gun control. I basically told her, it's not the gun's fault. The more gun control you impose on law-abiding citizens, the more freedom the criminals have. This kid could have easily driven a car at a high rate of speed into a crowded bus stop, or playground and killed children.

    Guns, Knives, Baseball bats, lead pipes, Pencils are all objects, they do not breath, think, sweat, or eat. These objects do not all of a sudden stand up, walk up to a person and take a persons life. Maybe the India, Delta, 10, TangoS in DC need to start looking at themselves before us.

     In my honest opinion, I think we need to ban guns from the U.S. Government. This is why....

August 21, 1992
DOJ, FBI and US Marshall's
Ruby Ridge
Sammy Weaver, 13 (Killed)
April 19, 1993
Branch Davidian Compound, Waco TX
26 children (Killed)
January 30, 2010
Fast and Furious Scandal, Villas de Salvarcar, Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
14 Teenagers (Killed)


Friday, December 14, 2012

How do you feel after hearing of what happened today?

    I, like many of you all found out the horrible news that came out of Newtown, CT this morning. Some sick, demented SOB went on a killing spree at an elementary school and took the lives of many innocent children. THIS TOTALLY FUCKING SICKENS ME!!!!!!!! Is this what our society has come too, taking the innocence from our lives... All I can do is offer my prayers to the families of these children, you will be in all our prayers for a long time.

    Now I will shift a gear and continue with this topic. What also sickens me is MAYOR BLOOMBERG!!!! You piece of crap, in the face of a tragic event, you could not hold yourself to feeling for these families and showing one ounce of compassion without making a POLITICAL STATEMENT out of this tragedy.

    I cant go on, this P.O.S politician will make me show my ass on here. I will not resort to this right now. I will show these familes some compassion and respect and not make a political statement out of it, this is not the time nor place. I usually dont give a Rat's Butt on what the president says most of the time; however, I will lower my flag tomorrow morning for the children. Mayor Bloomberg, I will continue this with you later.


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

North Korea, I know what your doing.....

     I seem to have an idea, or assumption of what is going on here. North Korea is under sanctions for nuclear weapons testing and now they are firing a missile into space saying they are launching a weather satellite. Am I the only one seeing this or are they almost finished developing a delivery vehicle to get a nuke over to the US and EMP our ASS? If there is a threat of them using a EMP on us to make our way of life like theirs, why wasnt this missile shot down? Do I need to do a RFI and help you military planners out? I know I'm retired, but I haven't lost it yet. I sure hope the money we have spent on Destroyers and Cruisers that are BMD capable pays off. I got it!!! The "Boy Wonder" in the White House is going to save us.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Day 2-1 and Odds and Ends

     Here I sit very proud that I am at day 2-1. It has been a trying week for me with my attempt to quit chewing tobacco. My last post was about as accurate as I was feeling, the first three days were hell. The effects of nicotine in my system is gone, and I actually feel much better. I plan to put in a second order for the mint chew and after that I think I will go without the replacement and see how it goes. At almost $7.00 a can for Copenhagen, times 30, there is now more money for my preps.

    Finished up my last ground campus class until June. The classes I have to take are only offered online, which I don't care for but I am ready to get this degree done and move on with my life.

    Finally got my old Liberty Safe sold. I forgot how heavy that damn thing was to move, especially by yourself. Note to self, don't sell another safe to an older gentleman, you end up doing all the work. It was worth it not only to get it out of the house, but $550 in our pocket for Christmas presents is always good. We only use cash for presents.

    Plan on attending the next gun show this upcoming weekend. My mission is to buy reloading components for 5.56x45 and some powder. I just did a CA for reloading 300 AAC Blackout and have made the decision to configure my Lee Progressive press to 300 Blackout and start cranking rounds out. Since 5.56 and 300 blackout use the same casing, only have to replace dies and recalibrate the charging station and I'm in business.

     Bob Costas update: Still waiting on him to ban cars and alcohol from this past weeks second professional football player dying. Also, he still is a piece of crap liberal that can choke on rice for all I care.

    Time to head off to bed, till next time.


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Day 1-2

I feel like this today.......

Note: Wife, Kids and pets are fine. IT MUST BE NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hey Bob, Kiss My .....

I wanted to provide Bob Costas a point to ponder before he opens his "PIE HOLE" and makes comments concerning handguns on a Nationally Televised football game.

Also Bob, the NFL player was a drunk, hooked on pain killers and sleeping around on his "BABY'S MOMMA", but in your eyes, the handgun jumped into his hand and did all this by itself.....

Day 1-1 in my struggle to quit

     Day 1-1 is almost done and I am quite proud of myself that I haven't quit my attempt to quit chewing, or in the south we call it dipping. Many of you may know that chewing tobacco has a higher concentration of nicotine that cigarettes or cigars have. This is what makes it harder to quit. I have smoked before and flipped back to dipping, them back to smoking, and the cycle continues. I can finally say that I have had enough of it all and I am determined to quit.

     I received the mint chew from Maine yesterday afternoon and opened it right up to check it out. I am very impressed, they package it in the same size cans as Copenhagen, it almost reminds me of the "Hawken" brand.The mint chew is not a fine cut, very coarse with some stems in it but damn it tastes good. I decided to wait until I woke up this morning to start since my nicotine levels would be as low as they would go.

     At first I was what you call "Jonesin" for a nicotine fix, but I put a mint chew in and it went away. I didn't not completely take nicotine out my first day, I have managed to have 5 small pinches of Copenhagen today that lasted 5 mins each in my mouth, then it was removed.

     Day 1-2 starts tomorrow and I am really looking forward to what it will bring to me in this quest to quit. I know I will hear from some friends, "Your a Quitter", and you know what, yes I am and your can look like these guys. This is what I do not want to look like nor go through the painful surgery.



Saturday, December 1, 2012

As the world turns.......

     Sorry for taking an extended break from blogging. Just have not been in a mood to do much of anything as of late. Lost a good friend and neighbor the other night to cancer. He will be missed. I have been thinking of my own health too and have made a order for Jake's Mint Snuff. I managed to quit the last time using gum but I wanted to try something else this time. If any of you know how difficult it is to quit tobacco, well it is damn hard and changing your behavior and routines can be a challenge. I have done it before and should have never started back. So wish me luck whenever the Postal Service gets off their asses and delivers it.

  As much of you know already I am a college student and that has taking up some of my time. Next month will be my induction into the Business Honor Society, aka Lamba Sigma. I am quite proud of myself for this accomplishment, especially in my 40's.

Only 7 more classes and I will be done, for now. I do plan on going for a Graduate degree, but I will take some time off first.

    Today, the family and I went out to a yard sale for a group member who is hurting financially and helped him out with buying a few things. I know he hated to get rid of the stuff but I hope he will rest a little bit better tonight knowing he will have somewhat of a christmas now. I have also had some side-bar conversations with him about money saving ways and where he can go for help. Hopefully he takes me up on them, but more than likely, wont. Time will tell and I hope I am wrong, i need some humble pie.

    "Riddle me this Batman" As we were out, we went through a drive-up ATM at our bank. As I was sitting there waiting on the ATM to go through its process, I look up and see the phone jack for people who may have hearing problems, then I notice right below the phone jack, Braille. Can blind people drive now and if they can I am very happy for them or is this another one of the ADA requirements? Who knows....

     Reading past events in the news, I see that Fast food workers in NYC are wanting pay raises to $15 plus an hour. Really, give me a break. They say its too expensive to live in NYC, well I have an recommendation for you, MOVE!!!! Better yet, let's look at why you may be working there. Obvious you didnt take your education serious enough to warrant a better job or was it you were to busy hanging out with your friends partying like Lindsey Lohan to even care. Well I guess it is catching up to you now isn't it? "Teaching Moment" Kids, stay in school and learn as much as you can and most importantly, learn Self Responsibility.

     Hurrican Sandy victims are raising hell about FEMA and the other government agencies. Like anyone didn't see that coming. Like I have stated before, having some self responsibility would have made this disaster a bit more tolerable, don't you think? I cant make the suggestion that you change things in the ballot box since you all voted for what you got. Maybe you all have learned the valuable lesson of, the government only wants you tax money and could care less of you in a natural disaster. If I am wrong, please tell me.

     Fiscal Cliff is approaching, well really it isn't. There is no cliff, just a scare tactic, just like pushing granny over the cliff. "Attention, Attention, now hear this", There are India, Delta, 10, Tango's in Washington!!!! Like we didn't already know this, right?

    Results of the poll I had running here on Senior's Mess seems to have a overwhelming verdict of 93% saying that a SHTF scenario in the United States would be a result of a Economic Collapse. I have been thinking about just walking away from my house, maxing everything out to speed up the process, but I cant do it. I have morals and self responsibility, but you never know with me......

     Before I close this post, I managed to pick up another followe; GunDiva pressed the follow button and became my 33rd follower. Thank you very much for taking an interest in what my thoughts are and please feel free to comment and express you thoughts and ideas to any of my posts.

    I must get back to what I was doing, looking at beautiful property for sale.





Friday, November 23, 2012

New Follower, Happy Late Turkey Day, and Update on Dad.

    I have been humbled by a new follower. MRS MOM clicked the follow button and hopefully I can provide some unique posts that can be enjoyed and commented on. Thanks again for following and WELCOME ABOARD!!!!

    It has been a busy few days here, driving to and from SC, all for nothing, getting ready for family coming in town, finishing some work before the day of thanks, getting texts and phone calls from my OBAMA supporting brother and Moo-Moo girlfriend while I enjoy not answering them, and other BS. Sorry this is alittle late but I hope everyone is having a great Thanksgiving with their families and please don't forget all our service members that are serving overseas and serving at the "Tip of the Spear"
   Update on my dad, I spoke with him today. He had his surgery and he is fine. He's sore of course and seems groggy from the anesthesia but is resting fine. Glad I have someone that lives on his property and is around the same age as him. She did an outstanding job in helping me out with this.  He is back home now.
    Thing to consider; Since we still have a somewhat free Internet until they pass this new Senate Bill where they will be in every box of Wheaties and roll of toilet paper you own to gain intelligence on you. Of course they want to know what you are saying, thinking, and planning; so I guess I need to get hot and heavy on making more encryption cards for secure transmissions within my group. If you have friends or family you want to communicate with without anyone knowing the conversation, you need to develop a communication encryption system. Yes, I dealt a lot with Crypto so I always take pride in making something that nobody who doesn't know the code cant figure out. OH, by the way, these cards change everyday.
Have a great finish to your weekend.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Gun show and Good food, what more can you ask for....

    Well me and some of the guys, Duke, Rebel, and Pirate Jim made our way to the local Second Amendment Meet with many others this morning to partake in the festivities. Sorry everyone, so much to take in today so no pics, had to concentrate on my purchases. Duke may elaborate more when he posts on his blog, DOWN RANGE REPORT

    I ended up getting separated from the guys after the first two isles, we all kind of went our separate ways to investigate the bounty to be had. We all would run into each other every now and again and share intel of what was where and how much. I ended up buying a neat little tactical 300 lumen flashlight, rechargeable CR123 Kit with 4 batteries, and rifle mounting kit for $100.00. Picked up 4 P51 military issue can openers. Also found a AK bayonet for my Russian hottie for $12 and bought JUGM a very nice Christmas gift which I hope she will like. I wont tell you what it is, you will have to find out when she blogs on December 25th or 26th.

    Rebel picked up some ammo and Pirate Jim bought his usual C&R, US Military parts and ammo for his fine collection of ladies he has. When he fires his ladies, they mark on top, trust me he can pit a cherry at 200 yds.

    Then after 3.5 hours of indulging in cosmoline and metal, we headed off to rebel's secret place to eat lunch, BTW, no Gay people there. It's nice when you can have breakfast items and/or BBQ, except if you are Rebel and can have the cook make you a Cuban Sandwich, Damn-it!!!! After a hour and half eating and BS'ing, they were closing for the day and we head outside and BS some more then head our separate ways. Let me tell all of you, I could have not picked a better bunch of men to call my friends.

    The hour is getting late, have a good drive ahead of me tomorrow so I hope you all have a good weekend and see you next week, not unless I get tired of looking at trees at Dad's and decide to blog from my phone. Who knows, I just might.


Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Funnies

    I remember this first video from a few years ago and I laugh my ass off each time I watch it. I love the husbands reaction after scaring the crap out of his wife.

     The second link is another on eI remember and have thought about trying this with JUGM, but I probably would be shot if I did.



Safe is here and in its new home

    As my previous post stated, I stopped by a business that was built by hard working people and have managed to stay open now for 34 years. I only stopped by to look at a safe on my way to school last night. Well, I left buying a safe and having it delivered today with the Accessory Door Pocket Panel (149.99), Upgraded electronic S&G lock (169.99), and floor anchoring kit (25.00) for 50.00 less than an Outdoor Retail Mega-Store here with their Base-Model. See, it pays to shop at the Mom&Pop businesses instead of those Metro-Sexual Sporting goods stores.

     I have always been a combo guy, hell I don't know how many times I have opened a S&G combo lock in a 20 year Naval career. After many questions to the business, I would give it a try. If I don't like it or have problems, they said they could switch it back to a tumbler lock. We shall see. Here are pics of the old safe.


The new safe.

    After 3 hours of moving stuff over, rearranging the safe 2 times, everything is now home and in their place. My girls are able to rest until they are called upon, but they did enjoy being held and touched.



Thursday, November 15, 2012

School Night and Safe Shopping

    Tis the night again for another episode of "Liberal College, Senior Style". Since I have a unique ability over my career to multi task, I shall be stopping at one of those small businesses that the government DIDN'T BUILD! and investigate getting a new safe. I do not go to retail sporting stores to buy safes, I would rather go to a actual Lock and Safe store and buy from people who know safes, and have the accessories I want. When thinking about security, I trust Liberty Safes. Check their site out and watch their test videos. The current one I have, a Liberty Centurion 20 is getting to small. So I am going to upgrade to the Liberty FatBoy Jr which holds 48. The main accessory I want is the door panel. Maybe I can talk them into one with a cash discount, it would never hurt.



Tuesday, November 13, 2012

EXCEL Food Storage Spreadsheet

   I have received numerous emails requesting a copy of the EXCEL file I created to keep track of my own prepper food stores after my inital posting. Thanks to Peter, K, and Rev. Paul, they recommended DropBox to me and have uploaded the file for anyone who would like a copy.

    If you would like to review my initial post on it, here is the link to that post.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Sense of getting back to normal

     Had a good laugh tonight with the movie "Red". I love this movie since it centers around a few old CIA spies who take some revenge after they find out they are marked for termination. How would the government feel with the hundreds of thousands of veterans getting some revenge? I thought so. I'm hearing crickets Mr. President.......

    Since I am in a better mood, I would like to thank all the bloggers and viewers who are emailing me and requesting the Food Storage EXCEL file I have created. It makes me feel good that people are like minded and looking for ways to perfect and simplify their stashes. Please bear with me in emailing the file to you. I have investigated into posting the file for everyone to download but Blogger doesn't give you that option. Once I find a way, I will let everyone know.

    Today was a good day, went onto a democrats property, with a legal document, to correct their appearance of their property in the community. The husband was not home but the wife was and when she saw that I was there, she made phone calls to her husband. Sorry, nothing you can do, I'll send you a hefty bill. Ha Ha Ha!!!! I love you Democrats!!!!! $$$$$$$$$$, God, I love my job.

     Update on my dad, he will be having surgery next Monday which is good for me, I can get my large mulch job done and school taken care of before I head up to help him out. Since next week is T-Giving, I don't have to rush to get assignments done, have two weeks now instead of one.

    Tomorrow, JUGM and I will head to our local wholesale warehouse and buy some more prepper stuff. Hopefully they will have some DAK Hams in stock, it's that time of the year for them. We are also expecting some new knives in the mail. since I lost my carry knife, I had to replace. She has an old timer and I wanted her to find something more tactical. Also ordered two "Neck Knives" to hang around the neck as a back-up.

     Will also try to coordinate with the group of what we are doing this weekend, since it is our week. Maybe we will have fun with a local gun show. Pirate Jim brought the idea up, I'm good to go for that. Rebel has a secret restaurant that serves good food, maybe hit there after the show. Who knows, we are a scratchy bunch of patriots.

Til next time....


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Crappy Weekend

    The weekend started off with a trip to the VA for a physical and leaving with a tetanus and Flu shot on Friday. I woke up Saturday feeling like crap from the shots, but I sucked up the man-hood and went for a long drive to a good Flea Market with the family. I don't like them going long distances without me. Of course I didn't find what I was searching for so that just made the day go worse. After walking around for about and hour, I was ready to go.

    Once back home, I headed straight to bed. I had a fever and body aches from the Flu shot, arm was killing me from the tetanus shot. I was not in a mood to be messed with. After a 3 hour nap, I finally got up. If I didn't, I would have been wide awake at midnight and not able to go back to sleep. Watched College football til around 2300, then went of to bed.

    Today of course is Veterans Day. With the past election and the direction we are going, I wonder if it was even worth serving for 20 years, for what, this crap? Even though I am disgusted with the events of this past week have gone, I would like to thank all veterans for their service. I have also had plans to re-paint the exterior of my house for a month or so now. Today was the first coat of paint. Took around 5 hours to accomplish. Second round will be tomorrow.

     Today I also had my weekly conversation with my dad. A few years ago, he had most of his Colon taken out, only to the point of where he is not on a bag and can still function. He has had a issue with a hernia, and damn-it, I hate this age group. I have been telling him for quite awhile to go and get it checked out. Well now he has an appointment tomorrow with the doctor, FINALLY!!! so who knows what will happen based on the fact he waited so long. Surgery, more than likely, soon, probably. Will I have to drop everything with my business and push a 60 yard mulch job another week, PROBABLY!!!! BTW, 60 yards of mulch is over half of a Semi-Trailer. Also, I have school so I will have to make a 6 hour trip up there, turn around and 6 hours back for school. Following morning, 6 hours back up there since of my sorry-A$$ relatives up there are reliable nor want to help. Don't misunderstand me, I love my father to death, he's all I have left but when you try to help and it falls on deaf-ears until it gets to a point, then I get aggravated.

      Sorry for venting, just tired and aggravated with the BS.


Friday, November 9, 2012

New Poll

     Please check out the poll I have listed on the upper righ side of my Blog. This poll is not scientific.


Quarters, Quarters, all hand to Quarters for Muster, Instruction and Inspection

    I would like to welcome a new follower who sent me a kind email yesterday requesting a copy of my EXCEL Food Storage File I created, so I would like to extend a warm welcome aboard to BRYAN, who looks like he is starting off with his own blog in the blogisphere. Shipmate, it is so easy that a caveman or Senior Chief can do it. Let us all hear what is on your mind.


     Here we are finishing another week in the year of 2012, the year the Mayans predict on December 21st the world will end, well you forgot to figure in leap years so you are about 500 years off, so..... What was my Friday like? First off since it is my down time of the year, my hibernation time, I slept in till 0930 this morning. This is one thing I like about being self employed with year round contracts. My first task for the day was to visit the VA for my second physical of the year. I use the VA for my preventative care and they do a real good job at it. So I get there, see a Democratic Nurse and a Democratic M.D. and leave with a your fine, blood looks good, BP is fine, Flu, and Tetanus Shot.

    I head home and hang around the house before I head off for a Deep tissue Massage. I have been having back pain as of late and since the wife and I celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary, she knew I needed one and got me a gift certificate. I leave the house and stop at a package store on the way. One thing you must consider in a SHTF scenario is bartering items. I sure as hell will not be bartering guns, ammo, clothes, gas, or food. Well I always like a good stiff drink of whiskey, rum, tequila, or vodka from time to time but this is not for my consumption, its for barter. My local package store had these items, 2 for $4, 2 for $ 5.50, or 2 for $6. I walked out the door spending $25 and some change for 1200 ml of booze. Will try to get 500 rounds of ammo for each during SHTF or 50 pounds of Rice, who knows.... Look at it this way, you don't have to rotate it, it lasts for a very long time, and if you need it for killing pain, well you have it or one last hoorah before you go on a all-out suicide mission against the GUMBERMINT when they show up to negotiate for 4 hours before getting Testicular Fortitude to come in for your guns . Next barter item will be the cheapest cigarettes I can find.

I go for the massage, and it felt real good. I really needed that. I get home and JUGM asks me, "Did you get a Happy Ending"? I think to myself, Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot, she didn't just ask me that. So I respond to her, "No, I didn't get a Rub and a Tug" and went on about my business.

    As I was heading to the house, we had some police activity about 3 miles down the road, somehow a main feeder line for power was knocked off a power pole and laying across a side street. Of course, our county Keystone Cops were out there making sure everyone was safe. Just before we started dinner, the power goes out. I say, RGR, break out the Coleman stove.

It never fails me that once I adapt to a situation and start cooking, the power comes back on. Well I look at JUGM and say, "F&$K IT", by the time I take it all back inside and start cooking, it will go out again. She allowed me to post a picture of her.

    Once we are done with dinner, time to get the evening fire ready for lighting. I really enjoy fires in the fire pit on friday, kind of a way to relax from a long week.

This weekend for us will include a trip to the Flea Market for more antique goodies, such as coleman stoves, lanterns, and painting the exterior of the house. Got to go and answer emails, Stephen sent me one finally.
Extra note, here is a video of Shooter Steve shooting his M1A Socom at the Boars Nest with a function check on a 30 round mag during the summer. Love that sound of the lady firing and hitting the tanks. 5 shots, 5 hits. He's on our side. Music to my Ears......


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Numb, not Comfortably

     I think the title says it all, but it is not the song or lyrics from Pink Floyd. After watching the results come in from the abyss of a liberal arts classroom via the Inter-Gore-Net and once home watching it unfold on satellite and reliving the nightmare from four years ago, I am sick to my stomach and disgusted at the people in the country who would vote for this "FU^&*!G MORON"!!!

    Reading a few posts on the bogisphere tonight and writing this entry, I just don't want to talk about it, it depresses me but worst of all, it en-rages me. I posted on Facebook last night with a few friends about the results from the election, with my last post saying "I have lost faith in this country and God" I am sure some will comment on this and until the GUMBERMINT takes control on the Internet, you have that right too. Really, I have a lot of doubt right now, here physically and spiritually. Now, don't take my words as a key to doing something drastic to myself. That is not anything I am thinking about nor would consider. My current duty station is COMNAVHOMELANT and my job is to protect my family at all cost, no ifs , ands or buts about it. Family encompasses immediate and extended family, you know who you are.

    I look to the future and try to visualize events that we all may face in the next 4 years of this incompetent President, and all it points to is a total economic collapse within 2 years. We are in a stale-mate in the District of Corruption, nothing will be solved. Mark my words... If I am wrong and I hope I am, I have no problem eating "Humble Pie". I know what it tastes like.

    What will a total economic collapse, SHTF scenario mean to me? Many people will loose their lives, I don't even want to associate a numerical figure with this prediction, I cant count on my fingers and toes that high. Depression era poverty on a larger scale will be prevalent, violence will be unprecedented. What I see myself doing, UNLEASHING HELL!

There are no rules in war. Yes you have a Geneva Convention and many in the military or have served before know it and what it states. I don't care. Do I have the mental fortitude to act this way in a time of crisis, yes I do. Growing up a hunter, you have that feeling as a kid shooting your first deer, dove, squirrel, or rabbit. Adrenaline is pumping through your young body. Just like riding a bicycle, you never forget that feeling.
     A good training exercise to do and I have done in the past is to elevate your heart rate as high as you can get it, then shoot a course of fire. You cant simulate adrenaline in a life or death situation with a paper or other form of a target you choose to train with. The other option to elevate your heart rate and function in that manner, will give you a training value much more than plinking at a target. Shoot a course of fire in a normal and elevated heart rate. You will see a difference in your shot placement. Adjust, adapt, and overcome your sighting ,you wont have time to shoot between breaths.  One final note, if and when that day arrives, I hope all us prepared who care about our families are ready. I will be.

      In times of disgust or aggravation, I tend to do things that take my mind off what is really bothering me and I actually enjoy doing. I enjoy prepping, because I know what I do now will help me or someone close to me in a time of need. While visiting a local retail store today, I found a new addition to my get-home-bag. It's made by Stanley, which are famous for Thermos's. Its a camp cook and cup set. It cost me around $15 and fits the purpose of boiling clean water or making hot water for a mountain house meal, or even putting hot water in an canteen and using it to heat inside a sleeping bag. Here is a pic of it.

Another pic of the complete set-up.

    As part of any bag setup you create, you need a back-up, to a back-up, to a back-up. Well during rain or a quick distillation of water, I chose to use my ISOPRO stove to boil water. Boiled water in less than 6 mins, then another 2 mins to sterilize water = 8 mins for clean water. May be a bit hot for your drinking, so store, move and drink when it cools.


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Blogger Camping Retreat

     Sorry for my lack of posting, I have been quite busy the past week or so. I am stuck between two classes, ARTS and OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT and I have had double the workload with school as of late. I only have one more week of two classes then I am back to only one for awhile.

    As some of have you have read on my better halves blog, JUGM has done a post of our weekend trip to a local historic retreat we enjoy going to and relaxing while we are there. We managed to make this trip with a few group members, DUKE and REBEL and their families. I don't know what it is about camping with good friends and family's that makes the stay much more enjoyable. Since my schedule has been quite hectic, I have been waiting for this weekend to get away and have some fun. I hit the road with the motel-on-wheels around 2:30pm and after a little drive, I get a text from DUKE, "we are here, what is you ETA?" I respond while driving, yes I multi-task while driving, have voice-texting on my phone, so my fingers don't have to type "On the causeway" After about 10 mins, I shoot DUKE another text, "On the Island". His response, "ARRRR" All I can do after reading that is have reflections of Pirate Girl, that is another story in itself.

    I arrive at the campground, and Duke is pretty much set-up, so he wanders down a few sites and BS while I am setting my home up. I usually try to leave before the better half and kids do. If you have small kids who are non-stop asking questions and getting in the way as you are trying to work, then you will understand my standard operating procedure when camping in close proximity to home.

    Dinner time is around the corner and Duke and I wonder when REBEL will get here, so the text messages fly. He's on his way. Well REBEL shows up, in all his galore with the SPACESHIP. I walk over to his driver side window and ask, "Why aren't you playing Close Encounters of the Third Kind Music as you pulled in?" REBEL is a pro at driving his beast, couple minutes later he was backed into his spot.

     The first Item REBEL set-up was this. Duke's rig is in the background.
 Here is a picture of my rig and motel on wheels.


    At this point, we all took a break, REBEL had to set his Spaceship up and cook dinner, Duke and I were cooking, so we all gathered with the family's later.

     Fireside chats are always good for relaxing, talking, and laughing about everyday problems and experiences we all face. This fireside chat finally ended a bit after midnight with Myself, REBEL and DUKE the last one's standing.
    Morning comes and we are all up and about, DUKE was up with the roosters, the rest were up around 9am. We all have our own breakfasts, here is some bacon cooking on a Coleman model 413G and a Lodge Cast Iron Griddle. This Coleman stove was purchased from a flea market for $10, with a pump rebuild kit and dumping the pump gas and flushing with two tanks of denatured alcohol, this baby works just fine.

     After breakfast we lounge a bit and decide to hit the road with our bicycles to the historic district. We all were amazed at how the boys, NW and ND made the whole trip on there tiny bikes. It must be nice to be young. I'm jealous.......

    After our long bicycle ride and in the historic district, ND was about wiped out from his excessive energy usage, so I told him that he needed to re-charge his batteries with some Ice Cream, there were no objections from him at all. Imagine a 6 yr old who has a father who knows that he needs Ice Cream to re-charge. I love him to death, even though he has caused more grey hairs than the Navy.

   After the Ice Cream, the ladies take to the shops and Myself, REBEL and DUKE keep a close eye on the park bench. Since I was the youngest out of us three, I had the privileged of watching them sit and I stood. Actually I was babysitting the kids as mom was shopping. I can only imagine the boys riding their bikes and hitting a liberal. LAWSUIT!!! Well lawsuits only work if you sue someone with money, well that is one thing I dont' have so.... Do the math....


     The coral of bikes:

     One of our final stops before heading back to the camp was to make a stop by the book store. This book store was located in the old infirmary. While inside, DUKE and REBEL pointed out a book for me. Of course I took a picture of it, so you can figure out my thoughts of why I took this picture.
     We all make our way back via the Millionaire's Row of homes and The Jekyll Club while making our long bicycle trip back.
 Once back, cooking for dinner began. DUKE and REBEL had steak, which I had that the first night and decided to make a good ole Beef Stew.

     I like to use my Coleman equipment as much as possible, this is why I have two going. We all joined up together and had a group gathering to enjoy our dinners with great food, conversation, and company. After dinner, we all gathered around the Fire Side Chat, REBEL cooked up a peach cobbler in the dutch oven, and he and I had a plan to mess with everyone. I had bought one of those multi-color flame sticks to throw in the fire and before REBEL threw it in, I found some ring tones on my phone of Islamic calls-to-prayer. I started playing them and the flames start changing colors. Everyone was saying, look at the flames, and of course I say it's the call-to-prayers causing it. However, in his smart little brain, NW says, "Dad, where is the thing you bought to change the colors in the fire?" Well, that blew my cover, DAMN!!!!

     Of course, the last three standing around the fire at 00:15 were myself, DUKE and REBEL. We all go to our berthing areas and retire for the night. Sunday morning comes upon us and I wake up and look at my watch and it reads 0844. I jump up, wide awake and get dressed. I walk around in the camper and the wife says, what are you doing? I say, "It's 0844, I have to get started on packing up." She says, "Did you set you watch back?" The reality of the time changed set in and I felt like a dumb ass. "Uhh, no...." So I say "I'm awake, no use in going back to sleep". "I'm starting the coffee"
     Everyone is finally up, and preps for our departures start. The fair winds and following seas soon begin to follow. I really hate it when trips with you brothers end. When you are with close friends and it's time to go your separate ways, it sucks. We all had a great time this weekend, between hanging out in the campground, to bicycle riding, hanging out around the fire, the bird sanctuary, eating meals together, and just BS'ing. This was a fun weekend and can't wait til our next one. 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sitting in class, OMG there are people eating out of dumpsters in NYC!!!!

    I usually arrive at school around 45 minutes before class starts, mainly so I can get a close parking spot, eat dinner, and make a quick escape when I go home. Browsing through some sites and come across New Yorkers are eating out of dumpsters. Well you figured that was going to happen. I bet the ones eating out of them are 100% Obama supports and think the government should have been at their door the next morning with T-Bone steaks.
     I posted a day or two before the storm hit, and us good people of the south have had our fair share of hurricanes over the years. Have you New Yorkers not picked up on anything over the years?

    Of course, there is no gas, no food in the stores, sewage has contaminated the flood waters, no electricity, no need to go any further on. If people would assume some self responsibility in their lives, pay attention and learn from other events, and PREPARE for natural disasters, you wouldn't be as stressed as you are now and digging through a damn dumpster. Class starting soon, time to go.


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Calm before the storm

    As I sit here tonight, I keep visualizing what I feel will happen in the Northeast tomorrow as Hurricane Sandy comes ashore and damage that will occur after landfall. I have been through many storms throughout my life but I cant recall anything that is predicted to be this bad. As a prepper, I feel for all the people who are going to have some bad days ahead. Even if you have enough for one week, well you may be far better off than the majority of people in this region. There will be a breakdown in basic services. Electricity, Water, and Sewer will all be effected. I also feel that there will be overflows and cross contamination from the sewer systems, also all the waste that is pumped offshore in the northeast. Hate to say, but it may come washing back on them.
     The population in this area is also a concern. When Katrina hit New Orleans, you only had one metropolitan area to be concerned with in regards to a direct hit, here you have D.C, Philly, New York, Newark, Boston, Baltimore, millions of people who are about to see why prepping is important, and not something to laugh at when you watch DOOMSDAY PREPPERS. There will be a breakdown in law enforcement in areas. I expect there will be violence, especially in metro areas. We all know, when families get hungry, then tensions rise and your friends are not your friends anymore. Of course the governments have restricted their citizens in their right to protect themselves, so this will not help them. I am sure there are a few citizens who will take all measures to protect themselves from caches they have.
     Do I hope everyone makes it through this storm unscathed, YES I DO!!!! I don't wish storms on people, especially when you have several weather systems colliding. All I can do from here is pray for everyone up there and I hope you make it through safe. Stay Safe Folks and fellow bloggers, sound the call if you need help.