Friday, July 3, 2015

Odds and ends. Request from a friend.

    Things are slowing down a bit here. As most of you know, my boys and baseball are an important part of my life, and the bond that we have is real strong. I must say I am very very proud of NW and ND this year as JUGM has reported earlier, the boy's team had an undefeated season, made it through to the county championship game, but one error changed the outcome and they ended up finishing 2nd. I will say neither NW or ND made the error. NW was fortunate enough to make the county All-Star team as catcher. ND didn't make it and it was not because of his effort or skill, see ND is 8 and playing on a 9-10 yr old division team. We had to explain to him that he didn't make it because of the cheating little league team from Illinois has caused a serious crack down on age and local rules. Go figure, someone from Illinois cheating.......

     The garden is going great, although the weeds are out of control and we are letting it go as we have our crops for the fall garden in seed starters and as soon as the corn is all picked, I will be down there tilling it up with the tractor. So far we have picked corn twice so far and have almost 90 ears of corn, and we haven't gotten through a quarter of the corn. Also we have been in kind of a drought here and I have drawn up a irrigation system for the rows and cant wait to start the construction.

    Been following world events lately? I suggest everyone pay attention to what is going on in Greece and come up with your own lessons-learned when their financial collapse happens. I still am trying to figure out what Greece actually produces besides a dependent nanny-state.

    Work has been going good as I have been fully trained up and had my first 90 performance appraisal this week and as normal, I was rated excellent and above my peers with several at-a-boy's from two other departments.

    I received a request from a friend I met last fathers day when I went to a firearms training course up in NC. He administers the site                          and was solicited by a group in his area to advertise and put the word out about a networking opportunity with other like minded people to share world and intellectual thoughts about current events, prepping, and all that other stuff. Here is the link to page.

    Well I just wanted to get on here and say, Hey, I'm still vertical and breathing. Now I must go as today is NW's 10th birthday. He will be excited for his big-boy gift.