Friday, November 9, 2012

Quarters, Quarters, all hand to Quarters for Muster, Instruction and Inspection

    I would like to welcome a new follower who sent me a kind email yesterday requesting a copy of my EXCEL Food Storage File I created, so I would like to extend a warm welcome aboard to BRYAN, who looks like he is starting off with his own blog in the blogisphere. Shipmate, it is so easy that a caveman or Senior Chief can do it. Let us all hear what is on your mind.


     Here we are finishing another week in the year of 2012, the year the Mayans predict on December 21st the world will end, well you forgot to figure in leap years so you are about 500 years off, so..... What was my Friday like? First off since it is my down time of the year, my hibernation time, I slept in till 0930 this morning. This is one thing I like about being self employed with year round contracts. My first task for the day was to visit the VA for my second physical of the year. I use the VA for my preventative care and they do a real good job at it. So I get there, see a Democratic Nurse and a Democratic M.D. and leave with a your fine, blood looks good, BP is fine, Flu, and Tetanus Shot.

    I head home and hang around the house before I head off for a Deep tissue Massage. I have been having back pain as of late and since the wife and I celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary, she knew I needed one and got me a gift certificate. I leave the house and stop at a package store on the way. One thing you must consider in a SHTF scenario is bartering items. I sure as hell will not be bartering guns, ammo, clothes, gas, or food. Well I always like a good stiff drink of whiskey, rum, tequila, or vodka from time to time but this is not for my consumption, its for barter. My local package store had these items, 2 for $4, 2 for $ 5.50, or 2 for $6. I walked out the door spending $25 and some change for 1200 ml of booze. Will try to get 500 rounds of ammo for each during SHTF or 50 pounds of Rice, who knows.... Look at it this way, you don't have to rotate it, it lasts for a very long time, and if you need it for killing pain, well you have it or one last hoorah before you go on a all-out suicide mission against the GUMBERMINT when they show up to negotiate for 4 hours before getting Testicular Fortitude to come in for your guns . Next barter item will be the cheapest cigarettes I can find.

I go for the massage, and it felt real good. I really needed that. I get home and JUGM asks me, "Did you get a Happy Ending"? I think to myself, Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot, she didn't just ask me that. So I respond to her, "No, I didn't get a Rub and a Tug" and went on about my business.

    As I was heading to the house, we had some police activity about 3 miles down the road, somehow a main feeder line for power was knocked off a power pole and laying across a side street. Of course, our county Keystone Cops were out there making sure everyone was safe. Just before we started dinner, the power goes out. I say, RGR, break out the Coleman stove.

It never fails me that once I adapt to a situation and start cooking, the power comes back on. Well I look at JUGM and say, "F&$K IT", by the time I take it all back inside and start cooking, it will go out again. She allowed me to post a picture of her.

    Once we are done with dinner, time to get the evening fire ready for lighting. I really enjoy fires in the fire pit on friday, kind of a way to relax from a long week.

This weekend for us will include a trip to the Flea Market for more antique goodies, such as coleman stoves, lanterns, and painting the exterior of the house. Got to go and answer emails, Stephen sent me one finally.
Extra note, here is a video of Shooter Steve shooting his M1A Socom at the Boars Nest with a function check on a 30 round mag during the summer. Love that sound of the lady firing and hitting the tanks. 5 shots, 5 hits. He's on our side. Music to my Ears......



  1. Hot women and straight shooters. What more could you ask for?

    Spot me a copy of your excel sheet? I'd like to check it out. I already have some things laid in, but I don't really track it. The idea of an excel spreadsheet really appeals to my OCD.


  2. woohooo - a pic of my dearest gurlie friend - thanks Senior! and those little bottles of booze will be excellent for trading! what did you make for dinner - i am trying to guess from the pic but can't see it very your coleman!

    your friend,