Monday, December 10, 2012

Day 2-1 and Odds and Ends

     Here I sit very proud that I am at day 2-1. It has been a trying week for me with my attempt to quit chewing tobacco. My last post was about as accurate as I was feeling, the first three days were hell. The effects of nicotine in my system is gone, and I actually feel much better. I plan to put in a second order for the mint chew and after that I think I will go without the replacement and see how it goes. At almost $7.00 a can for Copenhagen, times 30, there is now more money for my preps.

    Finished up my last ground campus class until June. The classes I have to take are only offered online, which I don't care for but I am ready to get this degree done and move on with my life.

    Finally got my old Liberty Safe sold. I forgot how heavy that damn thing was to move, especially by yourself. Note to self, don't sell another safe to an older gentleman, you end up doing all the work. It was worth it not only to get it out of the house, but $550 in our pocket for Christmas presents is always good. We only use cash for presents.

    Plan on attending the next gun show this upcoming weekend. My mission is to buy reloading components for 5.56x45 and some powder. I just did a CA for reloading 300 AAC Blackout and have made the decision to configure my Lee Progressive press to 300 Blackout and start cranking rounds out. Since 5.56 and 300 blackout use the same casing, only have to replace dies and recalibrate the charging station and I'm in business.

     Bob Costas update: Still waiting on him to ban cars and alcohol from this past weeks second professional football player dying. Also, he still is a piece of crap liberal that can choke on rice for all I care.

    Time to head off to bed, till next time.



  1. Congrats on hanging in there on the tobacco issue. And congrats also on the safe sale.

    Re: Costas, I wish you'd quit holding back & just tell us how you really feel. :)

    1. Thanks Rev for the support. Maybe I should do a tribute to Bob, hey that is a great idea. What should I call it. Have to think this one out.

  2. I'm all behind you for quitting nicotine, I quit about 4 years ago from a 1.5 pack/day habit.

    Save the money for a month, then buy yourself something nice. It's a nice incentive to actually see the rewards of not doing something. Anyways, it was a positive reinforcement for me.

    Again, congrats, but it won't be easy...One day/hour/minute at a time.

    1. K, I feel the one day/hour/and minute each day. It helps when people provide support to you, especially ones who have quit. Thanks for the supportive remarks.

  3. Senior - i am super proud of you for trying to quit! it is not easy and it takes some serious guts to be able to do it! but i know that you can do it. just stick to your one day/hour/minute plan and before you know it - you'll have saved enough money to get yourself a flashy boomstick as a reward! you can do this! it's gonna suck for a while but you can do this!

    your friend,