Friday, December 14, 2012

How do you feel after hearing of what happened today?

    I, like many of you all found out the horrible news that came out of Newtown, CT this morning. Some sick, demented SOB went on a killing spree at an elementary school and took the lives of many innocent children. THIS TOTALLY FUCKING SICKENS ME!!!!!!!! Is this what our society has come too, taking the innocence from our lives... All I can do is offer my prayers to the families of these children, you will be in all our prayers for a long time.

    Now I will shift a gear and continue with this topic. What also sickens me is MAYOR BLOOMBERG!!!! You piece of crap, in the face of a tragic event, you could not hold yourself to feeling for these families and showing one ounce of compassion without making a POLITICAL STATEMENT out of this tragedy.

    I cant go on, this P.O.S politician will make me show my ass on here. I will not resort to this right now. I will show these familes some compassion and respect and not make a political statement out of it, this is not the time nor place. I usually dont give a Rat's Butt on what the president says most of the time; however, I will lower my flag tomorrow morning for the children. Mayor Bloomberg, I will continue this with you later.



  1. If Bloomy had any sense (of course, he hasn't) he'd hide.

    1. not me, I would like to confront the weasel face to face.

  2. I feel numb, as most of the kids were 5 or 6 years old and had not even experienced life. Christmas will never be the same for these family's.

  3. Agreed... This is NOT the time for politics...

  4. Rest assured the liberals will use this to the hilt....with great glee.

  5. You know how I all ready feel about it.I couldnt hold and kiss our two enough last night. Just wanted them to stay in my lap and thank God for them.
    BOs weekly radio address all ready aluded to what he would like done.
    There will be one hell of a fight.

    I am reading today that the guns were legal and owned by the mother, apparantly she was quite the gun enthusiast and took her kids target shooting all the time.