Sunday, November 1, 2015

Odd and Ends, The cultural decline in Europe leading to Islamic Transformation, and I would be in jail, Why not Hillary.

    Been a bit since I have posted something. Work has been busy and time with the kids are pretty much reserved for the weekend. Last weekend, me and the boys made more Char-Cloth tins. In my days in the military, I had numerous polish tins in my box along with rags and brushes. I found a few tins for us to use. I had a larger WET-PRUF tin from KIWI that had dried up and took is all out and made mine, I still had one that was good to go.

     Dad had a large roll of cotton cloth under the car port and he used it for rags around the house. It was of the same texture and quality you find in most T-Shirts today. I proceeded to cut a large piece off and use that for my char-cloth.

    With the cloth all cut and ready to go, it was packed into the tin and placed in the fire.

And when it was all done

I used the regular tins for the boys, a white and brown shoe polish tin for each of them. We had to do ND's tin twice as he stuffed the cloth in and didn't get is closed enough and the top blew off in the fire.

     To change subjects now, I remember viewing this video a few years ago and with all the migration of Islamic people into Europe today, I can relate to this video that was posted over 4 years. Now, sit back and realize how liberal polices in Europe have caused their own demise. This is coming to our shores, so get ready.

    As my Military career involved me being exposed to material at different classification levels up to and beyond TS/SCI, with NOFORN, 4EYES and Etc including COMSEC, so if I was to compromise classified material like Walker did many years ago with communicating with the Russians or me coping classified material from the SIPRNET and send over NIPRNET, , I would have my own cell at Fort Leavenworth, KS. So how the hell does Hillary Clinton figure not to go to jail. That bitch needs to be under the jail. All you people who love Hillary need to wake up and see the GRAVE danger she has done to our national security. I will leave all the comments up to you all.