Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Well, enough said.........

I suppose you get the hint now, yep that time of the year for that medical procedure with a camera. Let's just say when it's over, the entire dollar menu at Mcdonalds is fair game, so all you EBT people, heed the warning and do not get between me and food.
This is what I will be feeling during the prep as I have some school work to do.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Photshop if you ask me

Saw this on the Drudge Report and all I could do is laugh. I am laughing at the pathetic attempt of a Liberal news outlet to photoshop a picture of the President shooting skeet, then take it down after getting called out on it; however, there are some things out of wack here:


First, why is he wearing golf attire shooting skeet, specifically the glove he has in his right pocket?

Second, he appears that he is finishing his swing, more than likley after using a 7,8,or 9 Iron, maybe even a wedge based on his stance and the glove in his pocket.

Third, the President is not that black in skin tone.

and finally, if this is how he shoots, well by god he needs a shooting safety course of just put the damn thing down and stick to something you know, like Golf maybe.

You be the judge.


Monday, January 28, 2013

BOA tells you what you cant buy

     Well I have heard today that BOA is now denying it's credit card holders in the purchasing of Firearms and ammo with their cards. Don't know how true this is but it wouldn't surprise me. I had my first mortgage with them and thanks to great mortgage advice from Sweet Wife, I got away and refinanced to my bank, USAA at a lower rate. Here is what I have found. If someone has a BOA Credit card, try it and see how true it is.

Friday, January 25, 2013

300 Blackout case prep and Fried Chicken

     Sorry for the absence from writing, just been busy and had a lot on my mind as of late, and most of that has to do with the current state of our country and the IDIOTS who are our so-called out leaders. Leaders you say, yeah right. I have seen more leadership at a KFC during lunchtime. I have been thinking of coming up with a weekly award, just haven't figured out what I want to name it nor design. I'm a pretty smart guy, I will figure something out.


As most of you know, I had my induction ceremony into the International Business Honor Society last week, instead of responding on that blog posting, I wanted to take the time on this post and thank each and everyone of you that posted you warm and supportive congratulations. THANK YOU ALL!!!

Took a ride out to the base on Wednesday and had lunch with the civilian contractors who worked for me out there. I couldn't turn them down since it was Fried Chicken Wednesday at the Chiefs Mess. Of course fried chicken was on the menu, then of course they had collard greens, garlic mashed potatoes, salad, and corncake. Looked like cornbread to me until I bit into it, then I asked for the strawberries and whipped topping to go with it. If by chance you don't know this, the MCPON has decided to do away with the Chiefs most cherished tradition, the Chiefs Initiation. TOTAL BS if you ask me, just another political move that has no reward for him. Even chatting with the chiefs who work at my old command, they are upset about it and we all came up with the same questions, "why didn't he asked the fleet first before doing this" If you have no idea the prestige that Navy Chief's take, here is a website to go to and take a gander

If you have been following my friend Stephen over at Standing Outside Looking In, you will know that we had our January group meeting which we kept warm around the fire, did some work on the range, ran our mouths, and of course slung some lead and filled the air with Gunpowder Potpourri. There were a few things that did come up missing, but I kept a sharp eye on my stuff. Duke however didn't fair as well as I did.

Got my 300 Blackout LEE Case trimmer the other day and of course I went at it. I only have managed to only make 78 cases in two days, but I only worked about 2.5 hours. I would suggest if you do decide to make 300 Blackout brass, there are several ways you can cut the 5.56 brass, either a cut-off saw, milling machine, or use a band saw. I suppose you could use a table saw as well.

Once I get to this point, I run the cases through the Lee Sizing and Depriming die to form the 300 blackout neck. Next step is case trimming using my Lee Zip trim.

After running the cases through the brass cleaning tumbler for about 4 hours, they came out all pretty.
Maybe I will load up a few cases and take them to the local range here in town and try them out. Of course I will bring you all the results of that when complete.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Induction Ceremony

     Tonight is the night, Tonight is when my academic achievements have paid off and I will enter the halls of the National Honor Society. This may not seem like a big deal to most people but it is for me. While attending school for the past 2 years I have seen how a 41 y/o has achieved academic success while younger students have done the bar minimum to just get by. I suppose they are under the impression that because they have an under graduate degree that an employer will just snatch them up. Well I tell you after your probationary period, you ass will probably be on the street since you didn't learn one thing while you were in school. I will also be waiting to hear all the cry's of "Why cant I get one of those Gold Cords to wear at graduation", uhhh dumbass, you didn't earn it.

     I know this ceremony will be much different from what I have known, since the last time I went through a big deal ceremony was my initiation into the Chiefs Mess, hell that lasted a month.

     Tomorrow we have a meeting which all us guys will get together, do some work and shoot a bit. I think that is what I need right now, some gunpowder and lead slinging to flush the mind and spirit.

     Til next time....


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Allergies, I hate them

     Our weather here in the sunshine state has lived up to that name, it's been unseasonably warm and the pollen from the Pine trees is in the air and messing with me. Heard that our weather will start to turn toward more winter-like, we shall see. The weather guesser's couldn't guess their way out a paper bag.
     Yesterday we headed to a gun show at a local county's fairgrounds. I actuall enjoyed it more than going to the bigger shows. Our buddy Rebel had beat me out there and we had a short visit with him and he walked around a bit more, then he headed back home. This gun show was small in stature, but you could still find some stuff there. Rebel found a Stag Arms Upper for an AR for $850. There were a few complete EVIL BLACK RIFLES there, and their prices matched the current trend.
     We did manage to buy a few things before we left. Found a bargain bin of magazines which contained 2 Glock 22 10 rounder mags, managed to get them for $10 a piece. Picked up a brass hammer and punch set for gunsmithing for $15. JUGM picked up some mags for her baby Glock for $40. I have been looking for a German Flec-o-flauge Parka for quite sometime and locating them online at Sportsman Guide or other sites, you can never find a XL. Well I managed to find 2 brand new ones that were a size 14 for $40 and they fit great. The Germans make some good quality stuff, that's why I wanted them. JUGM got the boys some new paracord bracelets made from a veteran who was making them on site.
     My weekend also included of going shopping for a business suit. I will need it later this week for my induction ceremony into the National Business Honor Society and for when I graduate. Well we made the mistake of going to the Men's Warehouse. I understand that salesmen work mostly or entirely on commission, but damn, don't think we are fools. This guy was trying to get me all decked out and out the store with 2 suits for around $1K. Well we ended up out the door for $375 with only the jacket, pants and tailoring and nothing else. Let's just say I wont be going back, J.C. Penny is my new favorite store and since they have somewhat restructured, I was happy with the customer service we got there. Well at least I have a nice suit......
     I was going to discuss more about the current state of affairs with our government and their quest to disarm us, but I just don't feel like it. I would post what a few others have posted on their blogs WRT Ruger assisting the citizens in sending letters to their politicians but It would kind of redundant since everyone who views my little blog also view there blogs.

      Well I hope everyone had a great start to your week, until then......


Monday, January 7, 2013

Secure from Holiday Stand Down

    This is the time of the year I love the most. Kids are out of school, work is very very slow so that means I get to spend time with the kids and do absolutely nothing that is important. Tomorrow that all changes, kids go back to school and I continue to do nothing, Ha Ha.

     As most everyone has been posting about the current issue of gun control and the knee-jerk reaction by the politicians that supposedly solves a problem but in all actuality takes away the right to keep and bear arms from all Americans. I know most people understand what the true meaning of the second amendment is, but then you have the moron's out there that say we are not taking away your hunting guns. Well last time I checked, the arms used during the Revolutionary War were the same arms they killed their dinner with. They say that a AR-15 has no sporting or hunting purpose, why do citizens use them on coyotes and small game? The M1 Garrand and M1A both use popular hunting calibers, 30-06 and 308.

    This is clearly about CONTROL!!!!!

    As I surf the net more and more, one picture is becoming very clear and growing. Here is one article I found, I don't need to say anymore.

    This is going to get messy, nationwide.