Saturday, September 28, 2013

Spent the day cooking

     As the title suggests, I put on my chef's hat, not combo cover and set out to cook some briskit today. I have cooked many in my life time and today was no different. Weather here has been good, a little breezy but the temps where awesome. First off my trusty friend, a bit weathered but nevers let me down, loaded up with lump charcoal.

    We managed to corral this beef strap at the commissary the other day, it was originally 15 lbs, but cut it in half and froze the other part for another day. JUGM put her rub on it and it was on.

     After 4.5 hrs on the smoker, the result.

     I also enjoy when I take a sharp meat cleaver and slice the briskit into savory slices for my family to enjoy.

    And with the help of a home-made baked macaroni and cheese made by JUGM, let's just say we all were "Full as a Ticks". Life was good today.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

A bit about camping trip, kind of busy week, some other stuff.

     If you read my last post you knew that I was planning for a camping/canoe trip to the mountains with my brother and his Moo-Moo. I wont elaborate too much, but JUGM did a post and summarized the trip. Yes we left a day early, but I look at it in two different windows, first I left for the drunks safety, not mine. If things escalated, it would not have been good, I do travel armed, had three firearms with me. Second, figure an incident with an out-of-state family in a small NC/VA town or outskirt area with locals in the other party involved, who do you think would have won, sure as hell not the out-of-state family. Yes, the weather sucked but maybe it was a good thing to leave.

    This week has been crappy, rained on and off since sunday, so to say, I haven't done much this week in work. It's just too wet. 1200 and 800 lb mowers don't operate too well on saturated grass. I did however manage to change the fuel-pump out on JUGM's Cherokee. Issue wasnt the fuel pump but the pressure regulator, but all these components are in a fuel tank module so you might as well change everything out while you got the tank down. I figure after 211,000 miles something back there was about to go. I had a chance to also change out intake manifold gaskets on my big mower, since our government insists that we put ethanol in our gas to make a cleaner world.

    This weather also has made me feel "Blah". What is it with bad weather that just makes you "Blah" I sure wish the sun would come back and beam a ray of sunshine down and cheer me up some. I have managed to find some pictures that gave me a few laughs, so I though I would share.



Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Veggin, my views on the News and a Fire-Arm review

   Hello everyone, well in my post college life, let's just say I have been vegging some and recouping my life back after 33 months. Two Sundays ago after we got back from SC, the wife observed me sitting in my recliner watching football, and said what are you doing? I looked down and my fingers where acting like I was using a keyboard to write a paper. I then looked at her and said, this is weird. It felt real weird that I had no paper or presentation to do. I keep thinking, what the hell do I do with getting out a routine. Back to school?, oh Hell No. I'm need a break. Honey-do list?, Ha Ha. I'm waiting until it cools off here, still too hot and humid here. I do have a fuel pump to change on JUGM's Cherokee and with having to wait on Jeep to send me new J-Bolts for the fuel tank straps, since they were rusted up and the bolts were bent at the nuts, it will have to wait till next week.

    We are in the midst of planning for our camping and canoeing trip with my brother and Moo-Moo, damn, she has got me saying it now. It's this upcoming weekend and after texting with Moo-Moo, this will be a fun trip. I know my brother, he is a piss poor planner and will be late for his own funeral, so this will be interesting and good laugh for JUGM and I when we see how they will be set-up. Me, on the other had know that everything in life is 90% preparation, and 10% execution. I have lists, I have the gear, and I have the know-how so we will try and snap some pics and report back to you all of the liberal outdoor mindset and preparation of being one with nature.


1. Senator Diane Feinstein argues for more gun control in the minutes after the Navy Yard Shooting.

Response: Senator, shut the F&%K up!!! You can't even demonstrate proper handling of a firearm without your finger on the trigger, stupid-ass!!!

2. Woman dies after hand-held propane torch explodes at family cookout.

Response: Ugh, not rocket science here, maybe you should have blown up balloons instead.........

3. Feds auction of Jesse Jackson Jr.s Fur cape.

Response: I got a dollar......

4. McDonald's pleads for relief from Obama-Care

Response: Nope, suck it up, you voted for that Mcnugget, now eat it!!!! Rubble-Rubble!!!

5. Sugar "most dangerous drug of all-time"

Response: Guess I'm an addict then, just like 334 million others.

6. Brazil not coming to dinner at the White House.

Response: I wouldn't want to eat from a menu designed by the First Lady; hell, school kids says her menu's SUCK!!!!! I believe them.....

    For the fire-arm review, this is a weapon that Stephen and I have, he has the Glock 9mm version and I have the Glock .40 S&W and it's on the Kel-Tec Sub2000. I like it because I can use it as a pistol-based Carbine that is concealable and use the same extended mags I use for my Glock 23. It has great ballistic info on the calibers and find it a good get-home bag gun. check it out


Saturday, September 7, 2013

Backstrap Fever

   Getting some practice in before the season begins. This back strap is quite tough and I don't think Stephen would like it anyway it can be cooked.

   Here is a short video of JUGM getting some time on the range.


its a beautiful morning, clear and cool carolina blue sky.

    As I awaken this morning to kids arguing, the wife cooking up bacon and eggs, i wonder what will I make of the day. After breakfast, I transit to my dad's favorite swing and sit with a warm cup of coffee and absorb the aroma of a beautiful, clear, and cool Carolina morning. Should I stay seated all day or should I motivate myself to accomplish something. Maybe I will flip a coin, 2 out of 3, 6 out of 10, hell it's going to be one of those days I guess.


Monday, September 2, 2013

Holy Cow, 1 year on the Blogisphere, New Follower, some this and that, and the NEWS!!!

     HOLY COW!!!, I have never been good with remembering dates, except for family birthdays, anniversary, and stuff pertaining to me, but yesterday was my 1 year anniversary on the blogisphere with SENIOR MESS. In the one year, I have managed to compile 40 followers, and you know what, they are the best followers in the world. I also have bloggers and visitors who don't follow that make comments to my contrasting points of you and I thank you all for stopping by and allowing me to receive your feedback.

    This past year has been a rough one, I lost 2 good friends, (Suicide and Hospice) and lost my father this past April, which ripped my heart out.I have battled through college with me finishing my last class tomorrow night, THANK GOD!!! It would have been so much better if my mom, who passed away in 2008, who missed my retirement and now this year with my dad passing and missing my commencement and graduating with honor. I still have my half-brother who was able to make both milestones, but damn it, I feel cursed sometimes.

     Well i would like to welcome a new follower, SANDY has decided to click the follow button and has decided she wants to hear me rant and rave about things from A-Z. Most of you that follow me probably already follow her, but her link to her blog in hyperlinked in her name above. Thanks for stopping by Sandy!

     Well if you follow Stephen and Duke, you all know we had got together this last Saturday to do some work, socialize, sling lead, BS, sling lead, more BS, and slinging more lead downrange. JUGM and my boys arrived after the work was done and we all had a great time. It was hot, humid, a teasing breeze, but overall it was a great Saturday. I did have a chance to help my boys on the range some and had to stop after my oldest was showing me up, I'm serious. I stated that as I walked off the range and I glanced over and saw Stephen's father laughing. Make me feel good as a father passing rifle skills on to my kids.

     NOW, for the News.....

1. Secretary of State john Kerry wines and dines with Syria's Assad.

Response: HYPOCRITE!!!!!

2. NSA spied on leaders of Brazil and Mexico.

Response: Who haven't they spied on? I know, Mickey Mouse.

Second Response: Good Evening NSA, how are you doing on your labor day?

3. 40,000 longshoreman quit the AFL-CIO.

Response: Elections have consequences, you voted for the turd, now suck it up and deal with it!!!

4. Man mauled by 5 pit-bulls outside laundromat.

Response: Well if you let him carry a gun, this wouldn't have happened you dip shits!

5. 64 year old woman swims from Havana to Key West

Response: Congratulations, you finally made it, now stop and go enjoy life.

6. Philly cab driver stabbed 11 time in robbery.

Response: Two words, SECOND AMENDMENT!!!!!!

7. Girls and Guns finding their place in a Male Dominated Culture

Response: And, what's wrong with that? I don't care if you are a guy or girl, you got my six, I got yours.

8. Chicago PD Chief says, We will shoot CCW holders because we suck

Response: Bring your ass to the Gator country and talk that shit, BITCH!!! Well???