Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Gun Ban on the U.S. Government

     I have stepped away from the blogisphere for a few days to collect my thoughts, get some Christmas shopping done, which has been hard with the events in Stoney Brook, and try to get my mind off what is going on as of late.

     I think there is an overall consensus that this shooting should not have happened, was PURE EVIL and I think as a nation, we all are hurting from it. One of my neighbors stopped and talked as her kids were outside with mine and ask me my thoughts on gun control. I basically told her, it's not the gun's fault. The more gun control you impose on law-abiding citizens, the more freedom the criminals have. This kid could have easily driven a car at a high rate of speed into a crowded bus stop, or playground and killed children.

    Guns, Knives, Baseball bats, lead pipes, Pencils are all objects, they do not breath, think, sweat, or eat. These objects do not all of a sudden stand up, walk up to a person and take a persons life. Maybe the India, Delta, 10, TangoS in DC need to start looking at themselves before us.

     In my honest opinion, I think we need to ban guns from the U.S. Government. This is why....

August 21, 1992
DOJ, FBI and US Marshall's
Ruby Ridge
Sammy Weaver, 13 (Killed)
April 19, 1993
Branch Davidian Compound, Waco TX
26 children (Killed)
January 30, 2010
Fast and Furious Scandal, Villas de Salvarcar, Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
14 Teenagers (Killed)



  1. Yes if the guns themselves were truly inherently evil in and of itself, and could make a person do bad evil things, then the government and police wouldn't have guns either.

    As you well know gun control isn't about guns, it's about control

    1. You are correct Matt, it's all about control.

  2. Yep, excellent point! But you and I both know that will never happen... sigh

  3. What they all said . . . . funny how easily Waco has been been forgotten . . . .

    1. Yes, people have forgotten. They may have had weird religious views, but the way AG Reno handled it and tried to make her newly appointed statement as AG, killed children.