Monday, November 12, 2012

Sense of getting back to normal

     Had a good laugh tonight with the movie "Red". I love this movie since it centers around a few old CIA spies who take some revenge after they find out they are marked for termination. How would the government feel with the hundreds of thousands of veterans getting some revenge? I thought so. I'm hearing crickets Mr. President.......

    Since I am in a better mood, I would like to thank all the bloggers and viewers who are emailing me and requesting the Food Storage EXCEL file I have created. It makes me feel good that people are like minded and looking for ways to perfect and simplify their stashes. Please bear with me in emailing the file to you. I have investigated into posting the file for everyone to download but Blogger doesn't give you that option. Once I find a way, I will let everyone know.

    Today was a good day, went onto a democrats property, with a legal document, to correct their appearance of their property in the community. The husband was not home but the wife was and when she saw that I was there, she made phone calls to her husband. Sorry, nothing you can do, I'll send you a hefty bill. Ha Ha Ha!!!! I love you Democrats!!!!! $$$$$$$$$$, God, I love my job.

     Update on my dad, he will be having surgery next Monday which is good for me, I can get my large mulch job done and school taken care of before I head up to help him out. Since next week is T-Giving, I don't have to rush to get assignments done, have two weeks now instead of one.

    Tomorrow, JUGM and I will head to our local wholesale warehouse and buy some more prepper stuff. Hopefully they will have some DAK Hams in stock, it's that time of the year for them. We are also expecting some new knives in the mail. since I lost my carry knife, I had to replace. She has an old timer and I wanted her to find something more tactical. Also ordered two "Neck Knives" to hang around the neck as a back-up.

     Will also try to coordinate with the group of what we are doing this weekend, since it is our week. Maybe we will have fun with a local gun show. Pirate Jim brought the idea up, I'm good to go for that. Rebel has a secret restaurant that serves good food, maybe hit there after the show. Who knows, we are a scratchy bunch of patriots.

Til next time....



  1. If you want to share a file with a large number of people, try opening a private Dropbox account (it's free):

    You can designate a directory as 'public', and any file you copy to it will be given a unique URL. You can provide that to people (i.e. by posting it on your blog), and anyone who clicks on the link will have access to the file and be able to download it.

    Free is good . . . and thanks for making the file available. I'll probably set up my own version of it.

    1. Yep, Peter beat me to it too. Dropbox is the one to use.

    2. Thanks for the info about DropBox. Checking it out now. Feel free to change the file around, I tailored it for me and recommend others tailor it for their needs.

  2. I'm glad Peter furnished that link; I was having trouble finding it, among all my notes.

  3. I'm OK with a gun show and food as long as the 'secret restaurant' is not a gay bar......but that's a story for another day.

    1. We have ate at this place before, Rebel used to eat there all the time when he worked in that area. No Village People there buddy.