Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Day 1-1 in my struggle to quit

     Day 1-1 is almost done and I am quite proud of myself that I haven't quit my attempt to quit chewing, or in the south we call it dipping. Many of you may know that chewing tobacco has a higher concentration of nicotine that cigarettes or cigars have. This is what makes it harder to quit. I have smoked before and flipped back to dipping, them back to smoking, and the cycle continues. I can finally say that I have had enough of it all and I am determined to quit.

     I received the mint chew from Maine yesterday afternoon and opened it right up to check it out. I am very impressed, they package it in the same size cans as Copenhagen, it almost reminds me of the "Hawken" brand.The mint chew is not a fine cut, very coarse with some stems in it but damn it tastes good. I decided to wait until I woke up this morning to start since my nicotine levels would be as low as they would go.

     At first I was what you call "Jonesin" for a nicotine fix, but I put a mint chew in and it went away. I didn't not completely take nicotine out my first day, I have managed to have 5 small pinches of Copenhagen today that lasted 5 mins each in my mouth, then it was removed.

     Day 1-2 starts tomorrow and I am really looking forward to what it will bring to me in this quest to quit. I know I will hear from some friends, "Your a Quitter", and you know what, yes I am and your can look like these guys. This is what I do not want to look like nor go through the painful surgery.



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  1. I am very proud of you. You can do this and you have a big support network here at the homestead. : )