Saturday, November 17, 2012

Gun show and Good food, what more can you ask for....

    Well me and some of the guys, Duke, Rebel, and Pirate Jim made our way to the local Second Amendment Meet with many others this morning to partake in the festivities. Sorry everyone, so much to take in today so no pics, had to concentrate on my purchases. Duke may elaborate more when he posts on his blog, DOWN RANGE REPORT

    I ended up getting separated from the guys after the first two isles, we all kind of went our separate ways to investigate the bounty to be had. We all would run into each other every now and again and share intel of what was where and how much. I ended up buying a neat little tactical 300 lumen flashlight, rechargeable CR123 Kit with 4 batteries, and rifle mounting kit for $100.00. Picked up 4 P51 military issue can openers. Also found a AK bayonet for my Russian hottie for $12 and bought JUGM a very nice Christmas gift which I hope she will like. I wont tell you what it is, you will have to find out when she blogs on December 25th or 26th.

    Rebel picked up some ammo and Pirate Jim bought his usual C&R, US Military parts and ammo for his fine collection of ladies he has. When he fires his ladies, they mark on top, trust me he can pit a cherry at 200 yds.

    Then after 3.5 hours of indulging in cosmoline and metal, we headed off to rebel's secret place to eat lunch, BTW, no Gay people there. It's nice when you can have breakfast items and/or BBQ, except if you are Rebel and can have the cook make you a Cuban Sandwich, Damn-it!!!! After a hour and half eating and BS'ing, they were closing for the day and we head outside and BS some more then head our separate ways. Let me tell all of you, I could have not picked a better bunch of men to call my friends.

    The hour is getting late, have a good drive ahead of me tomorrow so I hope you all have a good weekend and see you next week, not unless I get tired of looking at trees at Dad's and decide to blog from my phone. Who knows, I just might.



  1. Sounds like you did a LOT better than I did... sigh

  2. Hey Senior- Thanks for the offer to help out in the LIBERTY Project, posted over at TheGunDivas blog. All cord is in, and if you'd like more info on it, feel free to email me at

    Safe travels and HAPPY THANKSGIVING.
    ~Mrs Mom