Thursday, February 28, 2013

I have time to post

    Tis the season that I have to justify my businesses spending so the government decides how much I owe to them so I can pay for the ones who have no job but make more than me. Yes, it's tax season and I hate it from a business side. I have so many deductions and depreciation for my equipment, it is enough to drive you nuts.

    Well as you have read on my friends Stephen's and Duke's blog, we had a group camp out at the Boars nest this past weekend. We accomplished some work to the range by building a backstop to the burm using old railroad timbers. Of course the timbers we over 100 yards away from where we wanted them, so yours turely who lives by the "Work smarter and not harder" incorporated my ATV to help with the job. It made it some much easier to get the timbers on station for the build, Rebel did a great job in selecting them in order, based on their condition, rigging them up and I transported them.

    After the work was done, we did some sighting in. I had my bore sight and used it on my "Iron Maiden" project .22LR and also on my 300 Blackout. With the boresight, I was able to sight the 300 in with only two rounds. First round fired placed about 6" low, and with having my rear sight at "z" and adjusting my front post, one more round was all it took to be at 1" below bullseye at 25yds. Took Duke's tape measure and he can confirm, 1" below bull. After sighting was done, we had our liberties with Dukes pop-up target, check his blog for that report.

     As we camped, Shooter Steve brought his Pop-Up camper out and was living the pajama metro-sexual lifestyle. One thing about Shooter, he brings everything camping, he is almost like a Dollar General. Rebel brought his Mystery Machine out, all hippy'd out with his own bunk. Actually its a nice set-up. I of course had my Casa-De-Hammock tent and Duke and Stephen snuggled in the nest.
     Well as we had dinner, everyone kicked back and enjoying good conversations, the winds started blowing. Then out of no where, the winds shifted 180 degrees and increased by 30 knots, then all hell broke loose. Rain came down, Shooters awning took flight and flew over the top of the camper and one concrete anchor hit the camper. Duke's truck was spared from any damage, my hammock took a casualty with a D-ring on the main rainfly tore and from my picture above, I had the right side high to allow for the wind, and when it broke, luckly it came down on my hammock and water ponded on the rainfly keeping the rainfly from exposing my living quarters from water. I had the extended rainfly up, so I had the original one with me too and strung it up underneath and contained the damage.
    Otherwise, it was a good weekend with brothers in arms. I think we all had a great time and laughed a lot. Maybe we will plan another one with our next months meeting.

Monday, February 18, 2013

NEW AWARD, Dumbass of the Month!!!!

     For some time now, I have wanted to come up with a award for the Liberal Mindset who believe that everyone should be treated equally and with fairness no matter how you busted your butt to get where you are in life. Now most of the people who view my blog can relate to the idiotic mentality of the Left and Democratic Party. Really, we all sit back and say, "Are you for real"? "Do you know how F&^%*(G stupid you sound?" Now as fitting as it is that the symbol of the Democratic party is none other than a "JACKASS", why not keep the ASS in it and make it the "LIBERAL DUMBASS OF THE MONTH".
    Soooo, In the inaugural month of this award, why not pay tribute to a woman who has no clue about the Second Amendment and what it stands for, by all means, you never served a day of your life in the military and served most of your time laying on your back for your wealthy husband while he took his liberties on you, hopefully with you wearing a bag, seriously, while having no concept or even read the Constitution or the Bill of Rights in its entirety. The FIRST LIBERAL DUMBASS OF THE MONTH goes to our beloved Senator from California, Senator Diane Feinstein!!!! I would like everyone to stand at your computer and show her the much deserved gratitude she deserves. Now I will go puke!!!!


Obama Golf Counter

Watching Fox News tonight, go turned onto this website,

Check it out and see how many times he has played golf, where, and how many troops died while he was playing.
BTW, last time I played a round of golf was September, 2009 with my brother at a Naval Base.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

New Poll

    I have placed a new poll up, please check it out and answer with your gut feeling. I like to know what everyone else is thinking.


As the world rotates, I ponder just a bit.

     I know it has been a few days since my last post, and I apologize for that. Seems I now have one more thing on my plate, an assistant coach for a Little League Minor Division Team, ah hell more like the actual coach since the other 3 coaches only know football and don't know one thing about baseball. Well I do have the qualifications for it, I played all positions except catcher, (I'm bat-blind) in T-Ball, Little League, Minor and Senior Division, American Legion, and 20 years in Military Softball with 2 Base Championships. I don't know how many times I have looked back on my childhood and wonder, where would I be right now if I stuck with baseball, maybe a retired major leaguer, who knows. Instead, I grew my hair half-way down my back, played bass guitar, and smoked Marijuana. Well life does provide you with many roads and mine lead me to the Navy for a very successful career serving the United States and its people. What else could I have done, maybe hopped up on steroids and making millions? Hell, I will take the Navy before that.

     As most of you know from my better half's blog, we had a death in the family. Our 16 yr plus washing machine finally took its last spin and dropped dead of a massive stroke. R.I.P Kenmore... Well this past weekend I have more frequent flyer miles than my brother in law, just driving around this metropolis in north Florida. Well finally we went to a SEARS and found our new family member. Hated spending the $534.00 but that was a need and not a want. Luckily JUGM was going through the mail and found a refund check before she shredded it from GMAC for over $1300 since they estimated our insurance and property taxes at $2000 a year, when they were actually $1400 and some change, we got a nice refund from the past two years. Don't things seem to work out?

     As Stephen has mentioned on his blog, we have a camp out this month, a gathering of the whole klan, Stephen, Duke, Shooter Steve and maybe his Glock Armorer friend, Pirate Jim, Rebel, and of course, your trully. We plan on doing more work out at the NEST, enjoy some great company and food, talk about all of you and shoot some lead downrange. I will be loading up some 300 Blackout his week to take out there and shred some stuff with it. I sent Stephen a nice text tonight to let him know to enjoy the cold weather now, the extended forecast has us back in the 70's and 80's this weekend. I know he was cursing in his response. There is also a chance that we will have some rain over the weekend too. I will be nice and comfy sleeping in my hennessey hammock and Modular Sleep System.

    Thursday of this week, I was lucky to get to CHINA-MART and get oil for my mowers before I do spring maintenance on them and wondered to the ammo isle, and by-golly they had .22LR. They had 6 boxes of Federal Match in 325 round packs. Just as I stare at them, 2 other guys walk up. We had a small discussion and we split the 6 boxes, while the other two guys got .40 and 38 ammo. CHINA-MART would only allow 3 boxes per customer, so I didn't want to feel like a hoarder, but if I had my chance with no limit, I would have bought all of them.
    Just like routine, had my weekly phone call with my dad. I definitely picked the wrong weekend to take him wood since they had their first snowfall of the year and missed a great opportunity to take the boys to see and feel snow for the first time. Oh well, they will see it sooner or later and after they have been in it for 30 mins or so, they will begin to hate it when their finger and toes start to get cold and wet. Aint parenting great when kids don't take your advise? They will learn just like I did, the hard way and get PHD's from the school of Hard Knocks.
Well it's gettting late, have a few more things to do before heading off to count sheep. I would like to thank everyone who stops by to read my thoughts and rants, even when there are breaks in my posts. After all, I am a small business owner, father of two crazy boys, husband of JUGM, full time accelerated college student, now, litte league coach and member of a group of guys who can rule the world. Til next time......

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Took a break, went and checked on Dad.

     Friday morning, I set sail up the interstate system to god's country, that would be the great state of South Carolina to see my dad. My purpose for the trip was to check on him, he is of course 81 years young and also to deliver him a load of free firewood. I have a neighbor who is a superintendent at a golf course and when they cut or trim the oak trees, they have a pile they put it all in since they cant burn it so close to a small airport so he gives it away. I go out thursday and load up which resulted me in have a 3 inch drop on my F-250 so I had some weight in the back.

     So the 5 hour trip goes without a hitch, get on the property and he comes walking out from behind the barn, probably finished taking a leak. Owning property is great, you can take a leak anywhere, just saying.... I ask him where he wants it, and he directs where he wants it. I drop the tailgate down and he wants to just unload it, I say "Oh No, get the splitter. We are going to bust this S*&T right now" After a minute or so of bickering back and forth, he goes to his little barn and pulls his lawn tractor with the log splitter behind it.

Finally got a chance to snap a photo. The truck was full, and dont under estimate the old man, he is quick.
The result
The splitting operation only took 2 hours, and that is with a few 5 min and one 30 min break. Even though it was only an overnight trip, it was good to help him out and see him and spend the day together.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Trial Run of the 300 AAC Blackout and I GAINED ANOTHER FOLLOWER, WOHOO!!!!

     My followers are just like customers, they are the most important part of a business, but also to a Blog too, so I would like to take the time to welcome my newest follower, BadgerMedic to the Mess. I didn't see that you had a blog of your own, if you do, please let me know. I will make my best effort to respond to your comments and contrasting points of view. I own a small business, college student, father of 2 boys, husband of JUGM and probably, soon-to-be Little League Coach maybe, so bear with me.

Well I took the day off, not because of the Super Bowl like most other MAROONS, but JUGM and I both had Dental appointments for an exam and cleanings. I came out with flying colors, JUGM, well.....

{I will be sleeping on the cough tonight for this, but C'mon, you all laughed.....}

Anyways, I decided to make up a few more 300 Blackout cases to make the total count at 100 cases. I decided to only load up 5 rounds and take them for a spin. Here is the load data used:

Bullet weight,Brand,Style: 125 grain Speer, Spitzer
Powder weight & brand: 17.1 grains, IMR 4227
Primer: Winchester small rifle
Case: Lake City
Case length: 1.365 (Max trim length: 1.368)
O.A.Length: 2.072 (min: 2.060)
Using my Lee hand priming tool, loaded up the cases with the primers, then used my electronic scale to fine tune. Min load was 16.5 and max was 17.7. Just like a wise man said, put it in the middle, can't go wrong.
Next step, into the one arm bandit and seating the bullet.
Bullet seated
Next step is to check the Over-all length (O.A) to make sure it meets my mark of 2.072.
Once that was complete, I like to add a little more crimp to the rounds, so I slapped the LEE Crimp Die in and gave it a light crimp.
Now like a kid, I packed my Blackout up and headed to the local range to try them out. The rounds fired good, no bulging primers, cases, or tears in the casings. Everything looked great. I didn't stay to long at the range, the ventilation system was down and looked like a forrest fire in there so I got out of there without my target.
Once home, I said, what the hell. Put the Sizing die in and sized, trimmed and deburred the rounds I shot today and they went into the tumbler with the other rounds I made today. Since our group has a camp-out planned for later this month, I will make up some more rounds because I know DUKE has had a big interest in obtaining a 300 Blackout barrel to make him one and we have talked abit about the 300 blackout, also I know he is itching to shoot one and critique it. I know STEPHEN will want to shoot it as well to contradict DUKE's review. Next round for the 300 blackout will be transferring the dies over to my LEE Progressive press to really crank some rounds out. Best so far on it is 400 rounds a hour loading .223.
Til next time....