Sunday, June 30, 2013

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New Toy arrived, and other thoughts. Of course my view of recent news

     Last Wednesday, my new toy arrived. It's a Diamond Infinite Edge compound bow. I found a website awhile back and after visiting my brother and BS'ing with him about bow's, this is where he got his from. I took the plung and instead of placing an order over the Internet, I called them and did it over the phone. I ended up paying $479.99 for it, which included shipping, and that was for everything, sight, release, quiver, arrows, case, broad head tips, and arrow rest.
     I priced this model in black at Gander Mountain and it was at $400, without anything. They also set everything up to what specs you want, 70lb draw weight, 28" draw length, and sighted it in. I got the build sheet with all the technician's remarks too. Before class last Thursday, I took it to Gander and used their indoor range for 30 min. With our trip to SC a couple of weeks ago and shooting my brothers bow, it's been many years since I really have shot one.

     Here is a pic of the bow.

This was the last round I shot at 30 yds on a used deer target.
     Moving on to other topics, I want to chime in a bit on the George Zimmerman trial. I find all the testimony that the State of Florida witnesses have presented has been a absolute joke! I would like to know where the state found them, really. These witnesses show how screwed up our education system really is. That star witness, HA HA HA HA HA, what a stupid ass moron. I laughed so hard, I actually cried, really I did.
     The other day, I read a news article saying that if George Zimmerman is acquitted, there will be racial riots on such a scale that will dwarf LA and the Rodney King riots. Ok, "Attention RIOTERS"!!! before you make a real stupid decision to try an harm people with your stupidity, take a look at the gun and ammunition sales in the United States in the past 2 years and the incredible increase here in Florida of Concealed Weapons License applications. Let me tell you this, people are tired of the racial bullshit that spews out your mouths whenever you don't get your way, so please go ahead a riot and see what happens.
    Now for the News:
1. NSA accused of spying on the EU
My response: So, welcome to the party.
2. How Rachel Jeantel went from star witness in George Zimmerman trial to train wreck
My response: Should have stayed in school an actually learned something. 
3. Death Valley to reach all-time world record temperature.
My response: Dont go there or take plenty of water with you.
4. Circus performer dies after a fall
My response: Harness maybe?
5. NYC pride parade chants: Weiner, Weiner!!!
My response: Vagina, Vagina sounds better. Sorry........
6. Small plane crashes in ocean, helicopter crashes into hudson river.
My response: Humans are not meant to fly, if we did we would have wings.
7. Where is Edward Snowden?
My response: Who knows, NSA doesn't either, LOLOLO
8. Airline hires female flight attendants to save fuel
My response: Simple, the weigh less and look better, well most do.


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New follower, new toy on the way, school sucks, and my views on the news.

     I would like to welcome a new follower to the mess, JOE KIDD selected the follow button and decided to hear my contrasting points of view from my spot across from the CMC, Welcome Shipmate and grab a cup and find a spot in the mess. I met a Joe Kidd once in my career that was in the same rating as I, wonder if????
     Well yesterday, I jumped on the "NSA MONITORED" Internet and found what I was looking for, so I picked up my "NSA MONITORED" cell phone and called Kentucky, no I AM NOT LOOKING FOR MOONSHINE NSA, I have local connections for that. Well after speaking to the nice gentleman, I should receive my new baby in 7-10 days. Will keep you all posted on its arrival.
     As most of you know, I recently participated in my schools commencement ceremony and walked the stage at our local arena; however, as most scholars know, you can participate in commencement if you still have classes left. Well at the time, I was half-way through this class I just finished last night online, and have two left locally. In this last class, I was the only person on in EST, when all the others were PST. This class by far was the worst 400 level class I have ever participated in.
      Week 5 of this class comprised of 45 % of the final score and I had my revenge with the deadbeat liberals who are only in school to do the bare minimum and get a piece of paper that makes them look smart. Well, I will tell all you liberals, most companies have probation periods for your employment and that is enough time to find out that you are worthless with your piece of paper. Now we all see why you look for government jobs, so you don't get fired.
      Back to week 5, seems some of them didn't want to participate in the final weeks paper that was due last night. Well me being a very smart Senior Chief who's career was based off 90% preparation and 10 % execution, had already planned for the lack of support from the liberals. The assignment was to compile the previous four weeks papers into on consolidated paper, which was easy with copy and pasting the previous weeks graded assignments into one final document.
     As I wrote my input for the final week, I pasted my part to the document, had input from one liberal, and none from the other 3. We left SC on Sunday morning and came back with a mission, I wrote their parts along with a intro and conclusion covering all parts and had it ready to go. Last night at 2030 EST, I posted a finished paper to a site that is "NSA MONITORED"  and was correct in APA formatted grammar, and <1% plagiarism with only the one liberals name and mine on the paper.
     Around 2330 EST last night, I logged in and saw that nobody else from my team in the class had posted a comment about reviewing the paper, so I went ahead a let everyone know I posted the assignment, deadline was 0300 EST. I checked this morning and saw a response at 0302 EST from one of the non-participants "paper looks great, good job". Well obvious he didn't review the title page and see his name was not on it. Good job Liberal!!!
     Now for the NEWS:
1. Senate rejects border fence.
My response: Did anyone expect anything less from a Democratically controlled Senate, really, that's news, they want votes!!!!
2. Concrete slab in field may be Jimmy Hoffa.
My response: OK, and? Want me to do jumping jacks because you found him?
3. Neighborhood "Glock Block" warns criminals: We don't call police.
4. Brazil burns.
My response: Better increase fire department funding.
5. CNN's New Day, Same ratings
My response: Uh yeah, you still suck!!!
6. OFA Gun Control Rally in Claifornia draws 3 protesters.
My response: Guess you had a bunch of left over Sushi, bitches!!! SECOND AMENDMENT BABY!!!
7. Navy to inspect bathrooms for degrading images of women
My response: Stand at the CPO mess door, knock three times and wait for "Enter", may be a while.
8. Marriage rates at historic lows.
My response: Babies' Daddy rates at historic highs
9. Brazilians protesting World Cup Soccer Cost's
My response: What, are you wanting an Obama Phone?
10. Green Fluorescent fluid oozing out Philadelphia sewers
My response: Duke, were you in Philly?

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Finally, Today is the Day!!!

The day has finally arrived, even though I still have two remaining classes to finish, the light is getting brighter every day.

Monday, June 3, 2013

New Follower, Still Veritical, and my thoughts.

    I would like to take the time to welcome a new follower to "The Mess". Welcome THE DAILY SMUG, grab a cup of java and sit down in the mess for some insight from an arrogant, but humble Senior Chief.

    I am still vertical, just been real busy as of late. We have been in and out of a wet pattern here in the sunshine state, and also trying to catch up on some work still from the trips to SC. Graduation is Saturday and I can't wait. JUGM will have the honors of the blog posting as she is my MC for this, have dinner planned for later that evening with family and friends. Little League Baseball is over and thank god.

   Well here as I read news related items on the Internet, I have a few comments to some of the stories, and I am only listing the headline of the story:

1. Cicada invasion not as expected.

My thoughts: Global Warming

2. NYC has ad's that target Sweet Tea's and Fruit Drinks.

My thoughts: Try that shit in the south!!! C'Mon Bloomy!!!

3. Disney raises ticket prices to $95.00

My thoughts: Cinderella, show us some skin, then it might be worth it. Glad my kids don't want to go back.

4. Manufacturing in the US shrinks at fastest pace in four years.

My thoughts: Lower the corporate tax rate, abolish the EPA, IRS, get rid of Sarbaines/Oxley, impeach the President, then pray you haven't pissed businesses off that bad.

5. Smithfield acquired by Chinese Firm.

My thoughts: Go hungry or kill your own hog, it's that simple.

6. Worst flooding hits the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague.

My thoughts: Should have had Flood Insurance.

7. Kangaroo lead cops on 10 hour chase.

My thoughts: Dumb asses, shoot the damn thing and save some money.