Thursday, October 11, 2012

Senior Hears Knocking at the Door.... New Followers!!!

    Enter!!! Hey I have two new followers, Rev. Paul and eiaftinfo. Come on in and welcome aboard. I will try to respond to you whenever I have a break from school, running my business, trying to contain my kids, and making sure my queen, JUGM is happy. Comments are also welcomed and respected. I do sometimes get wound up and let a few choice words slip, I will apologize in advance for them.



  1. There's a blog with the latter, and a darn good one:

  2. I wasnt sure if he had a blog, let me edit my post and add his blog. Thanks HH for the info.

  3. Senior Chief, I was a PN2, back in the day. Don't worry about getting wound up & letting something slip; I've heard it before.