Friday, November 11, 2016

Veterans Day!!!

   As we celebrate Veterans Day I salute everyone of you that have put the uniform on, along with me, to support the constitution against all enemies, FOREIGN and DOMESTIC. Some may have done it for a year or so, some like me that did it for a career, it doesn't matter, you all are the one's who stood up, raised your right hand and said that oath of enlistment or commission. Thank you for your service!!!!

    Well my Veterans Day went well. I slept in a bit since I had the day off, JUGM and I went out for a day by ourselves since the kids had school, yeah I know. Well we headed to the IHOP in Pineville NC to have some breakfast as they were honoring veterans with a free 3 stack of pancakes. Well let's just say with the wait time and the numerous tables that still had a previous patron's dirty dishes on them and with no expedience to clean them off, I told the hostess to scratch my name off the wait list and we left. There is a reason why I don't eat there much. So we continued on with our plans and headed over to Cabelas for a few items.  While there I saw that former group member that I posted about before, "the matriarch" there on his lunch break as it was just after 11:30. I pointed him out to JUGM and all we did was laugh and went on about our business. After our business there was done we headed home because I wanted to surprise the kids with picking them up from school as I don't get the chance with my work schedule. Well that was my day, pretty uneventful.
    As I watch T.V. I cant help myself from not laughing at all these spoiled little liberals who are so upset that Trump won. I have seen the Miley Cyrus video several times today and what do you say, I mean really, I don't know what to say right now. Really???? I cant even find it in myself to post that sorry video on my blog. Well, time to go, the Boys and I will be in the blind early in the morning and it should be interesting with a 10 and 11 year old being quiet. Stay safe and carry often!!!!!



  1. Senior,

    Wooohooo great minds think a like. We had breakfast out as well, not at IHOP. Then headed over to camping world to pickup parts. Thank you for your Service Dear Friend, and Thank JUGM for her service as well :-)
    We also went into to town to catch the movie Hacksaw Ridge (it was so packed) we had to select another movie. That other movie was Inferno, it was a bad movie. We ended up walking out half way through the movie. Were getting ready to get back out for another hunt ourselves.

    Sending hugs and love to you, JUGM, and your boys.

    1. Thanks Sandy. I heard Inferno was a flop, and you have just confirmed what I heard. Many don't realize that a veterans spouse's have a tough job of balancing the family while the veteran is gone. They are very important and often don't get the appreciation they deserve.

  2. My wife and I went to a steak house we like. They were having a big discount for veterans. The food was great, the service was great, and all the people there were very appreciative of veterans.

    Then we did some shopping, or at least, she did while I spent most of the time sitting in the Jeep listening to Rush.

    All these juvenile antics in the streets are the sheeple run amok without sheep dogs. Trump will create a whole new atmosphere about lawless behavior, I truly believe, and that will filter down to the police in the streets. These little twits with their signs and Molotov cocktails just need an attitude adjustment to bring them more in line with reality.

  3. I really hope he does something about all these whinny liberals who didn't get their way. I was ready an article online yesterday about how some of out college are helping their bratty students cope with stress from the election. Michigan was offering students coloring books and play-doh. What has this country come too.

  4. Thanks for your service shipmate.

    1. Thank you for yours as well Shipmate