Monday, November 7, 2016

Finally, things have slowed down for the winter. We had another anniversary and Election Eve, what will tomorrow bring us........

    Things have slowed down drastically here. Football is over for the boys and I am thankful. I wont miss the two separate practices in two different locations and games on the same field with sometimes hours in between. I am so ready for baseball when they are on the same team. As a reward for the boys outstanding academic achievements and football with one winning the county championship in his age group and other finishing as runner up in his, we thought it would be a good time to reward them with an adrenaline laced jaunt to Carowinds. For everyone now has no clue what Carowinds is, it is a amusement park situated on the NC/SC state line, just off I-77. Well I must say that it has changed much over the 30 yrs since the last time I was there as a teenager and the only ride that is still there from my younger years is the Carolina Cyclone which I remember was the newest coaster in the park. Well at 45 years young, my body sure as hell did not feel young after riding all the coaster and having my body go in directions it hasn't for many years. What coaster did we not ride, we rode them all.
     As the kids and I road up Fury 325's hill, all I could do was wonder, WTF!!! am I doing on this thing. I know why, it's for my kid's. So I had ND next to me and NW was on the end. All I could tell ND was just close your eyes and don't get sick. What made things worse, they wanted to ride in the rear car. Every coaster we rode, it was the rear car all the time. The rear car's on roller coaster are usually the fastest so as I look up and see the front cars go over, I said in my mind "Oh shit" and all of a sudden we speed up, over the top we go free falling easily 300+ feet to the bottom and them I hear this come from ND, "I HAVE FINALLY LIVED!!!!!" screaming his head off in enjoyment. Let me tell you, this coaster hauls ass in excess of 100 m.p.h. Well worth it if you are a adrenaline junkie. Here is a clip of the ride as we left the park around 1700.


The Vortex(Stand up Coaster)

Another shot of Fury 325

And another....
       The garden is going with late Summer/Fall crops which of course include collards, broccoli, cabbage, green beans and a second helping of tomatoes. I have half of the garden shut down so this past weekend, the boys wanted me to carve out a RC car track for them. Didn't take to long to construct . Sorry I don't have a picture but hey, the kids love it.

     As we close on the eve of election day in this country, I have no clue who is going to win. Who do I want to win, Trump. As I have said, I didn't vote for him in the Republican primary, but am supporting him through the general election as the Republican candidate. Who else and I going to vote for, sure as hell wont be Hillary Clinton. IMHO, I think anyone who votes for her should put there head behind a Jackass and have them kick you square between the eyes for being that damn stupid and an "India, Delta, 10, Tango". I mean really, look at all the crap she has done, with Benghazi, emails, Foundation conflicts of interest, manipulating her own political party, mishandling classified material (oh don't get me started on this subject), Iran Nuke deal, and her dead weight pedophile husband Bill. Even better, let's say that Congress has a "F"ing spine and actually goes through with impeachment proceedings on her, we are stuck with Tim "The Uni-brow" Kaine. You got to be kidding me.

    This past weekend, JUGM and I celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary. As we decided to sleep until we got up, well that didn't happen. We were woke up by the boys and they did this for us. All by themselves.

     Well that's all I have for now. Say a prayer, this country needs it....




  1. Glad the boys had a good time. I enjoyed all the fast rides at Disney. so many favorites. I so want Trump to win, but I have this gut feeling the Criminal has paid off so many folks that we are SOL...

    1. It will be a close race, just have to wait until the end. I am optimistic, but......

  2. Senior,

    You have guts dude!!! There is no way in HE_ _ would I go on those rides at the fairgrounds.

    How sweet of your boy's to make an Anniversary breakfast for you two.

    Saying prayers for this evenings final verdict!!!

    Sending hugs and love to you, JUGM, and your boys.

    1. I have always enjoyed the adrenaline rush of coasters, never lost that but my body seems to not like the twists, loops, corkscrews, and sharp turns. Yes, we love our boys, they are awesome. I don't know how the night will end, kind of dreading it

  3. LOL, I'm WAY too old for that... Glad you still enjoy it. Congrats on the 22 years!

  4. Thanks Shipmate, Cmon, I'll take you on the coaster with me. How's Texas treating you?