Sunday, August 7, 2016

A quick post about the garden, Project "Fouled XJ", and CPO results are out.

    Just wanted to put a quick post out. CPO results are out and one of my guys will be pinned shortly. Congrats to OSC Gaines, slated at 51 I think, well done shipmate. BZ!!!!!! Things have been hectic to say, 3 trips to Florida in the past month, with me only making one of them. Mother in law has been placed in a great facility that provides excellent care. My father in law has gone from death's bed to a good recovery, but we shall see what the future holds as he is on a see-saw right now. As everyone knows when you have family members that you are close with and their health takes all kinds of turns, you have to step away from time-to-time to handle what is most important to you. As we have not posted much on our blogs, we have been somewhat busy taking our time off things.Since we have had little rain up until the past few days, we had resorted to watering our crops

Drip Irrigation line for Pumpkins, Sweet Potatoes, and Squash

One Pumpkin with a bubbler

Lower part of the line with the Squash.

These were awaiting me the day I came back from FL. There is a couple of weeks between pics.

Fall Tomatoes with Drip lines

Bought a few to try, Cucumber is only thing doing well. They all contain foreign seed.

     Now we hit the mother load on Cantaloupes and Watermelons this year from seed purchased at out local farm and feed store. We did manage to eat a few before we had this problem.

     Since it has been so dry around here, some of the wildlife has been partaking in a buffet of watermelon to get water. They couldn't get through the rinds of the cantaloupe.

One mom and her cub

Another mom and two cubs, one cub was smart and didn't make it in. Don't believe me?

Smart cub hanging on the outside of the cage with door down. Mom's eye glowing from trail camera
Cub who though he was smart
     These 6 Raccoon's were relocated about 5 miles away in a cemetery. Sorry, I don't kill not unless I am going to eat what I shoot or catch. If this was for a SHTF situation and I needed food, well grab the hot sauce then. Now, personal defense situations are different.

     I was very fortunate to have served in the Navy for 20 years with almost half of that time wearing the Chief's "Fouled Anchor". To make the transformation of our XJ unique, I figured I would give it this project name. We made the decision to put off a couple projects till the winter and spring so I can get a few mod's done.



     A Rough Country 4.5" was installed with 33" TOYO M/T tires on aluminum rims. I did have to trim the fender wells a bit as hard turning caused a small amount of rubbing on the plastic in the fender well. All fixed now. Next up is a transfer case drop kit. I could go with a slip yoke elimination kit but I will wait until I need to rebuild the transmission to save money for other stuff. With some lifts, your driveshaft angles change at higher lifts and I need to lower the transfer case to restore the angles back to as normal as possible. Its drive able but you do have vibrations at certain speeds.

Upcoming modifications will include:

  • Front bumper equipped with winch
  • Rear bumper with rear tire carrier
  • Fender Flares
  • Roof mounted cargo carrier
  • When I find the right one, cargo area lockable storage vault for inside
  • 10 meter Connex Radio and kicker (already have, just need to install). Had a great radio network in Florida with Stephen and the guys, We were able to do comm-checks up to 50 miles away without skip conditions. If we couldn't hear someone, another group member could relay for them. 
More to follow.



  1. I'm glad you didn't kill the raccoons. I've had some knock down drag out discussions with some of the local guys because I won't let them hunt raccoons on my land. They sit around a fire getting drunk, then when the dogs tree the coon they go out there and shoot it. What kind of sport is that?

    I don't envy your friends going through the chiefs initiation. Not one little bit!

    Sounds like life is pretty normal there, always something to be concerned about, but that' how it is for all of us I guess.

    1. I don't really find guys drinking around a fire and shooting Raccoons a sport. I respect nature and if I want to harvest an animal from nature to nourish my body then I will but when they are a nuisance then I think relocation is justified. A good can of grocery store generic wet cat food works every time. It also works good for catching shrimp when you mix it with North Florida sand to make bait balls. It's not called initiation anymore, it's now induction and he wont have a problem. It's so watered down now I would be kicked out within 10 mins. I am proud to say I went through a real initiation with all the HAZING, and it was fun. Yes, well have concerns on our plates, it's how we deal with them that makes us better.

    2. farmer i know uses marshmallows for bait, to avoid caging cats. says coons love them.

  2. Senior,

    No worries on and projects come first :-)
    Good to see you relocated the coons to the local cemetery.
    Give your family a hug, love y'all.

    1. It felt good to give them another chance at life. Just like the squirrels I have around here, I am saving them for a very rainy day. Nothing that Hot sauce wont fix. How's the camping been?

  3. I wish we had that much room for our garden. We have a dozen jars of pickles put up, several large containers of salsa in the freezer with lots more tomatoes on the vine. We planted broccoli for the fall but it is not coming up for some reason. Yes I was old school initiated as well. I don't go anymore because I am "too mean to them." LMAO

    1. Oh yeah and making venison jerky this weekend.

    2. Yes, old school was the way. The last time I really participated was my time on my last sea command. Once I got on my twilight tour, the first year they turned the PC faucet on and that's all it took for me. There was a reason for all the "So called Hazing". To me, it wasn't hazing, it was fun and I learned so much from it and made many brothers and sisters for life.

  4. Glad to hear there is good news on the family front, all things considered. One recommendation, skid plate for the transfer case. Lowering it will put it in danger of getting dinged.

  5. You know, I didn't even think about that. I am only using the transfer case drop up until I need to rebuild the transmission as I plan to have the install the slip yoke elimination kit while they have it all out. I was planning on the Connex 10 meter install this weekend but plans have changed. more to follow.