Thursday, June 16, 2016

Been sitting back enjoying life a bit, and my thoughts on Orlando

     I'm back to do a post. I know it has been some time since my last as I have been busy around the property moving dirt for the range, the garden, planting grass, and other stuff with my close friends. The weather has been hot and dry. It seems that the rain continues to circle around us and give all our neighboring towns much need rain. Well my water meter is just a spinning keeping things growing here. JUGM has been actively picking crops from the garden. She has already done some refrigerator pickles and they turned out great.

our daily bounty of green beans

Some more cucumbers, squash and zucchini

       In preparation for the fall garden, JUGM bought some more squash and cucumbers today from the farm & feed store. Corn is coming along pretty good. With the lack of rain, our harvest will be pushed back a bit but we have a lot of ears on the stalks.

      Sunday morning as we were heading to a group cook out at CSM's house just over 20 miles away, we were listening to FOX NEWS on XM satellite radio and heard of the Orlando nightclub shooting. First off, my heart goes out to the families who lost a loved one in this terrorist attack, yes I am calling it a terrorist attack based off religious ideology. We happened to listen to the initial press conference later in the morning from Orlando. There was something that stood out to both JUGM and I and really gave us some good conversation as we sat around with the other families.
     Did anyone notice that the Imam that was speaking during the news conference was constantly saying "Don't rush to judgement", I would say 3 or 4 times and not once did he "CONDEMN" the violent attack. What a piece of HOG SHIT!!!!! Of course he wont condemn it because this is what he and all his other Imam's preach. Let's make things clear, I don't agree with the LGBT lifestyle. I'm sorry, I have my beliefs, but they have a right to coexist in society along with all of us, and they had their own night club to gather and socialize with others like them to enjoy themselves in whatever means or capacity they choose. Does that give anybody the right to go shoot the place up because they are a LGBT associated individuals. Well I guess it does if you are a gay Muslim who is off his rocker.
     Now our President today completely has no clue of what has happened in the world for the last 7 years of his presidency. He thinks the problem is guns as he stated in his news conference in Orlando. Really, are you that damn stupid? You referred to the last two mass shootings and saying they were linked because it was an EVIL BLACK RIFLE that did all the killing. Well you also failed to mention that the last two were also ISLAMIC influenced too. You also said Adam Lanza purchased the AR that killed the students of Sandy Hook. Wrong again dip-shit, he stole the gun from his mom's safe. Why wont you say RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISM Mr. President? I know why, because you are Muslim. I cant wait till the day you are out of office and I hope America wakes up for this next election. Am I wrong in my thoughts about Orlando? When has a gun stood up on its own and killed someone, please explain Mr President?



  1. Even Paul Ryan made the same point today, that this is about Islamic Terrorism, not guns. But the Dems are doing what they always do, trying to deflect attention from the fact that the feds have once again bungled and gotten a lot of people killed.

    I understand Monday the Dems in the Senate are going to try to force a vote on four new bills they have drafted that would significantly curtail Second Amendment Rights. It's doubtful they can pass it, but then again, the last time I laughed and said "that will never pass" it was Clintons Gun Ban and that lasted ten years.

    1. You know, whatever bill passes, I will only give up my guns when they are empty, period, end of story. All these are exactly what I and you have said, ISLAMIC TERRORISM!!! Its a shame that the LGBT community cant see through the smoke screen of the Democratic party and realize that they could care less about them when they want Islamic immigration into the USA and they know that Sharia law condemns gays to either convert or die. How can this community be so damn stupid to vote for Democrats, just amazes me.

  2. Yep, deny, deflect, obfuscate, ignore and "Squirrel" it away...

  3. I just found this blog I am a BMCS Retired. I totally agree with this post. Regards Jeff C in NC

  4. Welcome aboard Boats!!! Glad you stopped by.