Sunday, April 17, 2016

Took some time off for spring break, and some other stuff around the homestead part one.......

     Since I have built up some leave at work, I decided to take some time off from work and spend with the family. It started the Friday before their last baseball game as I had a Dermatology appointment to go to, good news, follow up in 1 year. Well Sunday, we proceeded down to the sunshine state for some R&R. It was around 1300 when we got down there so we payed a visit to the grandparents then went to the west side and saw some close friends, pretty much family and had a nice visit with them. Then we went to Seafood Express off Main street by the airport and had ate some awesome food. The wife and I had Fried shrimp and Gator tail, while the kids had a fish sandwich and baby shrimp.

     As we retired to our room for the night, the thought of sugar glazed bliss filled our minds all night. So for all you in Jacksonville, I think you know where we were going for breakfast. Come'on Stephen, Duke, and DFW, chime in and give your reviews. Krispy Kreme, Dunking Donuts, you have nothing on a little donut shop that has been locally owned for over 60 years.

       JUGM, her dad, and sister had an appointment to go to,so the boys and I went and did a few things. Stopped by Stephen's business and he was closed so I guess I will see him another time, didn't want to bother him at home. We payed a visit to Buchanan Sign and Flag and Alternative Pest Control, we proceeded over to pick up their mom and have a final visit with Grand-paw and their Aunt before hitting the road to come back to SC.

     Later that Monday, we got back and tended to things around the house. We still have items to plant in the garden and took to it as a family. I continued to till up the garden to keep things loose as we plant stuff. Can't do this with a garden weasel in "raised garden" beds.

    On Tuesday, my neighbor stopped by and asked me if I wanted some more fill dirt for my range. Of course I said yes. Well NW and I rode over with him and took a look at the pile. I told him I will get a hold of mutual neighbor who did some work for him and have it hauled over in his dump truck.

    Wednesday, after switching attachments out on the tractor, we had some Blue lake bush green beans and some Ford hooks Lima beans to put in the ground. Notice the price of the seeds, .50 cents. Folks, go find a local farm and feed store and quit paying those high prices for the crap you get in Walmart with the Burpee and other brands of seeds. You are just wasting your money. Those 50 cents worth planted a row of green beans 80' long and 6" separation with seeds still left in the bag for the fall garden. The Lima's ended up planted the entire row.

    On Thursday, went to the farm and feed store and looked to see what they got it stock and JUGM got a 8 pack of bush cucumber plants, and some Crooked Squash plants  to put in the garden.

       Friday, I went back to work for a day and after calling JUGM letting her know I was on the way, she cooked up a favorite that both of us have enjoyed back to the days that we were dating and myself standing watch on the quarter deck. If many Navy people would know, the Navy Exchange would have a mobile canteen in Mayport driving the piers selling food during all hours of the day and night. Well that item that we love are chicken gizzards. Well let's just say she sent me a text after I called her letting me know what was for dinner, I was a happy husband.What? you have a problem with a white guy eating gizzards? Get over it!!!!!

     Saturday, we all did some more work around the house but around 1400, we called it a day and I strung my Eagles Next Outfitters double nest hammock between a couple of trees. I woke up several times, once with a bird landing on the edge, which was taught from the position I was laying in the hammock. The mocking bird landed and actually shook the hammock and if I had my phone out and could have taken a pic, I would have. I lift my hand and he flew away. I don't make anything up like others do. When you say you go on a camping trip, post a picture of what you did instead of a links to steering people to buy stuff so you can line your pockets. BTW, the other wake-ups were from me snoring.

These are my real legs and shoes. No file photo from I also didn't go to Wendy's either for dinner during a group camping trip.........
     JUGM did a post this morning about "Jack", our crazy cat. Yes, he is part Siamese and mutt-cat and a complete laughing trip. This cat is literally crazy. She had mentioned that he thought the garden hose was a black snake, well after we laughed so hard with him jumping so high in the air after we moved the hose in the garden, I pulled the phone out to get him to do it again, although what I caught was nowhere near as high as he jumped when we started laughing.

    It seems that Blogger is slow tonight about loading stuff up, so I will do part two in a day or so. I do have to get up in the morning and go to work, I do have to pay for the deadbeat democrats that don't want to work. Until then, keep you sights on target.




  1. Senior - it sounds like you had a great couple of days off! i have never had alligator anything but have read that it is delicious. i'd love to try some but we don't no 'gaters up here. i love your hammock but guess what i just ordered? a bright red gazebo swing thingy with netting all around it so that we can sit outside and swing and no black flies eating us to death - i can't wait to get it! during may to august here, if you are outside you have to have your bug suit on or be in an enclosed netted building - i can't wait to get the gazebo. your hammock looks pretty fine, if i do say so myself. as for your crazy cat - there isn't such a thing as a non-crazy cat - they all come crazy. but they make good supervisors. our cats and Pioneer Preppy's cats are always helping us supervise. ya - right! our cats are lazy little buggers, whacked on the nip all day and let birds land on their heads!

    our sights are on the target buddy! sending much love to you, JUGM and the boys! always! your friend,

    1. You will have to post a picture of that Gazebo when you get it. Yes, bugs in Florida always ate us up, especially the no-see'ums, AKA sand gnats. Here on the property, the mosquito's only come out for an hour or so then they are gone. Yes, the cat is crazy and loves dropping small dead animals on the porch every morning to show us he is doing his job as rodent/mole control. If you want Gator tail, I don't know how hard it would be for you to buy some over the Internet, I would think since it comes from the US it might have to pass customs? Its worth a try.

  2. Senior,

    Taking time off from work, and spending it with your loved ones is a great way to just relax. Every now and then one must treat themselves to some donuts. We have a place in town called Donut King. The lady who owns it used to work for Dunkin Donuts. Her donuts are better than Dunkin Donuts, and she's open 24/7. On special occasions when we go into town we'll breakdown and buy a dozen.

    Yes, it's bean planting time. We put ours in the ground last week. I agree with you on finding seed deals from farmers or the farmers market. You're better off buying locally.

    Sending hugs and love to you, JUGM, and your boys.

  3. Besides buying locally for less, everything I plant from local seeds comes up. Those little packs in the Big-Box stores are crap, IMHO. As we did with the corn, I will be up to my eye-balls in green beans, a total of 160 plants. Agree, local Do-nut shops are the best, hell anything locally and not a national chain is much better.

  4. Sounds like a good trip to Jax! Glad the homestead is coming along too!