Thursday, September 10, 2015

Cat 3 CASREP, House underway, and I am questioned on my loyalty and called a betrayer

      Well here we are, we all have made it to Thursday, September 10. Tomorrow is the 14th anniversary of the attack of 9/11/01. Please take a moment to pause and reflect on that devious day in our history and stay vigilant. I have experienced a CAT 3 CASREP.  I take good care of myself, and I have a well developed immune system and have not been sick for about 3 years even with Flu shots, but it happened. I ended up picking up a sinus infection. It started on Monday and thought it was allergies, but by Wednesday morning, I was awake at 0300 with three vises around my head compressing down. Well by 4:30, I called the after hours work number and let them know, I was not coming in. As of right now, I am still stopped up, been popping Mucinex like tic-tac's and its working and I am getting some relief.
       Since I took the day off Wednesday, I didn't wake up till around 1000, I was able to be here when they started digging the foundation of our new home. After four hours of digging with the Bobcat excavator, they had it done. Today they poured 30 yards of rock in the ground.  During the dig, we ended up with a nice souvenir, this will be a decoration in the front yard as visitors come to the house. We also have three other large white flint rocks that we intend on moving around for more decoration

There was a larger rock next to it in the ground, but since it was below the grade, they left it and poured over 2 yards of concrete in the hole. Hopefully Monday, they will be back with the masons and continue on with the foundation and pillars.

     Well it was brought to my attention that someone who has a website went on a rant about me and some others, and no Randall, it was not you this time. You have been good and I say thank you for being good. You are doing your rants on the VA and please, do your part to fix it. This person wants to call me out on my loyalty and label me as a betrayer. REALLY? That's all you can come up with? Listen, you have this group here in the upstate of SC, and you label me this after half of your group has left in the past year and a half? Maybe you should do a operational analysis of what is causing people to leave. Betrayal, nah that's not the case, it conduct unbecoming on your part and having someone who has been in more experienced groups wining over the confidence of other members, I have 5 times more experience than you do with being in a group in Fl for over 12 years. Also, by the way, your welcome for all the ideas and material I brought to your group. Its a shame that the others aren't seeing how you really are. They leave, they will be the next one's you call out.

     Now lets get onto the Loyalty comment. Ok, I got a 4 step process you need to go through then you have the credibility to criticize me on this subject:

#1     Go to a military recruiting office and sign up for one of the armed services. Hell, I will even include the Coast Guard as a option.
#2     Proceed to a MEPS station, and since you never served in the military, it stands for a Military Entrance Processing Station, and say the OATH OF ENLISTMENT or COMMISSION.
#3     Deploy to other countries or theater of operations and spend extensive amounts of time away from your family.

         * Underway and away from your wife for over 300 days in a one year period
         * Spending two weeks with your first born before having to leave
         * Spending one week with your second born before having to leave.

#4     Put on a damn uniform, get issued a weapon and stand a fucking post!!!

    See you don't realize what loyalty is, you haven't served with thousands of fellow sailors, soldiers, marines and airmen throughout a 20 year full time military career. You haven't been on the bow of a ship escorting ships through mine danger areas (MDA) in the Persian Gulf during a war strapped into a harness looking for mines as your going 7 knots through the water, knowing if you don't find one and it hits the bow, your ass is blown sky high and jeopardize the watertight integrity of a ship, and countless lives lost below decks.

      You also haven't served in positions that require you to have the tactical expertise to stand in positions above and beyond a pay grade. Explain to me how a Chief Operations Specialist is qualified as a Tactical Action Officer on a naval ship when this position is usually reserved for second tour department head officers, usually between O3-O4 and had weapons release authority by the Commanding Officer to defend the ship, yes defend over 275 lives. I think you need to go back and look at an email you sent to me on April 17th, 2015 from a contributor to your site, and I quote:

"Tell Senior I had once led a project that used the combined skills of a hand picked group of Seabees, all senior chiefs at the top of their profession. I eventually was invited down Pascagoula way for one of their ceremonies. An high honor that I shall always cherish. His skills are a decided advantage for your group."

     Let's put this out there, you need do some real soul searching, and realize what you are doing sitting behind you keyboard and your cell phone instead of voicing your concern face to face. You expect me to trust someone coming into a group after only meeting them for 2.5 hours? Really, then you have fits about not getting your way and going on rants, completely ignore my wife and only say two words to her "Cheap Ammo" and then don't shake my hand after leaving our last meeting. I'm sure you will get word of this and frankly, I don't care, really I don't. You can fix this to an extent, you need to figure it out, that's up to you...........




  1. Sorry you're sick. I hope you get over it soon. There's a virus going around Georgia, I caught it and it was no fun.

    One reason I never found a group to affiliate with is all the infighting. Just seems to me if things like that happen when everything is "normal" think what would happen if everything were falling apart at once. I looked but never found the right bunch around here.

    Glad the house is coming along. That will be a big load off once you are all settled in.

    1. Understand where you coming from. I do have quite a few good people around me here that I have known for along time. They took care of my place when dad died and didn't let anything get stolen while going through probate.

  2. Senior,

    Having a sinus infection is no fun, I hope you're feeling better soon.

    It sounds like you and JUGM are better off not being in the SC group. Maybe you should start your own group??

    Yay, your house is finally breaking ground. How exciting!!!

    Hugs and love to you, JUGM, and your Boys.

  3. You know Sandy, you are absolutely right. Yes, ready to officially reestablish my roots back on the property after all the years I was away, the house is the last block.

  4. Sorry to hear about the questioning of your loyalty. As a fellow 20-year AF mud puppy, all I can say is "I got your back"!!

  5. Glad the house is finally started. Sorry to hear about the 'other'... Need help, let us know.