Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Few notes to pass on, new resident here, views of recent news events and some group stuff.

    Hello everyone, things are moving right along here in rural South Carolina. As you may have seen at my better half's blog, JUGM has been busy being a mom again with 18 chickens, and she is doing a great job at it. Soon, the oldest pullets will be providing me with fresh eggs, god I love cheddar cheese omelets, yum!!!!

    Went to the county complex to find out why I haven't received my property tax bill and they stated they were a couple of weeks behind in closing the books. Go figure right? Well I am pleased to announce my property taxes for the year is $222.37. Gas here as of today was $2.70 a gallon.

     Been doing some work each evening on the tractor. I want to get my gun range up before the ground freezes. I haven't had a chance to go to SCDOT and put my name on the list to receive free fill dirt from their jobs. I probably wouldn't get any right now, they have had several roads around here that washed out within the last month from 8" of rain in a 3 hour period, so fill dirt is at a premium.

    We have a new resident that is starting to pass through the garden. I have had a few of his friends running around properties adjacent to us and along the state road we live off of,  I will look for him this weekend as I am in the stand.

     Well seems the latest crisis that we are seeing is EBOLA. Well, like we didn't see this coming. I mean, really, we have bumbling IDIOT as President, the head of the CDC and Prevention is a MORON, "We will make things worse if we restrict travel from West Africa"? AYFKM!!!!! Lets put is a clear as possible, if your body has this virus and you step foot on my property,

     This is what will happen.


   Can I be any clearer than this? I will not risk infection of my family, PERIOD!

    All eyes are the upcoming mid-term elections, and I have been asked, do you think the Republicans will take the Senate? Yes, it is possible, I am optimistic, but my main concern is, will they wont do anything to fix what is "F"d up with the country. Probably not, face it, all these politicians are all about power, plain an simple.

     Saw the First lady, Michelle Obama was dancing with a turnip? Uh, Really.
     Are you that desperate for attention? Pretty pathetic for a first lady, but typical for someone who have never been proud of her country.

    Debates in Florida are underway, here is the next Florida Governor.....

    Sorry, but when you cry like a baby about a fan during a debate, then you are labeled a cry-baby. Whats next, glass of water? Paper to take notes?

     I copied this from a website, and I quote "Southern Oregon University students claim university officials threatened to call the police and take disciplinary action against them last week after they passed out free copies of the U.S. Constitution and asked other students to sign a petition to end limitations on areas where students can demonstrate."

solution: exercise your second amendment rights, that will take the heat off. 

     This weekend will be a busy weekend, we have a large gun show in Charlotte to attend on Saturday, and I mean large, helluva lot larger than anything in Jacksonville and Sunday, we have another group meeting at one of the members houses. He has chickens too, so it will be good to see his set-up. I guess I can say I some seniority now, we now have a new member. I have brought along from the group in Florida that you need to have members that have a specific skill set. I agree with this whole-hardheartedly. The new member is a certified EMT in several states, pediatric care, and may not make it back for the meeting as he is on a wilderness EMT certification course for trauma care and extractions from the wilderness.
     I really like how this group is well structured with a combination of military veterans and regular everyday people. Yes, we have military specialties and have a good combination with USAF, USA, and USN, but I really like the ideas of the members who haven't served. Hey, everyone chooses their path in life, that's what makes us the United States of America, we have the freedom to choose. With myself and many career veterans, we sometimes think we have all the answers, yes we do, in a military environment, but as retired members, we have to adapt to our new commands in the real world and who else to look to than everyday professionals. Looking forward to hosting here at the house in the coming weeks for a cookout, maybe I will have the range somewhat done by then.

     Well its getting close to bed-time. I will try to do another post in the coming days. Stay safe out there and look out for the Ebola Zombies. Carry Often!!!!



  1. You're getting a lot done there. Hope the storm here recently didn't mess your county up like it did mine. We had a lot of flooding, the river came right over it's banks and flooded a lot of pasture, fields and even some tourist houses. Haven't seen it do that in almost twenty years.

    The Ebola thing is getting out of hand a little more each day. Meanwhile Obama has press conferences and tells us to trust the CDC and not worry. Reminds me of the old joke about drinking the Kool Aid.

    1. We got some wind and rain, had one small branch down in the driveway, but nothing major.

      Yes, Kool aid was good as a kid, but it doesn't work too much now as an adult. Face it, he's a "F"ing idiot.

  2. I like the mix of veterans & useful civilians you have in your group - gonna come in handy, sooner rather than later.

    1. Rev, I like it because we have people who think differently than career veterans and provide different contrasting points of view on subjects. Big thing I have seen is we all talk and share ideas, not just take one path and thats it.

  3. Senior,

    Glad to hear your getting situated on the property and doing a lot of work with your new tractor. Hopefully you've made room in your freezer for your recent visitor :-)

    Enjoy the gun show, I bet you won't leave there empty handed!!!

    Hugs to you, JUGM, and the boys.

    1. Sandy, sweet Sandy, hmmm.... I love my tractor, LOL. I can get so much more done around here, I wish I would have bought my dad one so he wasn't here worrying and killing himself trying to get hings done. They are very handy. I can't wait to use it with the 48 IH Cub in the spring, JUGM will be a canning fool when I get done.

  4. Every time I see flotus with that darn turnip, and being the turnip queen that I am.. I think: "poor turnip, in what life did it wrong moochelle"

    I like big bucky the deer, he must be what is eating the tops off our green beans...there must be an arrow out there with his name on it. : )

  5. Yes, the arrow is in my quiver, but the 11th started gun season on deer, and dad's old Winchester model 94 in 30/30 will make a perfect extraction tool. You will hear when I use it.

  6. Glad things are coming together! :-) And meat in the freezer is good!!! :-)

    1. Yes, meat in the freezer is always good when costs nearly nothing. Backstrap festival here in the upstate.

  7. I have an old Winchester 94 .30-30 my dad left me. I will be using it when I go hunting here in a couple weeks.

    1. Our dads had good taste. Doing work on my range this afternoon and found a ton of tracks. I re positioned my camera before sunset, might need some help over here.

  8. We have Mrs O here today stomping for votes. The funny thing is she is at a black high school in Minneapolis, and not someplace where a vote would count to get someone re-elected. (Whites with money) Keep up the good work in SC.