Friday, January 31, 2014

Next project, a Rocket Stove

    I have been eyeing rocket stoves as a back-up survival cooking source for some time.

I have seen the commercial ones on the net at $120 plus so I am planning to make my own. I have viewed many designs from many crafty people on the net and will hopefully produce something over this weekend. If you don't know what a rocket stove is, youtube has many videos on it.



  1. Anything that can produce heat for comfort or cooking is a good idea, and this is worth pursuing. Looking forward to your report on your attempt.

  2. I'll be interested in seeing how it turns out.

  3. Senior,

    Our son, Tank made one while he was in welding class. Having this wood stove or rocket stove is a great resource. Enjoy making yours!

  4. Rev, harry and Sandy,

    It really didn't take to long to put together, still have a few things to put on it, and did a trial fire in it tonight, so far so good.

  5. Nice, and they are a GREAT backup...

  6. Remember the stove our friend John made at my house...burnt a nice black spot on my concert drive...? Think he used two metal cans and fed it sticks.