Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Veggin, my views on the News and a Fire-Arm review

   Hello everyone, well in my post college life, let's just say I have been vegging some and recouping my life back after 33 months. Two Sundays ago after we got back from SC, the wife observed me sitting in my recliner watching football, and said what are you doing? I looked down and my fingers where acting like I was using a keyboard to write a paper. I then looked at her and said, this is weird. It felt real weird that I had no paper or presentation to do. I keep thinking, what the hell do I do with getting out a routine. Back to school?, oh Hell No. I'm need a break. Honey-do list?, Ha Ha. I'm waiting until it cools off here, still too hot and humid here. I do have a fuel pump to change on JUGM's Cherokee and with having to wait on Jeep to send me new J-Bolts for the fuel tank straps, since they were rusted up and the bolts were bent at the nuts, it will have to wait till next week.

    We are in the midst of planning for our camping and canoeing trip with my brother and Moo-Moo, damn, she has got me saying it now. It's this upcoming weekend and after texting with Moo-Moo, this will be a fun trip. I know my brother, he is a piss poor planner and will be late for his own funeral, so this will be interesting and good laugh for JUGM and I when we see how they will be set-up. Me, on the other had know that everything in life is 90% preparation, and 10% execution. I have lists, I have the gear, and I have the know-how so we will try and snap some pics and report back to you all of the liberal outdoor mindset and preparation of being one with nature.


1. Senator Diane Feinstein argues for more gun control in the minutes after the Navy Yard Shooting.

Response: Senator, shut the F&%K up!!! You can't even demonstrate proper handling of a firearm without your finger on the trigger, stupid-ass!!!

2. Woman dies after hand-held propane torch explodes at family cookout.

Response: Ugh, not rocket science here, maybe you should have blown up balloons instead.........

3. Feds auction of Jesse Jackson Jr.s Fur cape.

Response: I got a dollar......

4. McDonald's pleads for relief from Obama-Care

Response: Nope, suck it up, you voted for that Mcnugget, now eat it!!!! Rubble-Rubble!!!

5. Sugar "most dangerous drug of all-time"

Response: Guess I'm an addict then, just like 334 million others.

6. Brazil not coming to dinner at the White House.

Response: I wouldn't want to eat from a menu designed by the First Lady; hell, school kids says her menu's SUCK!!!!! I believe them.....

    For the fire-arm review, this is a weapon that Stephen and I have, he has the Glock 9mm version and I have the Glock .40 S&W and it's on the Kel-Tec Sub2000. I like it because I can use it as a pistol-based Carbine that is concealable and use the same extended mags I use for my Glock 23. It has great ballistic info on the calibers and find it a good get-home bag gun. check it out



  1. This will make you feel better about your weather it was 60 here in MN yesterday, and I kept having the feeling it would start snowing. I had a chill all day. Its going to be a long winter here again. Enjoy your trip.

  2. Thanks Rob, I'm looking forward to a better temp shift than what we have down here. Talked to my brother this afternoon, the fishing should be at its best for small mouth bass too. Can you say, fish fry!!!

  3. Congrats on making it through... And concur with all your 'comments'!

    1. Shipmate, I am amazed at what shows up in the news these days. I really miss the "Summary of Mishaps" that routinely showed up in my message traffic.

  4. Are you going to just be "retired?" I don't like it very much but I can't find anything else to do that I want to do. Nobody will hire me to sit in a fire tower all day and just enjoy the view, and that's really the only kind of "job" I am interested in now.

    But just being home has issues. Pretty soon you don't even know what day of the week it is. Saturday and Sunday aren't special anymore, because they aren't any different than any other day.

    When I was in the Marines people used to say that the senior NCO's who retired did one of two things. Either they opened a bar in the ville outside the main gate, or they rocked on the porch for a year and then died.

    1. Harry, I am retired from my first career, still have a second one to find. Yes, the chief ranks are the same way, some work for MWR, VFW, etc and some go home, enjoy time at home and then wham, they are gone. I left at 20 for a reason, to be with my family, not the Navy. I had no doubt I would have put on a second star, but I could not stand their political BS. I am a deck plate guy, I have to be with my sailors. Yes, I would BS some in the mess and drink some coffee in the mornings, but after that I was in my COMBAT teaching and helping my guys, whether on watch or not.