Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sorry for the absence, been busier than a one.....

     As the title states, I have been busy. Just finished my last business course which was a compilation of all my business course into one, which I am proud to say I finished with an A minus. Now I just started my last class, a cheesy 200 level Political class full of Democritters. This should be a lot of fun. Work has been busy, weather has changed from wet and raining to hot and unbearable. Monday I had the onset of sever dehydration and Tuesday was not much better. JUGM wants me to go to the doctor and get an IV, but I wont. Have to pay the bills and I am well seasoned into the signs of heat stroke and exhaustion. I know when to stop and I did on Monday when I stopped sweating.

     Toward the end of September, I am taking the family camping in the mountains with my brother and his moo-moo and do some canoeing. I have been asked I don't know how many times from my boys about going tent camping. I was in Boy Scouts for many years, but my view of them has changed since they have caved into the political bull-shit and changed their core beliefs and values to shape a liberal agenda. Hell, all the years I have been practicing and studying survivalism, I don't need them.
     I have begun a search for a family tent that will last more than one or two trips, can handle weather, and the reason why I say weather is because as a kid, whenever I went camping with my brother, it poured the whole time. The other reason for a quality tent is my friend Shooter Steve has piss-poor luck with tent and pop-up campers. Stephen and Duke can back me up on this observation. I want it well made and highly reviewed so I figured I will have to send some Benjamin's for this tent and I have chosen, the Cabelos Alaskan Geodesic 6-man tent.

     I figure if almost 400 people can recommend it and have a score of 4.8 out of 5, I should be good. I have pretty much everything else, just need some shelter. I was eyeing some canvas tents from Kodiak Canvas, but the price and weight turned me off.

     Last Friday, I also started the initial tasks I need to do for the administration of my fathers estate. I was reluctant on using his bank, Wells Fargo, but it would be easier to set-up an Estate account with a bank he was already a member of. The account will be closed as soon as the probate is over, guaranteed!!!

     Been doing a search locally for a Jeep Wrangler and DAMN, these people want to keep them. I am seeing as early as 89 Wranglers for $5000, give me a damn break. You spent the money on big wheels and lift kits knowing that it does not one damn thing to increasing the value of the vehicle. Now, if you do a frame off restoration, yeah I could say you can get more, but do you think I am an INDIA DELTA 10 TANGO?

     Well its getting late, I'm tired and need to sign off. I think I should do a new NEWS post and share my views on some of the latest news that is spewing out of the media. Till next time...



  1. Glad to see your post, and have fun with the idealist indoctrinated youth in your poli-sci class.

    If you're like me when you get busy, keep your head down and keep chugging! Take care.

  2. You need a tent that you can wear during the day and pull up over your head at night. Moo.
    Tell me that if you get in a canoe with moo moo that someone will take photos!

  3. I'm not big on camping, unless it's at the Holiday Inn. I did my share of it months at a time in the USMC and that killed my ardor for roughing it. I know it's good for the kids, though.

    Wranglers are great little vehicles. One of these days I'm going to get one of those 4 door jobs. I had a little two door wrangler for many years and loved it. My wife made me trade it for a Commander though..... :-(

  4. Welcome back, Senior. The tent looks like a good choice.

  5. Glad you're up and around, good luck playing with the dems... :-) Re tents, I'm so old I have NO clue anymore... sigh