Monday, June 3, 2013

New Follower, Still Veritical, and my thoughts.

    I would like to take the time to welcome a new follower to "The Mess". Welcome THE DAILY SMUG, grab a cup of java and sit down in the mess for some insight from an arrogant, but humble Senior Chief.

    I am still vertical, just been real busy as of late. We have been in and out of a wet pattern here in the sunshine state, and also trying to catch up on some work still from the trips to SC. Graduation is Saturday and I can't wait. JUGM will have the honors of the blog posting as she is my MC for this, have dinner planned for later that evening with family and friends. Little League Baseball is over and thank god.

   Well here as I read news related items on the Internet, I have a few comments to some of the stories, and I am only listing the headline of the story:

1. Cicada invasion not as expected.

My thoughts: Global Warming

2. NYC has ad's that target Sweet Tea's and Fruit Drinks.

My thoughts: Try that shit in the south!!! C'Mon Bloomy!!!

3. Disney raises ticket prices to $95.00

My thoughts: Cinderella, show us some skin, then it might be worth it. Glad my kids don't want to go back.

4. Manufacturing in the US shrinks at fastest pace in four years.

My thoughts: Lower the corporate tax rate, abolish the EPA, IRS, get rid of Sarbaines/Oxley, impeach the President, then pray you haven't pissed businesses off that bad.

5. Smithfield acquired by Chinese Firm.

My thoughts: Go hungry or kill your own hog, it's that simple.

6. Worst flooding hits the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague.

My thoughts: Should have had Flood Insurance.

7. Kangaroo lead cops on 10 hour chase.

My thoughts: Dumb asses, shoot the damn thing and save some money.



  1. OMG! My favorite headline is the Cicada invasion.. I actually thought Bushes

  2. Congrats Senior, and those last ones??? Agree with you on ALL of them!!!