Thursday, February 28, 2013

I have time to post

    Tis the season that I have to justify my businesses spending so the government decides how much I owe to them so I can pay for the ones who have no job but make more than me. Yes, it's tax season and I hate it from a business side. I have so many deductions and depreciation for my equipment, it is enough to drive you nuts.

    Well as you have read on my friends Stephen's and Duke's blog, we had a group camp out at the Boars nest this past weekend. We accomplished some work to the range by building a backstop to the burm using old railroad timbers. Of course the timbers we over 100 yards away from where we wanted them, so yours turely who lives by the "Work smarter and not harder" incorporated my ATV to help with the job. It made it some much easier to get the timbers on station for the build, Rebel did a great job in selecting them in order, based on their condition, rigging them up and I transported them.

    After the work was done, we did some sighting in. I had my bore sight and used it on my "Iron Maiden" project .22LR and also on my 300 Blackout. With the boresight, I was able to sight the 300 in with only two rounds. First round fired placed about 6" low, and with having my rear sight at "z" and adjusting my front post, one more round was all it took to be at 1" below bullseye at 25yds. Took Duke's tape measure and he can confirm, 1" below bull. After sighting was done, we had our liberties with Dukes pop-up target, check his blog for that report.

     As we camped, Shooter Steve brought his Pop-Up camper out and was living the pajama metro-sexual lifestyle. One thing about Shooter, he brings everything camping, he is almost like a Dollar General. Rebel brought his Mystery Machine out, all hippy'd out with his own bunk. Actually its a nice set-up. I of course had my Casa-De-Hammock tent and Duke and Stephen snuggled in the nest.
     Well as we had dinner, everyone kicked back and enjoying good conversations, the winds started blowing. Then out of no where, the winds shifted 180 degrees and increased by 30 knots, then all hell broke loose. Rain came down, Shooters awning took flight and flew over the top of the camper and one concrete anchor hit the camper. Duke's truck was spared from any damage, my hammock took a casualty with a D-ring on the main rainfly tore and from my picture above, I had the right side high to allow for the wind, and when it broke, luckly it came down on my hammock and water ponded on the rainfly keeping the rainfly from exposing my living quarters from water. I had the extended rainfly up, so I had the original one with me too and strung it up underneath and contained the damage.
    Otherwise, it was a good weekend with brothers in arms. I think we all had a great time and laughed a lot. Maybe we will plan another one with our next months meeting.


  1. I guess I'm equally daft, because that sounds like a great weekend to me.

  2. You forget to mention those great steaks. It was fun.

  3. Good times, and glad y'all had fun!

  4. It was a good trip anyway, good memories.