Tuesday, September 4, 2012

US National Debt HITS!!!! 16 Trillion

After cranking out half of my Marketing paper this evening, I realized that our National Debt went over 16 Trillion today, just in time for someone at the DNC to explain but what sound would you expect to hear?

Unbelievable, that we have this much debt. WTF!!!!!!

Well while I was in my Economics class a few months ago, the professor showed us the website and it will blow your mind. Even the DEMOCRATS!!! in the class were astonished, but they will still vote for that TICK TURD!!! Check it out and pass it on..


  1. I'd been wondering how we're supposed to celebrate this event, alcohol and KY seem appropriate for a least numbing the discomfort.

  2. Well I agree with the Alcohol to numb the pain, or the correct pronounciation from a Liberal professor I had in the last class, Drugs in the Work Place, she kept saying Alkie-hol. Doesn't matter what we use, we are getting screwed hard!!!

  3. Some days I wonder if it's worth it.

  4. The debt will eventually crash the economy and obama can declare a state of emergency and create even more power for his party so he really doesn't care, he wins no matter.

    1. Well lets wait and see, I feel more of a case of mass rioting by the Black community if he looses the election and then he declares Martial Law to maintain power.