Sunday, June 26, 2016

The past two weeks, boy time flies when you having fun.

    Been a few weeks since I did a post, so I figured, its too hot to go sit outside tonight, the College World Series will start the final game tomorrow night with Coastal Carolina from Conway SC, will be taken on the Arizona Wildcats. It should be a good series as watching most of the games this year with the boys has been great. Its good to see a small school get to the final round. 

    I have been turning and burning up here moving all this red clay for the range improvements I have been wanting to do. I am proud to say I am almost done. I would be much happier when we finally get some rain so it can compact it down a bit. With that being said, our Corn has not done what we expected from the bounty-full crop we had last year of sweet corn in which we are still eating off of from the freezer. We switched varieties this year to the Silver King and I am not impressed. This weekend we will plant a few rows of Sweet corn with me installing drip irrigation on them. We have gotten a few bushels of green beans so far but after speaking with a regular at the farmers market, he has the same problem with a spring crop. The green beans seem to do much better in the late summer to early fall.

     A week ago Saturday, we took a drive to Charlotte to Hyatt's Gun and Coin. So for people who don't believe I went, well here is a picture just for you.

     I went there looking for an upper to finally complete an AR lower I have had in the safe for almost 3 years, like i need another one.Well they only had two and I was not about to pay $545 for a .22 lower. The 5.56 upper was much higher, but they were not cheap brands either. So as we were leaving, we grabbed a few bowling pins for the boys to shot at on the range, a real 50 cal ammo can for $12.99. We ran into the owner Mr. Hyatt and chatted with him a few mins about how business was going with the recent events taken place and he was quite pleased and I would have to agree with the crowd that was in there. After shaking his hand and going about our business,  I heard the voices in my ear, come here, come here. Well it was the knives calling me. As we were looking at all the knives, some ridiculously priced but of course they were hand made and there was my favorite brand, CRKT. I have had nothing but great things to say about them. They make a good product. So after looking at a few knives, I settled on this one, the

M21-14SFG - G10 Handle - Veff Serrations - Designed by Kit Carson

See, I did buy one
      If you would like more information about this knife click on the link to their website because I wasn't planning on doing a review on a pocket knife. I'm sure there are people out there that will.

     Yesterday, I went an picked up an upper that was shipped to me in a neighboring town. As we were out, we found out there was an estate sale  for some guns. Well of course we went. With NW's birthday a few days away, damn he will be 11, where has time gone. I located something that he love, since a .22LR was on his list. I found a Glenfield Marlin Model 60 .22LR rifle for $100.00 in excellent condition. The only difference between this one and the one my dad bought for me 39 years ago was this stock had no engravings on it. Well I looked at JUGM and she agreed, so I told him happy early birthday. Now not to leave ND out, I announced to him that the one his grand paw gave me is now officially his. He was ecstatic and very happy. 
     Now of course, there was something still on the rack that I am surprised nobody has swiped yet. It had all matching stampings and was in excellent shape and had a great price of $200.00

Norinco SKS

      Today, we took it a bit easy.  I cooked up 3 slabs of beef ribs on the smoker.

 Went in the garden and cut some okra off which made a nice first mess. Also picked another 8 tomatoes and some corn off that was decent for supper tonight. After all the clean up was done, went and cut some more okra before with did some pickled okra tonight, along with some pickles. I place half a Jalapeno, half a  Red Hot Chili Pepper, and half Banana pepper in each jar. Hope they aren't too hot but I shall find out.

3 jars of pickles and 4 jars of okra
      Well that's about it for the night. Going to relax a bit then head off to the grind of the work week. BTW, I have been thinking about this for a few days now, I think the UK leaving the EU is awesome. My mother was British and she did not like the EU from the start, mainly because it was run by Germany and they had control of the currency. I had asked her a question before she died of why Great Britain was still on the English Pound, she said because of the Germans and what the did through 2 world wars. I think I will take my mothers word, one who remembers of having to run, duck, and hide as a German fighter come down the road one day while she and others were walking home from school in SouthHampton strafing the road. She would have been 79 this year. Also, why is it that its only politicians and elite who are all upset about them leaving the EU. I know, MONEY AND POWER......


Thursday, June 16, 2016

Been sitting back enjoying life a bit, and my thoughts on Orlando

     I'm back to do a post. I know it has been some time since my last as I have been busy around the property moving dirt for the range, the garden, planting grass, and other stuff with my close friends. The weather has been hot and dry. It seems that the rain continues to circle around us and give all our neighboring towns much need rain. Well my water meter is just a spinning keeping things growing here. JUGM has been actively picking crops from the garden. She has already done some refrigerator pickles and they turned out great.

our daily bounty of green beans

Some more cucumbers, squash and zucchini

       In preparation for the fall garden, JUGM bought some more squash and cucumbers today from the farm & feed store. Corn is coming along pretty good. With the lack of rain, our harvest will be pushed back a bit but we have a lot of ears on the stalks.

      Sunday morning as we were heading to a group cook out at CSM's house just over 20 miles away, we were listening to FOX NEWS on XM satellite radio and heard of the Orlando nightclub shooting. First off, my heart goes out to the families who lost a loved one in this terrorist attack, yes I am calling it a terrorist attack based off religious ideology. We happened to listen to the initial press conference later in the morning from Orlando. There was something that stood out to both JUGM and I and really gave us some good conversation as we sat around with the other families.
     Did anyone notice that the Imam that was speaking during the news conference was constantly saying "Don't rush to judgement", I would say 3 or 4 times and not once did he "CONDEMN" the violent attack. What a piece of HOG SHIT!!!!! Of course he wont condemn it because this is what he and all his other Imam's preach. Let's make things clear, I don't agree with the LGBT lifestyle. I'm sorry, I have my beliefs, but they have a right to coexist in society along with all of us, and they had their own night club to gather and socialize with others like them to enjoy themselves in whatever means or capacity they choose. Does that give anybody the right to go shoot the place up because they are a LGBT associated individuals. Well I guess it does if you are a gay Muslim who is off his rocker.
     Now our President today completely has no clue of what has happened in the world for the last 7 years of his presidency. He thinks the problem is guns as he stated in his news conference in Orlando. Really, are you that damn stupid? You referred to the last two mass shootings and saying they were linked because it was an EVIL BLACK RIFLE that did all the killing. Well you also failed to mention that the last two were also ISLAMIC influenced too. You also said Adam Lanza purchased the AR that killed the students of Sandy Hook. Wrong again dip-shit, he stole the gun from his mom's safe. Why wont you say RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISM Mr. President? I know why, because you are Muslim. I cant wait till the day you are out of office and I hope America wakes up for this next election. Am I wrong in my thoughts about Orlando? When has a gun stood up on its own and killed someone, please explain Mr President?


Monday, June 6, 2016

Been busy, time for a post and getting the word out on SC Senate Bill 308

    Well we have been busy, and if you follow my better half you will know that the boys won the the county championship. It was a nail biter being down 5-0 in the bottom of the first inning, but over the next 5 innings, they pecked their way back into the game and the last two innings of the game ended in double plays. Top of the fifth, the batter was hit in the hand and fell to ground crying, but the rules state that his hands are part of the bat, well the ball went fair and NW picked it up as the runner was coming from third and a collision ensued with NW holding onto the ball for the first out. The pitcher came running to the mound to make a play, but NW tossed the ball to him and threw to first for the second out.
    Bottom of the 5th, NW had a double that brought in two runs, so going into the 6th, it was our team on top, 6-5. The team really held their ground getting the first out, then walked 3 players. You talking about parents being on edge, bases are loaded, and our relief pitcher has a 2-2 count, and the batter hits a small pop fly to the first basemen. The first baseman has had a terrible game, he had dropped several balls thrown to him but ends up catching it, and runs back to first to make the double play to end the game. You don't know how we felt to see our kids finally get their baseball championship. It was sweet revenge from last year to see the debacle of an error from the pitcher to the 3rd baseman that caused 3 runs to score and win the game. The kids threw their gloves up and ran to the dugout. After the handshake with the other team, NW came back into the dug out and I grab his gallon of water to cool him down and just started dumping it on him in celebration. I got ND later on the field with the rest. What a great season they had and I am really proud of them.

     Had a good T-Storm last night and got some much needed rain. Since Friday, we have had 2 inches of rain which really has helped the garden. Before all the rain came in on Sunday, I did a post a month or so ago about a huge pile of dirt that was coming my way. well today it showed up. Normally for a dump truck load of clean dirt, your going to pay $400 plus. Well I got 3 dump truck loads for $300. Plans are to use a small amount for planting grass but most will go to the shooting berm. I have already added a large amount of debris from my dads place and from trees that were cut down. Just wanting to build it a few more feet higher. 

total of 45 yards of red clay
     South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley has finally signed Senate Bill 308 establishing reciprocity with Georgia on recognizing each states concealed weapons permits/licenses. This means nothing to me in the aspect of already holding a Florida resident CWL so I could still carry through Georgia but for the followers or readers, I wanted to put that info out to you. Here is the NRA-ILA link

    In the process of changing jobs, well sort of. I have been referred to a higher position which will cause me to change locations. That's fine because the morning drive will be 25 miles closer and the pay about $6000 more per year. Just playing the waiting game right now.

     Garden is doing alright. I have an issues with some of my corn toward the upper part of the garden, but the area equals to less than 15% of the garden and the rest is doing well. Bush Cucumbers are starting to produce, along with the squash (fried up a mess on Saturday) and zucchini. Tomatoes are spitting them out on the vine, but they are still green. Green and Lima beans are coming along as well. I still need to do some work on my onions. This is the second year that they haven't done anything, but we are not the only ones who have had problems as we have heard some talk from the Farm and Feed store. I may try something outside of the garden in a large planter.

         Well, that's about it for now. Between planting grass, doing stuff around the house, work, spending time with my wife and kids, and everything that pops up in between, not much going on here. Well there is, but..................