Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Camping, quality time with family and friends, and that time of the year.

     Well now that I have a break to post, I have been busy for the past week. If you managed to do a drive-by at JUGM'S blog, you will see that we were camping this past weekend with fellow group member REBEL and his family. All in all, we had a great time and had much to talk and laugh about. Would have been better if we had a few more attend, but everyone is busy as of late.

    Work has slowed, but now my attention has focused onto, THE FALL CLASSIC!!!! AL/NL Divisional and Championships leading up to the WORLD SERIES. I feel like an Encyclopedia Britannica when the boys ask a question or don't understand something.

    This time of year is special to me. Playing the sport since 5 yrs old, having the opportunities to lead me down the path to a professional career, them eventually serving in the military. Yes, I made bad choices and some involved illegal drugs. Now, having two great and athletic son's who want to absorb my baseball knowledge and skills with maybe one day making it to where I wanted to go just light's my fire even more to get back into baseball. Also, what makes it even sweeter is my RED SOX are in the World Series, GO BOSOX!!!

     After arriving back Sunday from camping and a two hour lay over, the boys had a game. First three innings didn't go so well, but they woke up the last three. Had practice tonight and worked on some of the mistakes from Sunday and let's just say, "SENIOR" had to get in the field and demonstrate proper fielding while sitting a couple of players out since they decided to goof off a bit and not pay attention. I felt like a kid again out in the field playing with the kids who wanted to learn. The head coach, he's an older guy, maybe late 50's early 60's and he said to the kid's, "Watch Coach". I was at shortstop, and he hit it fairly hard to my left between myself and the bag. Well, I laterally moved to my left, scooped it up and went through the motions to throw to first. As I have a 8 yr old on first, I was not about to throw the ball at 80 mph to them, but all the kids were standing there with a look on their face that, "Holy crap, this guy knows how to play". As practice went somewhat smoother, I went to the mound and pitched batting practice. NW was tearing the ball up, hitting it in the air to the outfield while ND needs some more work. Him being a lefty, the majority of his hits are to first base which will require more attention on his timing for right now.

   As I am writing this post, Doomsday Preppers is on with new episodes so everyone have a good remaining to your week.


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Working Weekend

    This past weekend was supposed to be a group working weekend; however, Wednesday I received a call from my close family friend that a branch fell on one of my dad's storage buildings and punctured a hole in the roof. He routinely goes up and checks on the place for me. Hell, he helped with welding the chain, and installing the gate to the property the day before dad's funeral. Since Duke was out of town and I needed to go take care of this, Stephen thought it was best to cancel the group workday. We arrive late Friday night after picking the kids up from school and as it was dark, I waited until the next morning to investigate.

    Once I wake up and have my coffee, I proceed to investigate what had happened. The property has numerous large, and I mean large oak trees with an abundance of acorns too. I discovered there is one branch on the oak tree adjacent to the oldest storage building had one limb that was in bad shape. I suppose one of the storms that passed through from the last time I was up there had snapped this bad limb in half and the other half came down and punctured the roof. It's a dead limb, but it sure as hell is not rotten.

    I grab dad's keys and open the door and the limb happened to puncture the roof just aft of the soffit, and when it fell through must have hit the top sill plate and bounced out and off the roof.

    The repair consisted of pushing the still attached plywood back into place, with it being slightly wet from rain was easy to push back into place. I cut a 2x4  and used it as a brace under it with two nails through the rafter, and two nails toe nailed into the face of the other rafter. In past experiences with nailing through 40 + year old wood, it was quite difficult to do in a small space without bending the nail. I finally resorted to toe nailing it into both through the brace.

Once done, I climbed up on the roof and used some metal flashing to replace the shingle that was missing.

   Once in place, using some roofing nails to secure the metal and remaining tabs of the nearby shingles, I commenced to using a whole tube of wet/dry roofing caulk to cover the nails and the metal flashing in a nice layer of gooey tar.

   Once finished there were a few other things to do. My dad always worried about his fireplace, specifically the stove pipe. He told me for years that it needed to be replaced. I decided to take a gander up to the roof, visually inspect the stove pipe from the top down. I was really surprised at the condition it was in, it had some slight build up but not enough to sweep it. I pull the roof cap off and inspected the galvanized piping he had the stove pipe in and it still looked brand new. Well next test was to light a small fire, get it going good, then cut off most of the air to it and generate a lot of smoke. Once done, back on the roof, with the use of my 400 lumen flashlight, eyes, and nose, I observed no smoke, only from the end of the stove pipe. Only thing between the other two galvanized pipes was a bit of heat coming out from the stove pipe itself. Well seems to me that everything is ok.
   With more time on my hands, his 1948 Farmall Cub tractor needed the fuel bowl gasket replaced. I make a quick call and find that my family friend had some, so I run over for a few minutes. Once back, took about 20 minutes to change it out, put some fresh gas in it and cranked it up. Ran like a champ. The next 2 hours were spent plowing the garden area up. My dad stopped having a garden about 4 years ago, he just couldn't manage it like he did in his older age. I have been down there before messing around but this time I went all out. I know it is not the prettiest tractor out there, but it has been mechanically sound and well taken care of.

    Once done this is the view of the garden, the back right corner will be where I plan on putting a burm for a firing  range. I got the word out that I will take any fill dirt locals are wanting to get rid of and our friend has two front loaders with backhoe's attached, shouldn't take to long to construct. Hey, when you have a 186 acre cattle farm, you can write a lot of equipment off.
Have a great week.



Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Who is the real "LOTTA JOY"

    From the recent events on another blog a few weeks ago, one person in particular has really showed her true colors. When you hear "Lotta Joy" you think of a sweet old lady who is active in her Lutheran church, community, does things that our older society does, proudly shows it off on her blog as a nirvana of decent and wholesome citizenship; however, her action and vindictive commentary on other blogs and not on her own tends to paint a different picture of who she really is.
    As I stated in a comment regarding another blogger, who is a liberal this month, a few months ago the blogger was a conservative, then before that the blogger was a prepper, damn, I'm confusing myself, well anyway the word "Back Stabber" was used in a post. There were no personal names used to reference that word, but I get a nasty post from LJ referring to me as a coward. She came forward with her guilty conscious and admitted to the world that she is indeed the blogisphere stabber. Well that was a good laugh, and I still continue to make comments to her on that post, so am I hiding, uh no.
     So LJ comes back 3 minutes later on October 15, stating:
    Well LJ, if you don't visit my blog, why are you a follower? I added a timestamp in the lower right corner for late this afternoon, since then I have blocked you and removed you from my site as you don't visit my blog, kind of taking the trash out I would say. 


    Well last night before I went to sleep, I receive a notification on my phone, and it's from LJ, yippee lets see what she had to say. So I log in and see my site tracker and notice LJ and two of her close blogger friends viewed my site in the order of LINDA, the Canadian Friend, then LJ. Now Linda and the Canadian friend which I wont name but i'm sure many of you will be able to figure them out have not posted any hostile commentary on my blog, and as a sign of respect to them I will leave them out of this discussion, but will let everyone know they are her warning system.

This is her post,

    Well, yes LJ, that is your house on my blog, so who is the IDIOT now? How in the world did I find your house? Ever heard of OPSEC, obvious not. This is the quote from you that brought the idea to do a post about who you really are:

"I am and always have been debt free, and in control of my actions. Unlike you and your little group of demented, helmet wearing, "the sky is falling", bunch of inbreds".

    Since our group, consisting of Myself, Duke, Stephen, and the others are like minded in our beliefs and how we carry ourselves and we are pretty much financial sound, I will let you explain to Stephen and Duke via another means of your cynical comments towards them as they both proudly display Gadsden Flags on their trucks.

Next quote from you:

"I would not talk about you behind your back Jacked up. I would much rather tell you to your face that you are a round little blob with too much testosterone and no estrogen, but you drop your shit and run." 

Hey come on up, you would rather tell it to her face, what are you waiting on? I would make a lot of money on JUGM whipping your ass to a pulp. All talk behind that computer aren't you. I and the entire list of followers are CALLING YOU OUT!!!

OK, I am sick of talking and wasting my time about this old, cynical, narcissistic, demeaning, manipulative, violent, drunk ass person, sure as hell not going to call her a lady. Just like I did for the other blogger, this will be my last post about this person, not unless she drinks more liquid courage and takes my offer, which is unlikely.

There are many of you out there that probably have seen the same thing I am talking about and relate to what I am posting so hopefully you understand why I have made this post. If some of you stop following me, hey, I understand. My blog was not created to have the most followers, I am more about quality followers, not quantity so there are no feelings hurt. Have a great and "LJ FREE" night.


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Stephen, Duke, Myself and our whole group are....... Oh, I almost forgot, OPSEC

    Stephen, Duke, Myself, and our group are a bunch of "the sky is falling" inbreds, oh, and Idiots. Really, that's the best you can do on a drunken rant. So who am I describing? I will post more tomorrow as I have to work to support welfare recipients. Loose lips sink ships, remember that as you never served.


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

HJ Resolution 72, Baseball, and Picture of the day

     Since I don't post all the time, I still have some old chihuahua in Harry Reid's state who continues barking at my ankles and from his rant the other day blaming tea party, or what he calls "TEA BAGGERS" as a bunch of ignorant b%^&^%$s, and that comment is expected from a liberal. Since it is so "A" typical for liberals to name call, so why not enjoy in the festivities a bit. As I have stated, he didn't plan to well for his later years and when I went back to read all his responses, he lives off the government, so he is worried about getting his checks. So I thought I would add something from House.Gov, OMG it's the voting record for HJ Resolution 72 "Making continuing appropriations for veterans benefits for fiscal year 2014, and for other purposes. Here is a screen capture of Roll Call 518.

Seems to me that 224 Ignorant "TEABAG B@&#*!(S" passed a bill through the House of Representatives to pay veterans. If you would like to see how your Congress person voted, here is the link: http://clerk.house.gov/evs/2013/roll518.xml

BTW, this chihuahua is posting a doozie of a post tonight at midnight, so run on over, that means you too "Backstabber" and enjoy the childish commentary. I have better things to do than worry about some old man entering the early stages of dementia and is so infatuated with making comments about my wife. Such a dirty old man, wonder if his wife knows......

** This is the last commentary I will post regarding the dirty old man**

Now, on to more important things, such as baseball and coaching kids. I enjoy giving back to the community and enjoy every amount of time I can spend with my boys. I had quite a stellar career in baseball as a youth and was on a path that could have lead me to better opportunities in life; however decisions made in my younger years did catch up to me, went down some wrong roads and made some bad choices. Joining the military took care of everything except a career in baseball.

As most of you have followed my blog for awhile, you knew I coached my oldest son in minor division baseball in the spring, now we are in fall baseball and have both boys on the same team. So tonight we had a practice, why I don't know because we are 2-0. My oldest, NW has been tearing the ball up on the bat and in 2 games is 12-12, batting 1.000 with 8 doubles and 4 singles. ND who moved up from Tee-Ball is catching up at 3-12, batting .250 with 3 singles in the second game. When he was in Tee-Ball, he only hit off the tee during first practice, after that he was pitched too. All it has taken is tweaking on his batting mechanics tonight and he went 4 for 4.

While I am on the subject of baseball, I remember many times watching baseball and having the legendary Harry Carey calling Cub games. I would have to say the Carey Family is by-far the first family of baseball announcers. Harry, with the Cubs, son Skip with the Braves, and Chip with Fox Sports. As I recall Harry, and yes he did drink beer in the box while announcing games, I think back to a SNL skit when SNL was funny, here is the link:

And for the random pic of the day:



Saturday, October 5, 2013

No more blaming Bush anymore, blame the tea party!

    It was a quiet evening yesterday, I was retired to my favorite outdoor chair, having some refreshing adult beverages, listening to obnoxious rock music and my phone goes "Ding". It was Stephen, and if I could see him through the phone it would have been hell on earth. I have known him for, hell for well over 10 years and he was pissed. So I went to find out what pissed him off and I come across the blog of the "Mohave Rat". After reading through his pathetic, I really mean pathetic rant of how the Tea Party is the cause of all the problems going on in government, I take a step back from the computer and think, "He calls himself a veteran", well I'm a veteran and my beliefs are strong with the founding fathers of this country, which last time I checked, they acted just like the tea party of today.

    First off, Mr. Rat is a product of the "Pitty Society", and I can say that as one veteran to another, since I also receive disability compensation each month. Mr. Rat more than likely has been living from one disability check to another and now that there is resistance between the House and the Senate over the funding of the country, he is beginning to drink Obama's Kool-aid and demanding, "I want my check".  That's a very interesting analogy I have because I see it all the time with veterans, not all of them but there are many. I, myself never allowed myself to resort to that level, and that is from hard work. If I don't get a check next, so what, it will show up sooner or later. I have positioned myself to where I don't rely on the "GUMBERMINT!!!" because I used my brain in a positive way instead of a negative way with anger.

    Well it would be interesting to find out from the "MOST EDUCATED DISABLED VETERAN IN THE WORLD" of what he did after, I suppose Vietnam. The way he ranted sounds to me he did nothing for the rest of his life, and I mean that in the sense of getting an education, learning a trade, investing his money, finding a well paying job, and preparing for the last quarter of his life where most normal people relax and wait for their rides to the clouds, well in his case, Hell. Instead, I suppose he sits behind a computer all day, probably half dressed, looking for attention from others, having angry tirades, ranting about issues he has no clue about, and taking his talking points from cable news networks, and the OWN network.

    Well as I look through the comments and replies on his site, I come across one from "KEADS"

"Thank you for your service to this Country. Yes, this is your sandbox. I get that. I also feel no need to be in it anymore. Your anger and everything else here shows me a angry man. I feel your service to this Country is just a part of that. I may be wrong, I fear not.

I wish you and yours peace and long life.

I will never be here again."

The section I highlighted from this comment I think sums it up. Now I would like to elaborate on another comment, one that was made to my wife, JACKED UP GLOCK MOM!!!!!

"I posted your comment. WHO am I blasting for WHAT problems. I am expressing my opinion on my blog. I think my disabled veteran status entitles me to an opinion. Sorry I don't think shutting the government down is the right way to deal with things. I am entitled to think that and you are entitled to disagree. The difference is I treated you with respect and you acted like a ................."

So Mr.Tick-Turd, oh I'm sorry, how insensitive of me, I must show the piss-poor planner of his life, Mr. Rat a little bit more respect, well maybe not, he did loose a testicle, hey that's in his own words in a reply. What did you want to say but didn't have the BALLS too say? Those comments were made on YOUR blog. You stood on your soap box, "Its my blog, my first amendment right" well? Tell the world how you really are.

Well like myself, my wife is also a Tea Party supporter and with your rant, you showed no ounce of respect to her, so why should we show you any respect? It's obvious from others as well.

As I am not a psychologist, but I am a very smart man, lets take a look at some traits that Mr. Rat has:

1. Anger
2. Likes degrading women but can't get the nerve to get it out (ex: A...............)
3. Lazy
4. Childish
5. Uneducated
6. Low moral
7. Suicidal
8. Low "T"

In closing, lets get straight to the point. Mr. Rat wants respect, well respect is not given, its earned and as far as I can tell, and many of you have seen or said, in no right enables any of us to even think of showing respect to him. It's obvious that Mr. Rat is not a happy man but it seems he wants to push blame onto the rest of the world for his own problems. How about trying "Self-Responsibility". It also seems that Mr. Rat has done me a favor and is no longer a follower to my site, OK... Is my world going to crash down because he is not following me. You all think I can blame the Tea Party for that?

As a salty Senior Chief, I think I have done a good post, I didn't even drop an "F" Bomb. At the time last night this all started I was listening to one of my favorite songs from Five Finger Death Punch. the second Costanza of this song has lyrics that I feel are quite fitting:

"Do I care if you hate me? Do you wanna know the truth? C'est la vie....adiĆ³s....good riddance....
fuck you!
If by chance Mr. Rat reads my post and does not like anything I said, well you are more than happy to fly over on Southwest to Northeast Florida to discuss in person. I don't hide behind computers. BTW, also love his toady he has defending Rat's blog. Just as pathetic as him. Hell Rat, bring him along on the flight too.