Saturday, September 22, 2012

Back up walking

     Friday afternoon and today have helped me start to get over the tragic and senseless event that happened Thursday afternoon with a friend. I have my moments when family and friends pass on and yes I do feel pain each and every time, I suppose we all do since we are human. I learned so much from my mother about moving on. She has quite a bit of adversity in her life. When she would have an event she stressed out about, she would stand up and say in her English accent, "Right, lets go". I also have a problem with having a pitty party for myself too.

    I got home from work early and decided, let's take the boys out and have fun. We headed to Dave-N-Busters. Now if you know about these restaurants, you know they are filled with Video Games and classic games such as air-hockey and skee-ball. This was also a good tactic to get the kids to eat their dinners too. Well after that, I decided to be nice to my "Outlaws" and let the boys stay the night with them. Well the wife and I come home and relax to a good movie, "Act of Valor", and of course I was jumping up and down like a kid and screaming, "Hell yeah, SWCC boats loaded out with the mother load of small arms, twin 60's, Vulcan Cannon, WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!
     Well this morning we went to an Anti-Brady Campaign event know as our local Gun show with the normal crew of Rebel and Duke, but we had Shooter Steve tag along with Mrs. Shooter, and if you have read JUGM's blog today, you will see our new family member, she's tall and sleek, just like a Russian Siberian Blondie, kind of old but who cares. Once home, I said the hell with it, I had a nooner. I miss those and always took them on the ships, but had numerous times when I was just asleep, I would have my named passed over the 1MC and would scream "F&%#"!!!

     This afternoon was good, saw my college team, SOUTH CAROLINA give another warm welcome to Missouri by introducing them to what SEC football is and giving them another "L" in the column. This evening, JUGM and I shall retire to the patio and watch FSU play Clemson tonight while having a nice fire and adult beverages.

I hope everyone has a great weekend, mine is healing.


  1. Sorry to hear that Senior, and yeah, USC apparently DID whup Missouri pretty good! Enjoy the weekend!

    1. It was a good game, The ole Ball Coach has turned things around in Columbia, a lot better than Holtz.

  2. I am sorry to read of your friend's death.

    As as native of the Show-me-state it may sound odd but I'm glad to hear of MU losing. That @$#@#$ school are the biggest bunch of snobs to ever siphon state money away from other state colleges to their own hole of ultra-Marxism, and when the rejected HH for their grad program the form letter(from the English department) contained an apostrophe error and a comma splice. HH saved it corrected in red ink for her gloat file and went to Kansas State(so I'm also not pleased with the bailing out of the Big 12).

    1. Yes, it was a complete shock. There will be a memorial service at the base this week prior to sending his body to his family in Iowa. Just have to move on and keep thinking of the fun times.