Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New Followers

I would like to extend a "Welcome Aboard" to my new followers, PISSED and ROB. Thanks for taking the time to follow me and awaiting your postings of intellectual points of view.


  1. hi,senior.
    it gives me great comfort to know that many of our military know the score. some to help in time of trouble.
    of course, some are chicken-shits and the scum rises to the top. have to trust God to lead us straight and show us who is who.
    many thanks.
    found a link to your site through rural revolution link, when i was actually looking for information about canning! it truly is a web.
    deb harvey

    1. Deb, I must tell you, If you need canning information, when I can, I run two pressure canners at the same time, total 14 qts per session. I may be able to help you. It surely is a dying art, learn what you can.