Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The doorbell rings and I smile.

Around 1830, the door bell rang, and I smile because I know what it is.


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Well I have some time, thanks to heavy rain all day, I have time to collect thoughts and reflect......

    Well I have had some time today to relax a bit. I have the business, personal, and taxes for my dad's estate filed, rain today so no work and umpiring duties, and was able to sleep in an extra hour so it is nice to have mother nature step in from time-to-time to help a sailor out. Well today JUGM and I went a did some shopping while the boys were in school, went to my favorite sporting goods store and stocked up on some more 7.62X39mm ammunition. Hell, this stuff is almost cheaper to practice with than .22, damn, I never thought I would be saying that in 2014.

     The current state of the old eastern block countries is going to hell, and our president is waving his "nicotine stained" finger at ole Vlad, don't be surprised if trade sanctions or an embargo go into place forcing the price of any caliber that originates from this region to skyrocket. If you don't have the ammunition yet, better get hot and buy some.

     As I continue here, let's see what has been going on with Senior these past weeks. Well work has been getting worse every day. As we come out of the winter, mother nature is waking everything up from hibernation, so I am running like a, well use your imagination. Baseball, which is a lifelong passion of mine is in full swing and my kids and family are my top priority. Interviews have happened and with contracts I hold at the present time, it has hampered me from starting at two positions out of state, which I was really interested in, but I understand fully because I have created and owned a business for over 5 years now and have a business degree, so I know how things work. I am exploring other options in the next few months and will see how they work. What are my other options, well I could go to the VA, get 100% disability and get strung out on pills and alcohol all day while sitting in front of a computer doing "god knows whatever" Not my style, I spend time with my family and haven't pissed them off!

     I have been raised in a culture, first from my mom and dad, then by the Navy to excel at everything I do, and I have, ask JUGM, I don't know what failure is. I remember times as a child that my mom would face adversity while working 3 jobs just to sit there, take a deep breath and say "right" and get up and act like nothing ever happened. My dad was a great man, pretty much quiet, busted his ass from the farm as a child, serving the entire Korean War conflict, running a business, retiring debt-free, and keeping to himself, but don't cross him or piss him off. I almost attribute him to a rattlesnake, his mother was that way as a daughter of Cherokee father, so blood runs deep. Maybe this can contribute to my love of nature and the wild. See, there are many times at my dad's place I don't watch much television, I go outside and listen to the night.

    I relax hearing all the noises of the night, enjoy watching the dark. and not having modern distractions around, except when Stephen texts me to listen to a SW station that has some good content.

    Today, I got notification that some other blogger was referring to me as a "Teabagger" in one of his posts, so I say "Thank You". Really, I thank you for aligning me with the founding fathers that gave this country a "blue-print" for success until the liberal bastards started destroying our way of life. So I will leave it at this, RANDALL, do I need to publish your address, picture of your crappy camper and mobile home, and your phone number to get my point across to you? How about flowers for your sweet wife Ellen who has had to put up living with you? Oops, sorry, Freedom of Speech here, tell you what, come put some yellow tape up around my house and designate it a "Free Speech Area". Hell, I would bring you a cold beer to chase your pills down with, if you had the.. well I wont go there, I know you had a accident and it didn't involve a zipper, "FRANKS AND BEANS!!!!" Maybe you should listen to Lotta down south here in Florida, she actually made sense, thanks Lotta for suggesting that to him, but he wont listen to you, like he has to this point.

Till next time, don't let your meat loaf. Oops did I say that?

Senior Chief  "Esq"





Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Still vertical, been busy, just like a..

   Sorry for the lack of posts as of late, Baseball,  umpiring baseball games, work, and interviews have been my life for some time now. When I get some time, i will sit down and write something constructive.



Sunday, March 30, 2014

Where has 2 weeks gone?

    I was relaxing yesterday and thought, hell I haven't done a blog post in almost two weeks. Well, where should I start, most of you know I was in SC with the my better half, JUGM, and of course the boys were with us as well. We tried to make it a spring break trip as the kids were out of school but her dad was in the hospital and we got a 2 day late start. Once there, didn't do a whole lot, just some chores and maintenance around the place and plowed up the garden and threw some rows for JUGM to plant some stuff. Me, I want a full garden but she only wants to put low maintenance items in the ground, so we compromised a bit, only put rows in half the garden. Hey, not bad for my first time on a 1948 Farmall Cub.....

  There are a few rows of sunflowers and a few rows of yellow onions.

   Saturday rolls around, and we have had rain since Friday afternoon and as the rain clears out, we take a trip to Harbor Freight. If you have been in one of these stores, yes it is full of Chinese junk, but how many times do you use a torque wrench? Would you want to pay $21.00 for one there, or spend up to or over $100 at Sears? I'm not a full-time mechanic, so figure which one I went with. Also, you can find items that will help you out in a survival situation in there, yes the quality is not top of the line, but budget minded preppers can start here. On the way home, we stopped by our local Gander Mountain and yes, we gandered through the store and left. Prices are just too damn high!

   Today was an easy day, went to china-mart to get a few things for dinner, on the request of the kids and NW and I stroll to the sporting goods section and buy a few boxes of TUL Ammo in 7.62x39mm. At $5.47 a box, can get it cheaper from online retailers when you add shipping in. With all that is going on in the Ukraine, bet 7.62x39mm may increase in price or be part of a trade sanction.

    Once home I think, what would be more relaxing than doing some reloading. Well I had some 300 Blackout primed up so I hit the single stage and got to work. Here are two of the components. Federal small rifle primers were the other, besides the brass.

    My load call for 16.5 to 17.7 of IMR 4227, my target load was 17.1. As you see I am off by a bit but no worries.

     The final mess of Blackout rounds. it was a nice day, notice me wearing my Crocks and shorts?

     This week will be a busy week, have some work to catch up on from the spring break trip and have to get things prepped before the spring heat arrives. Also, I will be heading north for an interview with one of the top two logistic companies in the world with a chance to be placed in their management development program. Wish me luck. Have a great week everyone.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Relaxing, windy Sunday and thoughts from the mess about Flight 370

    As most of you know, kids baseball has kicked into swing and I have been busy. Umpired a game yesterday and had to break up a near fight, in the middle of the 1st inning between two coaches. Then had our fourth game of the year, by the time I got home, I didn't want to do anything. After we ate our dinner, I retired to the backyard with a nice fire and short wave radio time.
      Most of us on the east coast are bracing for rain, ours will be here tonight and last all day tomorrow. About this time of year, I start my preventative maintenance on the camper and my plan today was to climb up on top and wash and treat the rubber membrane that seals the roof to the elements and use some self leveling roof sealant around the protruding vents, TV antenna, and A/C, but before I start, I through a nice slab of pork ribs on the smoker around 11:45.

     So with the ribs on, I proceeded to the camper to get to work. I climbed up there with the help of a 9 foot step ladder and saw the camper shaking a bit from the wind gusts. I thought for a second, should I or not. Well I said not, I will try again during the week. Instead, I decided to give her a bath and get the winter crud off.

    Once done with the camper, I vegged for a couple of hours and then took the ribs off with a nice caramelized Sweet baby Ray's finish.

    Now for some thoughts:

     Everywhere in the news, they have been all over this Malaysia Flight 370 that has gone missing. I even let a bit out over at OLDNFO's blog so I will continue a bit, but I wont dedicate a whole hour or two like media outlets. My thoughts, the plane has been taken, but for what use? I assume for use as a delivery weapon. Now why would someone want to take a huge Boeing 777? (Rob, don't bust my balls if this isn't a Triple 7).

     Let's see, maybe it has the capability to flew a very long distance? So where is the plane? Try looking at locations where people don't like the Western world, North Korea, Indonesia, Iran, and Pakistan, to name a few. As far as a weapon, the world saw how planes were used on the twin towers and pentagon, and if a terrorist organization has taken this plane, will they use it again to fly into a building? My assumption would be "No". I assume their next big attack will be on a massive scale, possibly a high-altitude detonation of a nuke (EMP) or chemical weapon air-borne distribution. With this being said, I hope and pray that the innocent passengers on this plane will be left unharmed, but I don't think that will be the case. Just so everyone knows, this is my own assumption based on the events of the past week. If I am wrong, I guess I will be wrong, so what.

    Hope everyone has a great week.



Thursday, March 13, 2014

Raw Vid: York Co Deputy shoots 70 Year Old Man Reaching for Cane

    How does a properly trained sheriff's deputy do this? Was he overzealous?  Well i guess I will be more careful when I go to Rock Hill, SC next time. Glad I don't have to use a cane, wait a minute, this guy was a veteran, guess I'm screwed.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Saturday bit's and pieces

   Today was a good day, the weather was nice and we really didn't have a lot to do. JUGM had taken her vehicle to the Toyota dealership on Friday for a oil change since it's cheaper for them to do it than me to go to China-Mart and buy all the stuff. As you most know, the "stealer-ships" try to tell you that you need something else, such as a cabin or air filter. Well this is the third time that they said that she needed a new battery.
    I have a vast knowledge of vehicles, I'm a damn good shade-tree mechanic, and they keep saying that the cold cranking amps are around 300-325. I told her, no they are full of crap. So as we didn't have much to do today, I went to a friend's (second dad) business and asked to borrow his battery load tester for a sec. We hooked up his SNAP-ON load tester and hit the trigger. Well by-god, there was over 600 cold cranking amps on the battery and was still in the good range. Hello Toyota, your customers are not stupid!!! We can smell BS a mile away.
     He also told me that the Snap-On NHRA Funny car driven by Cruz Pendragon was just down the road at the International Truck shop. The Gator Nationals will start up I think next week just down the road. Well we all headed down and got to see their traveling Funny Car and also the Snap-On Tool Custom chopper built by Orange County Choppers that has 255 various Snap-On tools built into the bike.

    Before I went to sleep last night, I went to a online gun trading site and found this post. Seems this guy doesn't like his Kimber Pro Raptor II and wants to trade for a Ruger SR1911 or sell for $800.00. Like I said before, do your research before you shell that kind of money out.

    Before I forget, well hell I have forgot for a week or so, I was the winner of Sandy's latest contest and wanted to post another thank you to her for picking my name out the hat. 

   Well everyone enjoy the rest of your weekend, I will busy over the next two days, have to see an attorney, so I will chime in when I get chance.