Thursday, April 4, 2013

New Follower, Update on Dad, and What are friends for?

     New Follower,

      General Quarters, General Quarters, All Hands man your battle stations, up and forward to starboard, down and aft to port, I have a brother who has decided to follow my humble little blog. I would like to welcome THE CHIEF to my blog, Lets meet up in the mess and drink some java, bullshit. and discuss when we will put some JO's on sea duty by the flush of a toilet. Thanks for following and look forward to hearing you contrasting points of view. Your welcome in my mess anytime shipmate. All others, follow the link and go check out The Chiefs blog.

Update on Dad,

    Dad is doing ok mentally; however, the VA is dragging their knuckles on getting him fixed, so when I head back up this next weekend, either I will put my size 12 in their ass or I will be in the Richland County Jail, I think you all get the point. Warlock, may need you and your brothers to spring me out. Rambo will be considered a pussy when I get done.

What are friends for?

     Its amazing how when a man has a event happen in his life and has to worry about the well-being of a father for whom I was born from his loin of how so-called friends dont even bother to see how you are doing. You know what, I wont waste the time even going more into it, not going to waste precious energy, but thought I would put it out to everyone, so please comment. I'm used to doing things on my own and alone anyway, so I know how to handle things, besides I am Senior Chief, Thanks So-Called Friends!!!!!!!!!

    Tomorrow is a new day, have to catch up on work, start on an individual assignment, team assignment, and answer a weekly discussion question. Take a final exam, final power-point presentation, and coach Little League practice with a little league game on saturday and team pictures. Am I busy? What do you think? All before I head back to SC!