Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Two choices for enterainment tonight

Well after a long day out in the hot sun, a run to renew our membership to a local wholesale establishement, a great dinner with 2/3 of the ingredients originating from our food storage supply, I have two choices for entertainment for this evening.

First, I start a Marketing class this week and have a 1500 word paper due with a minimum of 5 academic references cited.


Second, I could indulge myself into the television coverage of the Economic Destruction, Racial Bigotry, and Damnation of Hard working Americans by the Democrat National Convention.

Well, hmm this is a hard one to choose. I know, since I am Hard Working AMERICAN VETERAN!!!! who chooses to better myself with education that will aid me in obtaining a great job, not one handed to me, I think I will do what is right and start on this Marketing paper.

Did I make the right decision?

You know I could watch, My Big Redneck Vaction from the DVR. Ah hell, will save it for another day.

"I am laughing right now from my sarcasm"



  1. Good evening SENIOR :)

    I will add you to the blogroll, thanks for stopping by!


  2. Replies
    1. It's always nice when you make the right decision and others think so as well. Thanks