Saturday, September 29, 2012

Still Vertical.

    Been a busy past few days. Had the memorial service for my friend on Thursday. It was a somber event, typical military memorial service. Managed to see the guys Chief, what a PIECE OF SHIT. His lack of leadership actually caused this event by not getting him help in the past. He thought it was OK to sweep it under the rug. Well his career is about to swept under the rug, NCIS is involved now. Glad there is some closure to this tragic event now. RIP my Friend.

    Then I had school and one more week of this damn Marketing class. I hate Marketing, it totally sucks.

    So Friday ended up being a make-up day for Thursday, two days of work in one day, all by myself. The employee I had has moved on to something more permanent, which is good for him since he has student loans to pay off and once winter sets in here, I wont have enough work for him. The other IDIOT I had working with me, he has no balls and let's his babies momma run his life. Of course, SINGLE MOTHER, TWO KIDS, NO JOB, WELFARE BITCH. Yes you guessed it, a OBAMA-BOT!!! I get more done without him than I do with him, so that only means more money for me!!!

   Today was a good day, payed some bills, did some research for my final paper and PowerPoint presentation, then I went to a Disaster Medical Preparedness Seminar with a prepper group here locally. I managed to drag REBEL with me, figured it would get him out the house and we both could better our medical training a bit, and of course talk about our screwed up country. It was informative, but there were people there that must have just started prepping and have no clue. I must have rolled my eyes about 30 times with the questions I was hearing. I know you all are saying "Give them a break". I know, sometimes I do get a bit impatient. Maybe it would have been better if it was more advanced.

    On the way home from that, I started thinking. I would like to try some advanced survival courses. Maybe even take a week and take a hike on the Appalachian trail, maybe see if my BIL wants to make that trip as well. Hell, can't find anybody here locally that wants to do it. One thing I will be doing during the winter is floating my resume out into the cyber-world and see what comes up. If anyone knows any company that is looking for a Veteran who will soon be graduating with honors with a Bachelors in Business, concentrating in Intergrated Supply Chain and Operations Managment, send them my way.

    Sorry about this rant. Past week and a half has been hectic, emotional, and second guessing. Hope everyone has a good weekend. Until the Next Post,

Senior CHIEF!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Smith & Wesson, An American Company

     A couple of months ago, when I was at the local gun range with an employee who had never shot a handgun in his life. Now, picture him as a "cornbread country boy from North Carolina". Hunting rifle and shotguns YES, handguns NO!!! His first time shooting a handgun, I didn't want to scare him with a 1911, or a snub nose Ruger SP101 in .357. I break out my old trusty and true S&W Model 22a. I have had this gun for almost 10 years, with many rounds down the tube. I also brought some black rifles to start off with and of course, he is now hooked on them.
    We proceed to the 22A, and after 6 rounds, the hammer goes click, no boom. I take control of the pistol and try again with a new round, same results. I pull the mag, do a function check, reinsert the mag and try again with same results. I go ahead and call a cold range and we pack up and head home. If anyone who knows me personally, I am a gun-cleaning freak. Once they are exercised, I give them a nice cleaning and put them up until their next workout. So once home, I break the pistol apart and start cleaning. I examine the slide and notice right off what the problem was, a broken firing pin. First thing I thought of was trying to find a new pin to replace the broken on. Well that was an impossible task, even with the Internet and the S&W site. I conducted a search of the Net and found that others have had similar problems and have sent their pistols back to S&W and they repaired them, even when they were out of warranty.

     I make a call to S&W and talk to a CSR, he asks a few questions and I tell him what happened and explain that the pistol is way out of warranty and wanted to know if it would be cheaper to scrap it and buy a new on or repair it. He asked me if I was the original owner and I said yes, and had documentation to prove it. Well he got my contact information, sent me a pre-paid Fed-Ex shipping label with instructions to send it back to fix it. So I did sent it back.

   Yesterday I got the gun back and took it to the range and it functioned just like it was new and didn't cost me one penny. I have not been a fan of most S&W pistols, except for the Model 22a, that's my training partner. I am VERY IMPRESSED with S&W customer service and their commitment to their products. I would like to express my appreciation to S&W for being an "ALL AMERICAN COMPANY" and standing behind your firearms. Thank you S&W!!!!!!

BTW, at the last Anti-Brady Campaign Event, I picked up a Mosin.

Monday, September 24, 2012

What makes the Port Running Light Green?

Well the poll is closed and 3 of the 7 viewers got the correct answer, It was neither. The port running light is Red.


Saturday, September 22, 2012

Back up walking

     Friday afternoon and today have helped me start to get over the tragic and senseless event that happened Thursday afternoon with a friend. I have my moments when family and friends pass on and yes I do feel pain each and every time, I suppose we all do since we are human. I learned so much from my mother about moving on. She has quite a bit of adversity in her life. When she would have an event she stressed out about, she would stand up and say in her English accent, "Right, lets go". I also have a problem with having a pitty party for myself too.

    I got home from work early and decided, let's take the boys out and have fun. We headed to Dave-N-Busters. Now if you know about these restaurants, you know they are filled with Video Games and classic games such as air-hockey and skee-ball. This was also a good tactic to get the kids to eat their dinners too. Well after that, I decided to be nice to my "Outlaws" and let the boys stay the night with them. Well the wife and I come home and relax to a good movie, "Act of Valor", and of course I was jumping up and down like a kid and screaming, "Hell yeah, SWCC boats loaded out with the mother load of small arms, twin 60's, Vulcan Cannon, WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!
     Well this morning we went to an Anti-Brady Campaign event know as our local Gun show with the normal crew of Rebel and Duke, but we had Shooter Steve tag along with Mrs. Shooter, and if you have read JUGM's blog today, you will see our new family member, she's tall and sleek, just like a Russian Siberian Blondie, kind of old but who cares. Once home, I said the hell with it, I had a nooner. I miss those and always took them on the ships, but had numerous times when I was just asleep, I would have my named passed over the 1MC and would scream "F&%#"!!!

     This afternoon was good, saw my college team, SOUTH CAROLINA give another warm welcome to Missouri by introducing them to what SEC football is and giving them another "L" in the column. This evening, JUGM and I shall retire to the patio and watch FSU play Clemson tonight while having a nice fire and adult beverages.

I hope everyone has a great weekend, mine is healing.


With all that has gone on as of late, I would like to take the time and welcome a new follower named STEVE.  He his own blog to express his thoughts, views, and rants. Go over and check him out. Welcome Aboard.


Friday, September 21, 2012

Sometimes you look to the sky and ask God, Why?

     The past day and a half have been a bit numb. There are times when you think you work hard and bust your ass to survive each and every day, then you got a text message while in class around 18:30pm, "Rick shot himself". I jump up from my seat and excuse myself from class and made a call. Rick is a 23 y/o Navy First Class Petty Officer(E-6), Nuclear Machinist Mate stationed onboard a Boomer. He is also a friend. When I meet younger shipmates, I tend to jump back into Senior mode and help them, I AM NOT RETIRED, I AM JUST AT A CIVILIAN COMMAND NOW!!!!!

     There are a group of us in the neighborhood who hang out and do things. He was the life of any party, hell during our 4th of July event at the pool, he was playing with NW and ND in the pool, they were all splashing and laughing. He also seemed to piss off a guy with his family by hitting him with a soft pool ball and this asshole said "Is this your ball", well Rick said "Yeah". So this Butt-Nugget, with all his might throws the ball into the retention pond behind the pool. Well Rick hops out the pool and goes and gets it. Well by the time this Butt-Nugget gets his family all ready to leave the pool and they start walking, Rick throws it over the fence and hits him in the back as he is walking back up to the pool. There were around 30 of us up there and we all start laughing. So Rick meets him at the gate on the way back into the pool deck and this guy says to him, "You need to "Control yourself". Rick starts laughing and says as he is walking away, "Somebody got a beer?"

     After making the call, I call JUGM and tell her and she starts screaming. I let her know that I will be leaving class early. I talk to the professor and explain to her what had happened. I had a Power-point to present to the class so she bumped me up to first. I worked on the PPT for 3 days, had 5 pages of note slides to go through my presentation and not once did I look at them nor do I even remember what I said during it. So after my presentation I leave.

    Once I get back into the community, and just short of our street, there are 6 Sheriff deputies and a Lead Investigator still there. There was also a bunch of fellow friends from the neighborhood and shipmates from his command there. My other close friend in the neighborhood, "T" was the one who went over and confirmed his suicide after Rick's girlfriend found him. I stopped and went to his house to make sure he was ok. After talking to him today, he is not doing good. I cant blame for him not feeling this way, I know it must have been a traumatic scene seeing a close friend in that condition.

    As I worked today, all I could do is look at the sky and ask why? Rick was always happy, fun to be around and just a great person. Dam-it!!! he was 23!!!!!! What drives people to do this? So many questions to ask with no answers. RIP my Friend.

June 13, 1989 - September 20, 2012


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ohh Canada!!!!!

     As a young sailor, I always enjoyed pulling into foreign ports, even if they were next door.

"DISCLAIMER TO JUGM" This happened before we met, so what I did overseas before we met can not be held against me since I was a young sailor, Thank you....

     Late in 1990, I was fortunate to make a port of call to Halifax, Nova Scotia. First off, it was cold. I like a little cold, but when it is real cold, I hate it. The first day in port I had duty, typical standing watch, usually the mid-watch. That watch never bothered me, especially when the first night in a new port. When the drunks come back on board, you get some good intel on the places to go. Well that night, I did. Hell, the CO and XO came back hammered and running their mouth.

     I really enjoyed my first shipboard CO, AKA "Bullet Bob". We had a couple things in common. We both attended the same high school, not in the same years. His high school basketball coach was my Dean of Boys. This CO was a CO to admire. This guy would manipulate the Chain of Command and take advantage of their policies, which made it fun for all on board. He was an engineering officer who knew how to ballast a ship for max speed, still can see him on the bridge in his chair smoking and instructing the engineers over the "Bitch Box" of what to do. He would also call down to us and order us to erroneously report our ships position every hour to make us look like we were on station; however, when we were detached from a mission, we would mystically jump 300-400nm. When we were done, he wanted to go home the fastest way possible. Those were the good days. Sorry, Flashback....

     First night out in town was underway. Back in my early days I was under age to drink, but in a foreign port, the minimum age to drink was discarded by the COC. First place we go is to some hole-in-wall strip joint for about 4 hours. Money was flying, booze was flowing and then leave it to the mind of young sailors to instigate a fist fight on stage by the strippers. It all started with my buddy Jeff G who thought it would be fun to have two strippers on stage and only give money to one of them. Well lets just say we got out of there quick, laughing our asses off of course. We payed for it though, we stood outside for about an hour freezing waiting on a cab to take us to the next place.

      We arrive at our next destination. Go into this establishment and have fun in there, then find out that we can get in a interior central hallway of all the bars and transit between each one without going outside in the cold. These bars took up about 2 city blocks. So after about 5 hours of jumping from one party to another, we have 1 hour to get back to the ship. Well I don't remember whose bright idea it was to walk back but I wish I knew know so I could curse them out 23 years later. We all get back to the ship, a few puke, others pass out in their racks with their clothes on.

     Next morning we had briefs with our Canadian couterparts for a exercise we were up there for. That afternoon we were supposed to leave, however, mother nature said NO!!!!! 30 foot seas, Damn the bad seas. So here we go with another wild night in town.

    Usually the night before we leave port, I usually take it easy. Yes we all went out, but we were back at a reasonable time. It was a good thing. Next morning, seas were 25 feet and we got underway. Now I realize what the seat belts on our seats were for and what half-processed chicken nuggets look like rolling across the floor. I see this and what do I yell out, "Chalk one more for the Puke Board"

Have a good remainder of your week


Saturday, September 15, 2012

WEEK FROM ......

Well Finally the weekend is here, my only chance sometimes to get my sanity back. The past week has been a mother F'r. Worked ahead of schedule to get some additional work done for a big payday, of course the normal grind of school, 2 papers and a power point presentation. OF COURSE the Jeep issue, which we fixed that last night with getting a Subaru Impreza Sport. I must attest right now, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND staying away from any Jeep or Chrysler product that is produced in the recent years. I will have another jeep, an older one that was built by competent workers.

Spent time with Duke, PJ, Rebel and SS today. It was a good day out there, got some stuff done and of course our rule is, if you don't attend, well we talk about you. So Stephen was talked about a lot today. Well of course we all came up with some good ideas of other stuff we need to do.

The recent events of the past days, including the Middle East Cluster F*$K was talked about them as well. I am really disgusted about that POS in the Oval Office. Really, can a leader of a country be that incompetent? I guess so when you see better leadership at a KFC. I shake my head at the moron's who voted for this ASS CLOWN!!

Well since it is time to relax by the fire for the evening and watch the Space Junk fall to earth, I shall retire this blog post. Roger Out!!


Monday, September 10, 2012

Welcome to the Mess, grab a Cup of Joe

I would like to extend a warm "Welcome Aboard" to the newest followers of my humble blog.

heroditus huxley


Feel free to leave your contrasting points of view and comments as necessary

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Excuse me for being UA.

Hello everyone,

    Sorry for the lack of postings the past few days. This has been a crazy past 3 days. Starting with thursday and starting MARKETING in school, this class is going to suck. There is a ton of work due.

Friday I start a large job and with my 2 employees and JUGM (she helps when she can) we started clearing a treeline that was over 1000 ft long, in 95 degree heat with 70% percent humidity. You talk about one miserable mess of sweat and curse words along with transporting almost 2 tons of debris to the landfill. This day was one of my worst since I started my business. Hold on, thursday is not over, the wife's jeep decides it wants to act up so I tell her to take it to the dealer since it's under warranty.

Well I get a call from her and she told me the Jeep Mechanic diagnosed the problem as a 4x4 actuator. I yelled "RIGHT FULL RUDDER, ALL AHEAD FLANK", with my F-250 whipped around at flank and proceeded straight to the dealer. Now, I am a pretty good mechanic, have had four 5.0  Ford Mustangs and they were not stock, I was on a mission, to rip that mechanics head off. I walk through the showroom enroute to the waiting room where JUGM, NW, and ND were, no BS here, people saw me and were getting out the way. I was not a happy camper. Well after waiting around for the service manager to get off the phone with Jeep, we had a very quick discussion, which ended up with him going on a test ride, since the mechanic didn't. Well I grab the kids and head home. Now at this point, I am running on pure adrenaline, explain later.

Well I get a call from the wife, and it was confirmed not to be an actuator causing, it was the transmission. Here we have a Jeep, for which we have received 5 recalls on it in 2 years, 3 of which had something to do with the transmission. The service manager grabbed the mechanic and took him for a spin too. Intelligence I got from the wife stated, someone was getting his *** chewed as they left the dealership. The jeep has been at the dealer since friday afternoon, who knows when we will get it back. When the wife got home, she held her hand above her head and said "I am up to hear with the recalls and this issue".

Friday evening comes around, we eat dinner and I crash. Seems that I received a case of heat exhaustion and dehydration from work, so most of Saturday, I am suffering from a CAT 3 CASREP. I slept til around noon and felt like crap all day and did absoultely nothing.

Sunday rolls around and we take a ride, in search of a new car. Having a jeep as a primary vehicle, it limits you on what fun you can have with them. Also, 15-17 MPG doesnt help either. We have quite a bit of positive equity in it, so we will get something more practical with much better MPG's. We intend on getting another jeep, but will pay cash for it and make it a project. It will be painted either OD green, or Haze Gray with a Hull number on the side. Any color suggestions?


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New Followers

I would like to extend a "Welcome Aboard" to my new followers, PISSED and ROB. Thanks for taking the time to follow me and awaiting your postings of intellectual points of view.

Top 10 Things To Do Instead of Watching The DNC

Ok, Marketing Paper finished, grammar and plagiarism checked, now time to post.

TOP 10 Things to do instead of Watching the DNC

10. Pick up Dog poop without a Poop Pick-up Device and gloves.

9.   Reloading Ammo for use in the near future

8.   Counting #10 cans for food storage inventory

7.   Giving myself a pedicure

6.   Washing my hair, oops, I don't have any......

5.   Taking my cat to the Chiropractor

4.   Re-reading Sun Tzu's "Art of War" for the 10th time.

3.   Watching "My Big Redneck Vacation" from the DVR

2.   Cleaning my GUNS!!!!!

And #1

1.   BLOGGING with all you great People!!!!!

Disclaimer: This is for entertainment purposes only. David Letterman, you do not have my permission to use this list on any show you host and for all I care, you can choke on a "Big Ass Ham" you Liberal C*%K  S&!*&R.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

US National Debt HITS!!!! 16 Trillion

After cranking out half of my Marketing paper this evening, I realized that our National Debt went over 16 Trillion today, just in time for someone at the DNC to explain but what sound would you expect to hear?

Unbelievable, that we have this much debt. WTF!!!!!!

Well while I was in my Economics class a few months ago, the professor showed us the website and it will blow your mind. Even the DEMOCRATS!!! in the class were astonished, but they will still vote for that TICK TURD!!! Check it out and pass it on..

Why did I wait so long to do this...

Well I will be paying for this with typer's and mouse cramp, but being the new kid on the bloggin block, I have failed to recognize my new Followers. Stephen, go ahead, text me and give me hell, I'll ask for a new and old priest when you do it. I want to thank the following:

Sunny Broook Farm
DFW (was in your shop the other day)
Mohave Rat
Warlock Sundance

And Last but not least, my beautiful wife, JUGM and fellow group members Duke and Stephen.

I hope my posts will keep you coming back, and your comments are always welcomed.


Two choices for enterainment tonight

Well after a long day out in the hot sun, a run to renew our membership to a local wholesale establishement, a great dinner with 2/3 of the ingredients originating from our food storage supply, I have two choices for entertainment for this evening.

First, I start a Marketing class this week and have a 1500 word paper due with a minimum of 5 academic references cited.


Second, I could indulge myself into the television coverage of the Economic Destruction, Racial Bigotry, and Damnation of Hard working Americans by the Democrat National Convention.

Well, hmm this is a hard one to choose. I know, since I am Hard Working AMERICAN VETERAN!!!! who chooses to better myself with education that will aid me in obtaining a great job, not one handed to me, I think I will do what is right and start on this Marketing paper.

Did I make the right decision?

You know I could watch, My Big Redneck Vaction from the DVR. Ah hell, will save it for another day.

"I am laughing right now from my sarcasm"


Sunday, September 2, 2012

Go-Fast, Go-Boom

     A very large part of my career was operating in the Caribbean Sea conducting Counter-Narcotics Operations with the Joint Interagency Task Force (JIATF). In December 2005, we were patrolling around in our assigned box and we get a late afternoon call over the command net from JIATF. They had confirmed through intel that a go-fast had left Columbia and was enroute toward Mexico. Our mission was to rendevous with a Coast Guard HITRON Helo about 150 nautical miles away from our current position, which was embarked on a Cutter, and provide a Deck for them to land and transit a high speed back down to intercept the drug-ladened speed boat.

    After having my watch team plot the RDVU in our Combat System Suite, away we go, I had the watch and yelled up to the bridge on the 21MC, (aka The Bitch Box) Alter course to 010, Flank Speed. There are many things I miss from my time at sea, one of them is the rolling of the ship, the power that LM2500 Gas Turbine engines whining up to max power and pushing the ship to flank speed, and of course the jet noise, it can be deafning.

     As the trip goes on, I'm off watch and in the Mess. Then it starts, where are we going?, what's going on?, Are we going to get a bust? This always happens just as I sit down to eat a meal. Really, I have been on watch for 6 hours in a stress-full environment and I get this. So they keep on, and I look up at them and just eat. Well they finally give up and all go back to the lounge to watch movies. As I finish my meal and the "Mess Crank" or the politically correct name "Food Service Attendent" takes my plate to the scullary, I get up and go tell them all so they wont bother me anymore. After a few minutes of talking and BS'ing, I head back up.

   One thing about me that was known onboard any ship I was on is the fact that I did not, nor would not sit on my ass in the Mess. My place was with my guys, providing them with training and guidance to better themselves in their jobs and for them to succeed. I could have sat down in the Mess, I did have 6 First Classes (E-6) (Chief's in Training) out of the 23 guys, which last year another one put on his anchors (4 out of 6). As the night goes on, I hang out up there until we RDVU with the HITRON. These Coasties are pretty damn good, and I dont commend Puddle Pirates too much but, having the ability to shoot a Barrett 50 cal sniper rifle from a helo, at a small high-speed moving target, bouncing around in the ocean and taking out their outboard engines, quite impressive. Well at this point I have had enough and head down for a nap and leave my guys a wake-up call for me so I can be there in the morning when SHTF.

    Morning comes, very dark outside, we go to Flight-Quarters for launch of the HITRON. They are Airborne and out in front of us heading to intercept. They gain contact of the go-fast who was going slow, until you know who shows up. It takes off and they run like they stole it. One advantage we had that day was the seas were not good. So after about 15 mins, they are DIW (Dead in the Water)

File Photo

                                                               HITRON Taking action

One of the recovered engine covers
    Now that the Go-fast is just floating, we launch our RHIB boat with the Coast Guard Law Enforcement Detachment to board the speed-boat, as HITRON provides overhead support and we roll up alongside with Ma' Deuce's trained on them. This evolution took almost the whole day to arrest the crew members, recover the bails of 99% pure Cocaine, and provide necessary reports back to JIATF. One important issue when dealing with these drug runnners, the Cartels will boobie-trap these go-fasts with many contraptions, and with large amounts of fuel onboard, this can be a very dangerous position to be in so this was main reason of why it took all day.
   As the boarding was finishing up and the nature of the catch, our CO made the call, "We will not tow this boat or leave it here, so I consider it a Navigation hazard". Prior to us leaving for our deployment, we had a new CIWS installed, which now has the capability to be used in Surface mode using IR and Optical.

File photo
     So we set HERO condition to upload the CIWS with its shredding 20mm Tungstun rounds and have some fun.
BTW, we also had the prize too.

Estimated at $91,000,000 (2005 figures)
Enjoy the remainder of your Labor Day Weekend.




Saturday, September 1, 2012

Knock, Knock, Knock. ENTER!!!!!!!

Knock, Knock, Knock.


"Senior, is the Command Master Chief in the Mess"

My Answer, "Do you see him?"

As the young sailor looses his exhileration, departing and closing the door to the Mess, I grin and walk to the lounge, Hey "Ken", Seaman Timmy was looking for you. "Did he say what he wanted?"

My answer, "I'm not your DAMN answering service, get your #$% up off the couch and go find out for yourself."

God I miss those days. By far, the most enjoyable part of my Naval Career was entering the hallow ranks of Naval Senior Enlisted Leadership. The Chief's Mess, our own secret world where what was said and done in the Mess, STAYED in the mess. I have so many stories and happenings that have taken place in our world, of course, I will never devulge them to anyone who is not or even been a chief. In my 20 year career, I spent almost half of it in there.

The Chiefs Mess provides the muscle for making anything, and I mean anything in the Navy happen. We are the technical experts in our ratings, when there is a question or issue that needs to be solved, well by god, ASK THE CHIEF! I had one Ensign from the Naval Academy, my division officer who wanted to test my answer to his problem, well he paid for it and fell on his face in front of the Commanding Officer. Well lets just say I got a humble apology from him. That incident made for good conversation in the mess that night while playing poker.

The main mission of the Chiefs Mess is to uphold, maintain, keep, and pass on all the Naval traditions that this great country has made.

Now, lets get to about me. I have thrown the thought around about starting a blog. Well with my wife, (JUGM) and a few friends (Stephen and Duke) having their own blogs, I said, "What the hell, why not". If anybody reads it or not, that's up to the individual readers, AKA FREEDOM!!!. Hell, I have managed to tick-off hundreds of people on Social media sites so what do I care. I speak my mind, period.

I am an Independent with constitutional views, so hopefully that will give all in the blogisphere and idea about me. Disclaimer, If you disagree with my views, well by-god, go watch CNN or MSNBC.

I do have hobbies, who doesn't. My hobbies may be weird to some but they include, Firearms, Ammunition, Food Storage, Survivorist Activities, My wife, My children, My group of close friends, Outdoorsman type activities, and MY COUNTRY!!!!

I have had this mind-set for quite awhile. I really have doubts at how the United States has become and where it is going , thanks to the District of Corruption. My current mission is to make sure my family is safe, and with my close friends, I have no doubt about it. We have all been preparing for quite some time and we are very confident about what we have done.

There may be some times when I will be unable to post or reply in a timely manner, so please bear with me. I have quite a bit on my plate as a small business owner and work my butt off so others dont, college student, Neighborhood Enforcer, husband, and father.

I look forward to all who humbly read what I have on my mind and look forward to conversing with you all.