Friday, October 26, 2012

Took the day off

    The past 8 months have been a living H, E, double L for me through the heat, humidity, and rain of Florida. I took the day off. Why not, I own my business, I am the boss, there was nothing to do, notice I said nothing to do, well I CYOA and make sure all my stuff is squared away. I mention to my better half, why don't we take a day and go to the range. I have been itching to shoot my 300 AAC Blackout AR since I completed it. Also, if you read one of my previous posts, I had to send my S&W Model 22A back to S&W for a repair to the firing pin. I have been itching to have it back up and operational.

     We get to the range just as they open, and nobody is on the range. Today I used Remington 220 grain 300 AAC Blackout ammo for it's first firing. Loaded up my mag with 3 rounds and fired away at 25 yds.
As I pulled the target back I noticed that I had a group that was an easy 1/2 MOA. I had something to work with here. So after a few more rounds and some adjustment for windage, I started walking it over.
     I do have a very small pull to the right when I shoot, trust me, I have tried to adjust for years with no luck, so I just adjust my aim. Once I got it just below the bull, I pulled the target back and cover the marks for walking over and reset it for a four more rounds.
     I had one round sail on me and find its place under my initial 3 rounds, but the remaining rounds ended up roughly 2 inches below the bull at 25 yds. I will take what I have today and refine it whenever hunting season is over and can get the target out to 100 yds. As far as function of the 300 AAC Blackout, I was impressed. I actually thought recoil was less than shooting 5.56x45mm Nato and .223. It was very easy to control. Would I recommend a 300 AAC Blackout to anyone, yes I would. Having a lightweight AR that fires a 30 cal round that is manageable, you kindof get the best of both worlds.
     Next up was my S&W Model 22A. Like I mentioned, it was returned to S&W after it was out of warranty for 9 years for a broken firing pin, and they fized it free of charge. BZ to S&W for standing behind their products. I decided to run (3) 10 round rapid fire bursts through it for the check. Yes, I had one stray.
    With the 22A out of the way, My carry Glock 23  was next and put her through her paces with double taps in the head and lower abdomen regions with the 35 rounds I had remaining from my last range visit. Yes, once again, had a few strays.
Overall I had a good day there, me and the wife spent some quality time together doing what we like to do. I feel much more relaxed now, ahhhhhhh. What is it about firing guns that makes you feel better? Welp, time to go eat breakfast for dinner. I have been smelling good country bacon as I wrote this post, C'YA



  1. Looks like fun; I'm rather jealous. We're heading to the range this weekend, so I'll get over that pretty quickly, though.

  2. I had some good groupings too! : ) Glad you like the new family member.

    1. I know you did, thats why you posted them on your blog.

  3. LOL, I see you shoot the 'ears' off too... sigh... But a good day at the range beats just about any option!

    1. I'm getting practice on those zombies that have those ear hoops in their ears, those things that stretch out the lobe.