Friday, October 19, 2012

I Love Hard Rock Music

     I am a fan of music that is played my musicians, not from some people who mix crap on a record player that was recorded by someone else and they take credit for it or make rhimes that make no sense at all.  Really, if you cant play a instrument, then you are no musician to me. I have always been a fan of Rock music, specifically Hard Rock. Maybe its the power, the riffs, the drum beat, who knows. I LOVE IT. One of my favorite bands, Theory of a Deadman have had quite a few hits. I am not endorsing them in any manner. I feel everyone has their own personal opinion of what kind of music they listen too, whether it is country, classical, opera, blue-grass, new-age, pop, etc etc etc. So be it. I am happy to know that they filmed this video in our metro-plex here in North Florida, and by god it reflects this area of the country very well. Enjoy..... For all the people who live in this "S" hole, notice the police car, the pawn shop, the fire station at the beginning, the park where he eats the ice cream and soccer field. All these location are on the SS of our town and downtown.


Fella's, if you want a good video to watch, and if you can find the uncensored version, worth a view.

I wont tell you what JUGM and I do with this song, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA


  1. LOL, yeah there is 'music' and there is MUSIC!!! Having grown up in the days before MTV, VH1 and all that crap, you either had to see a concert or have a good imagination when listening to the records. Today, not so much... Eagles, Doobies, Skynyrd, and the Dead, that's more my style!

  2. I listen to them as well, except for the Dead, couldn't get into them. I like just about any kind of music, just as long as they play an instrument. I think you know where I am going with that.