Monday, October 8, 2012

Sometimes you just feel like "blah"!!

    How many of you just get into a routine then all of a sudden you go through a few days of "Blah"? I cant really explain "Blah" but I think we all have had this from time-to-time. That feeling of not wanting to do anything. Well that has been me, maybe because my business it starting to slow down and shifting into winter mode. Winter mode for me is catching up on much needed rest. It hs been a long, balls to the wall 8 months for me and I feel the need to become a Bear and hibernate.

    Finished that damn Marketing class with another "A" for my transcript, so now I head into Pop Culutre and the Arts, a 100 level class with a bunch of democritters. Oh Boy!!! I am really ready to finish this degree and take a break before going for a Master's.

    Went and did some prepper shopping today, mostly food items. Tomorrow I will be heading to the LDS cannery in town to get 4 cases of various items. I really like going there, good people working there and enjoy talking with them.

    My good friend and group hippie Rebel got good news, he is back to work. I am really happy for him and his missess. I cant imagine the frustration they have gone through for so long. I know he is not the only one in the country who feels like that, I really hope that starts changing soon. CONGRATS REBEL!!!!

    A friend sent this to me the other day, don't know how many have seen it yet, but I got a chuckle out of it. Enjoy.



  1. Yeah, working your ass to the bone AND going to school doesn't leave a lot of down time to recover. Glad things are going pretty well, and that video is funny! :-)

    1. I got a good laugh out of the video. Life sucks when you are busting your ass to pay for welfare for some POS who is lazy.

  2. buddy - BLAH happens to us all. but then we realize how good things are, even in this upside-down world and we remember our beautiful friends and family, and congrats on your class scores....and hey - we just celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving and are looking forward to celebrating yours with you.

    did i ever tell you how much i love your wife? i had a bit of a hard day yesterday and she was there pumping me up and trying to get me through it. i appreciate her encouragement very much. and i love stopping by the mess, and her blog, to put my head on proper again. i hope this all makes sense. if it doesn't, ask JUGM...she knows what's going on up here. always. i am always thankful for her support.

    glad to call your family a friend. please remember that we are friends and if you ever need a place to go without a passport - come to us through Maine. k? your friend,

    1. Kymber, she does a good job, she does it for me all the time. She keeps me in reality instead of insanity. If I have to get out, I will find my way north. Thanks friend.

  3. Senior,

    That video is an amazing treat. How can you feel blah after watching that??? I'm gonna be giggling all afternoon.

    By the way, by the time I crawled away from my graduate studies I had concluded those advanced degrees are issued mainly for those tough enough to have the stamina to survive. Hang in there. But then some years later on a job I was working, I found the homeowner had hung his PhD over his toilet. When I asked about it, he told me, "About all it was worth." And him a university level professor, LOL.


    1. Yeah, I might have to end up using it to wipe my ass when I put a Junior Officer on sea duty.