Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Time for Choosing....

     Past two days have been good. Two days of prepping, mostly food items. Making purchases at Walmart and the LDS, managed to increase my food supplies by 23 days for $172.43. Now, how can i do that. Well, I remember one thing Stephen said about me to a group of people a few years aog, "This is ........, probably one of the most analytical minds I know". One thing most of you don't know about me, and it's a good thing is I analyze everything. This drives my wife, JUGM crazy!!! Ask her..

     In my food preps, I analyze my storage down to a gnats ass. I have my storage list broken down in a EXCEL file using a calorie count ranging from 3000 to 8000 calories. I have for a long time operated on one meal a day. My body has adjusted to it and I am quite fine with that. JUGM is the same way. My main conern is making sure my boys get the required nutrition to meet their needs in the development of their bodies. This EXCEL file does not include for hunting. What I have stored so far is classified only to my group members and JUGM, sorry but that is the way I roll. If you would like a copy of the file, I can send it to you, but it will be blank except for the excel formulas built in.

    I think in most part it is due to my military career and having to think and act quickly on my feet and make decisions that could cost people their lives. I was very fortunate to hold positions that are more reserved for the college educated officers. I suppose busting my ass and being the technical expert in my field payed off. Sure as hell isn't paying off in the civilian community, but I don't have "Pitty parties" for myself, create a job and make results, not excuses works for me very well, both mentally and financially. Also, one other thing to note, JUGM can cook!!!, I'm blessed, Ha Ha Ha.

     Here are 3 of the 5 cases I bought yesterday.


     I could have spent my money on other things, maybe the Liberal movie theaters on some box-office flop, a Football game, or a nice dinner at a steak house wearing a tie, huh, wearing a fucking tie to eat a steak. Oh Hell no!!!! I choose to spend my money on preps, I know the corrupt media is swinging this election back and Forth, I DO NOT TRUST THIS NEXT ELECTION!!!! I do not take pleasure in getting caught with my pants down. I continue to do what I can to prepare. If I am wrong, so be it, I am a Navy Senior Chief, I have ate my share of Humble pie in the past. If I am right and ready, then it makes a severe crisis easier to deal with. I try to tell that to others, but it always goes on deaf EGO ears, SURVIVING IN 90% PREPARATION, 10% EXECUTION!!!! Your success is all about your preps. Enough already, getting wound up.

    Well we have a busy weekend ahead, one more day of work till I can take a much needed mini-vacation. In closing, I wasn't born yet, but I did happen to have this man as my First Commander-In-Chief, sure wish he was back. Listen, he's trying to tell us something that is happening today.




  1. Senior,

    Reagan sure did talk the talk, no question. As Governor of California I saw up close and personal just how he "balanced the books" on the back of those who could least afford it. And even when he himself got elected he surrounded himself with all the usual psychopaths and criminals that worked hard to subvert his positive actions. So in the end he did not walk the walk. Plus, we the people have consistently made the choices every time to turn away from Lady Liberty, until today those that do remember her are very few and have only a tiny voice.

    I fear for our country and all of us who chafe at the thought of the chains of bondage at the expense of our God given rights. Certainly most Americans choose "security" over Liberty every time.

    Consider this:



    1. You are very right Winston, people do choose security over liberty, but when security encroachs their lives and make it a living hell, they will realize their bad choice but it will be too late to change it.

  2. Senior - the way i see it, the ONLY thing to be spending money on these days is preps!!! this upcoming American election has many of us up here in Canada on pins and needles. i don't mind admitting that i am afeared for what will happen. i only hope that i am wrong. regardless, we'll be well stocked. and i am glad that you and JUGM and the boys will be too.

    your friend,

    1. Kymber, I don't trust the current state of the country right now. I know that my boys life will not be the same as what I grew up in, and I fear that. My current mission is to raise, guide, and protect them. I will succeed, I never fail.