Friday, October 19, 2012

Long day, time to relax and reflect

     Had a long day today, now its time to relax and reflect. I don't know why a fire in the fire pit just brings out my best thoughts, maybe its because of the mystical flight of the flame, maybe its the Cherokee in me from my grand mother and its trying to tell me something. Only god knows..... Maybe thats why I am one with nature......

     I reflect on the future a lot. I think a lot has to do with my two boys and what kind of world they will grow up in. Yes, I am a hawk and I watch them all the time. I fear the person who trys to hurt or exploit them. Lets put it this way, you "F" with my boys, you die!!, Plain and simple. TRY ME!!!!! Really, TRY ME!!!!

      What world have we become? There are many answers out there, but that is the interpretation of the person and how they want to perceive them. Me, I am a simple man. I take things a day at a time. Every day is different and poses new dangers that we must experience. I am a risk manager, I weigh the dangers that are in everyday life and adjust to counter them. Maybe my military experience has trained me to be this way or it could be the love I have for my kids, so they can thrive in this "F" upd world we live in. Am I a parent or a over-reactive person? I don't care, I am a parent!!! Maybe the majority of this country should try it, it would make a difference.

     I am sorry if I feel like I am vetting, just tired of how this country is going. I hear that if Romney wins, well people are going to riot. GO AHEAD, GET BOLD AND "F" with me. Please, get some go juice in your veins and try. I CANT WAIT!!!!! My name is ORKIN, I am an exterminator. Get the picture now? I hope so and hope you come around!!!!! As it is said in our group, it will be a TRE.

I'll be your Huckleberry!!!!!! "Doc Holiday"



  1. I love fire rings. You get so relaxed just watching the flames.

  2. Yes you do, it has a calming effect.