Monday, May 2, 2016

Family CASREP'd, some work around the house, Jeep Cherokee, Deer deterant, a quote from "DUKE", and a hero lost in the line of duty

     Sorry for the lack of responses to my last post and a new post until now. Well, as the title says, the family has been CASREP'd with the crud. We all have been sick, JUGM had a sinus infection, got calls within 1 hour of each other for both kids while they were at school, then it hit me last a week ago Sunday which I took the next day off to recover some more. Have been somewhat busy around here with things. First, I finally got around to putting up my flag pole after I had to take it down for them to build the house. It was cheaper to do that instead of have the pole go through the middle of the living room. I waited until I got my Gadsden/Culpepper Flag from Buchanan Flag and Sign down in Jacksonville, FL. If you need a flag and you are local to them, head over there. I think they sell on Amazon.......

    Along with the Flag pole, one of my neighbors and my dad's best friend came over and graded out where my dad's place was. If you notice to the left, I have 240 amp service to the pole. I already had 2 110 GFI protected receptacles attached to the pole. Current plan is to put a Steel building on the site along with (4) 30 amp RV plugs for some friends of mine. Oh, that's right, someone suggests that I will have an issue protecting my property in a SHTF situation. Well lets see, you know where I work so you put two and two together. Remember, birds of a feather, flock together and having a year to do it, I'm quite pleased with my results. See Navy Chiefs produce "Result's, not excuses".


The building I have settled on. Note: this is not my actual building

     See in a military planning environment, there are many assumptions that come up during planning and in most cases all the assumptions are requested in "RFI's", that stands for "Requests for Information" and they are initiated through N2. He obtains his information from NSA, DIA, ONI, and other national assets. So there you go, your free RFI to answer your assumption, straight from the source without a link to Also, I have 3 cd's of my service record so you can verify my military training if you like. Actually, you should maybe worry about the people you still have surrounding you, of course they will tell you something completely different to your face if you confronted them of our conversations just after I left, but you will find out one day. So moving on to better and brighter things......

   Some of you may know that I have a 1997 Jeep Cherokee Sport and it has been plastered all over the Internet in all kinds of forums of its worthiness as a great vehicle, specifically in the Prepper/survivalist communities. The modern Jeeps of today are a joke, and I have first hand experience as our 2010 Wrangler Unlimited had numerous transmission recalls (7 of them), and then that one day when it failed, a 90% rebuild with crap falling out the transmission at the jeep dealer. I had enough of it. I feel this could have been avoided if Jeep was still American owned instead of a subsidiary of Daimler, and now FIAT. This Cherokee has the inline 4.0 6 cylinder engine and a AW4 transmission. 

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View of dash going down the road, all gauges operating normally

In the parking lot at work.
      As our crops start coming up in the garden, I always have a thought in the back of my mind about deer walking in there and eating it up. The key to keeping them out is to make a human scent in there to keep them away. What better scent to keep them out but Irish Spring soap, human hair works good too. If you have smelled those bars of soap, it has a strong scent and you can pick it up pretty cheap in the stores. So NW and I get to work.

8 bars, 1 piece of para cord, separated to 6 core and 1 outer shell.

These will be sprinkled in between the bars, nothing wasted

grading stake, roofing tack and soap attached.
      As some of you know, my good friend Duke from our Florida group has his own place over in Georgia upstate and has taken to making posts on Facebook. JUGM still has an account there to keep in touch with family and friends. She started laughing this morning before I headed off to work and I asked her what was up. She was laughing telling me about a post he did, and here it is:

      We shall see if the Republican voters align behind him or will they do they same thing they did to Romney in the last election. I didn't vote for Trump in the state primary, but this is a process. If I had a good guess, they will be voters who have fit's and run home with their football and say I'm not voting for him. Go ahead and cast your vote for Hillary and please stay home when you still don't get your way because all of us do not want to hear you whining. Welcome to modern day America.  

 Hell, I will add some more funny stuff from him:

Some NC House Bill 2 humor


Gotta Love Chelsea Clinton. Looks just like her lying mom

     Now on a very serious note. A town south of Charlotte lost a hero over the weekend, Pineville volunteer fire fighter Richard Sheltra (20 yrs old) lost his life in a fire Saturday night that was suspected as being caused by lightning from the storms that came through the area. This is a personal note for JUGM as her father is a retired Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Inspector who retired after 30 years of service and many times during major fires, they waited anxiously to hear from him. When you put your life on the line to protect others, whether military or civilian, every life matters. Please say a prayer for his immediate and extended families as they go through a very tough tragedy.

Richard Sheltra
     Stay safe out there.



  1. Dump the Jeep... Yes, Chiefs can get 'stuff' done! :-) Glad y'all are better.

    1. I'm going to hold onto the jeep for now. I have been looking for one of those "terrorist preferred" Toyota 4Runners between 2000 to 2003. Remember in a short 5 years, my kids will already have vehicles for when they get their licenses. I do think outside the box a lot.

  2. Senior,

    One should never underestimate the power of a retired or former military solider when it comes to protecting ones family and property!!!

    Deer are a nuisance when it comes to vegetable gardens and fruit trees. Hanging soap bars around your garden will deter these 4 legged critters. I love how you and JUGM get your boys involved planting, taking care of the animals, and being prepared.

    We all should be supporting our military soldiers, their families, and all people putting their lives on the line for us daily. Rest in peace Richard Sheltra. Sending prayers to the Sheltra Family, and all service individuals.

    Sending hugs, and love to you, JUGM, and your Boys.

    God Bless America!!!

    1. Sandy, remember how this country has become a selfish, subsidized, fast food, cant live without my Internet society, well its getting worst. We don't get them involved, they want to learn. I agree, everyone should support the troops and first responders, even the one that I know from that group. I never had a problem with him.

  3. I have a 1999 Cherokee Sport and it's one of the best vehicles I have ever owned. Much less trouble and expense than our more modern 2007 Commander. I had a Jeep Wrangler and really liked it, but my wife didn't as she can't drive a stick, and there was no room for groceries in it. Had to trade it in, (on another Jeep.) Hope the family gets over that illness soon, I know how miserable that is.

    1. Hey Harry, yeah we are all over the crud. I will hold onto the jeep for when the kids are old enough to drive. Agree, the regular 2 door wrangler doesn't really add much room for anything, the 4 door one we had was great, just made to be a P.O.S.

  4. I drive an '06 Explorer because it's a solid workhorse. Not my favorite vehicle, but it always starts. Keep what works; lose what doesn't. And Chiefs make things happen; just sayin'.

    1. Agree Rev, I work on all my own vehicles and when one gets to be a constant problem, then it is time to let it go. How's the move going?