Monday, May 23, 2016

That time of the year when so many things take up your time.

   Sorry for the lack of posting, things have really been hectic here. Work has also been quite busy and with spring full in the air, where does the time go. So here is some updates:

    NW had an all important recognition dinner with the school board. NW was 1 of the 108 out of 954 5th graders that were recognized for their superior academic excellence.

   Tonight was 5th grade graduation at the school and NW received numerous awards, which include Science excellence, Accelerated reader (top in the school), "A" Honor roll, Celebration of Excellence with straight "A"'s since the first grade, Advanced School Excellence award, Presidential award for academic excellence (Yes, BO had to put his crummy fingers into the celebration). We are so very proud of our son, we cant wait till next year when ND is up on that stage receiving his academic accolades.

    Baseball season is winding down and both boys are back in the championship game for the second year in a row. Last Tuesday, they beat the # 2 seeded team from the northern division on our home field 9-3 to  advance. Tomorrow night is the night they hopefully get some revenge from last year. The boys 2 year regular season record is 23-1. I am so proud of them in both academics and athletics.

    Last week I became another year older and of course I took the day off. I went and had lunch with a few of my close friends on Fort Jackson. Guess you can say it was a working lunch per say. If any of you have been on post there, you know that we ended the day by walking the gun counter and discussing numerous fire arms. I love how this post and SHAW A.F.B has gun sales at the PX. Later that day, I spent some great quality time with the family. This past Saturday, I had my birthday dinner at Steve's Seafood.

     Garden is going great, picked up a Craftsman rear-tine tiller to get in between the rows. 

   If you have a small garden, I strongly recommend this tiller. I live on property where there are millions and millions of white flint rocks, some small, some large and it has no problem with busting the soil up. I purchased this to assist me with planting grass around the property and in the garden, it does the job. Yes, I have a tractor with a 5 foot PTO driven tiller, but when corn and other items are too tall, I have to find another way to get in there. I sure as hell am not doing manual labor to accomplish the job, the garden is too big for that.

     Till next time,



  1. Happy birthday, and congrats to NW on his outstanding achievement!

    1. Thank Rev, I will pass it on to him

  2. The day I went out the gate at Camp Lejeune for the last time, I went to the PX before I turned in my green id card and bought a Browning HP. The nice one with the satin finish and bronze trim. I thought they had quit selling guns long ago. Glad to hear they still do.

    Once school is over and you aren't trying to handle events there, maybe you will have a little more time to just do what you want to do. It's good your son is doing so well.

    1. Harry, yes they still sell them and you can order anything you want. Of course, once you buy it you have to leave the base. Well that's what they told me. Yes, baseball is over now and NW did something very grown up which we are both very proud of. I will mention it in another post.

  3. Senior,

    Happy Birthday!!! You're only as old as you feel!!!!

    Congratulations to NW on his superior academic excellence, and both boys for their hard work to get to the baseball championship.

    I agree with you on the tiller, need something smaller than the tractor to get into smaller places.

    Sending hugs, and love to you, JUGM, and your Boys.

  4. The tiller works great, and I can still use the PTO tiller, but it costs less to fix the small one instead of the big one. The boys accomplished so much this year, I have nothing but praise for their achievements.

  5. Hippo Birdie to Ewe! And many more Senior! Those 'little' tillers are worth their weight in gold! :-)