Thursday, April 21, 2016

Took some time off for spring break, and some other stuff around the homestead part two

    Picking up where I left off from the last post. Saturday, I had the boys break out their Hennessy Hammocks to let them air out and also to give them some more time to hone their skills in setting them up. I am really proud of them both wanting to learn stuff and I am very confident on where they are at with their knowledge at 9 and 10 years old, hell it's more that some grown men. Once the cool mornings are over, we may all, including JUGM and yes she has one too, camp out in our woods and make our own tent city. I haven't taught them the tricks to 4 season camping in these hammock tents yet.

NW hooking to the tree

NW testing his set-up

NW and ND all set-up and relaxing

    Earlier that day and we had made our way to town and found some of these. I love these peppers and since I have so much room left, why not buy a four pack. They will go good with the other peppers when I pickle Okra.

     Sunday, we slept in and had a day to ourselves before we go our separate ways on Monday. Later that day, we decided to do some burgers and I wanted to make me a Mushroom and Swiss burger. For some reason the thought popped in my head, "you know, why not cook the mushrooms on the rocket stove". It's been over 2 years since I have used it and I have a enormous supply of fuel for it with all the trees on the property.

My $38.70 Rocket Stove that I made, not bought off
Here is the link to my post building it.

Sticks loaded up

Pine Cones ready to light and drop in

getting started

nice fast flame coming out before all the smoke died off

     After dinner we sat around the porch and wait for the Space Station to fly over at 2121 this past Sunday. Prior to the viewing, caught a great shot of the moon and Jupiter to the left.

    Well that's enough for tonight. I plan do do a post on my daily driver, my 1997 Jeep Cherokee Sport with 213508 miles on it. It makes a daily trip of 142 miles 5 days a week. More to follow. 



  1. Those hammocks are the cat's meow! :-) Glad things are coming together!

    1. Yes, they are a find item to have.

  2. Senior,

    Love those hammocks. It's just so relaxing to lounge in them out on the property or while camping.

    Peppers, you mentioned you had some to plant and wanted to know more about them...and I apologize, I haven't posted about them yet. I've been busy out of town at my parents estate. The secret to planting peppers (seedlings) is to make sure you plant them when the temperature is at least 55 degrees for about 4 consecutive days. When you plant them do so in the evening when the sun isn't hard and beating on them. Put a cage over the top of them to help support the branches (like a tomato cage). Make sure to leave plenty of space between pepper plants when planting (approximately 20 to 24 inches). I would also suggest you use a natural fertilizer for the pepper plants. Once you've planted your peppers, place some straw or mulch around the base of the plant to help keep the root area cool and to prevent the mud from bouncing back on to the leaves when watering. Be sure to keep the soil moist but not saturated to prevent root rot. I use Epsom Salt (1 tablespoon of epsom salt to 1 gallon of water) and spray the plant throughout it's growing period. There you have it my friend, my secrets to planting peppers. Hope this helps.

    Sending hugs and love to you, Jugm, and your Boys.

    1. Thanks Sandy for the tips. I have only used chicken crap to fertilize everything. Good god, with all the hens we have, there is plenty to go around. Hope everything is going well with the estate.