Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day

   To all the Mom's out there.......




  1. buddy - i send love to all mothers out there. but i send a special kind of love to JUGM (jambaloney calls hers juggem. whenever i am typing a response to her posts or emails - he asks me who i am typing to. i saY Jacked UP Glock Mom - and he says - oh juggem.)

    please treat her really well today - do lots of special things for her all day. get the boys involved. she's a wonderful mother! you and the boys have received a special gift in her being your wife and mother to your boys. i have received a special gift in her being my friend. a friend that i will always cherish her!

    in fact - play her madonna's "cherish" song. i love this song!

    it's even got mermen in it...she'll know what it means.

    sending love to all of you -always! your friend,

    1. Awww Kymber your so sweet and a lovely friend. And That's one of a few Madonna songs I actually like.

      I guess I need to have Juggem named Much love to you guys as well. I will be doing a mothers day post a bit later..boys have all been super sweet today

  2. Thanks Honey for the sweet Mothers day you and the boys have given me. Love you guys so much....

  3. Get Juggem patented honey! i hope you had a wonderfully sweet Mother's Day - you deserve it! sending so much love to you! xoxox

  4. One of the very few holidays I pay attention to.