Saturday, April 9, 2016

Been a long day

    I had plans to do a decent post today, but I started my day in a sunny cold wind as the boys had a game this morning bright and early with getting them there at 0815 this morning.

    The game was over at 1030 and the guys won 10-6 with both reaching base on hits.

After being in the wind all day, I piddled around with some reloads and prepping some of that good ole Lake City 5.56 brass. I think you all know what it feels like to hang out in a 20-30 mph winds in the cold and get wind burn. I hate it. I think I may start a 2 part review tomorrow on the holsters I use. Enjoy your evening folks.



  1. Senior,

    Congratulations to your guy's on winning there game. Like you, I hate getting wind burn. The winds have been terrible this last week. Today and tomorrow were expecting severe weather. We've spent a couple hours in town yesterday looking at pocket holsters for 380 automatics. Not much offered at the stores around here, may have to make or order through the internet.

    Sending hugs and love to you, Jugm, and your Boys.

  2. Glad the winds are dying down here finally. I know how you feel with finding the right holster. In the end, i always end up ordering offline. See how the Internet has destroyed the Brick and Mortar establishments.

  3. Senior - congrats to the boys for their base hits and congrats to you for withstanding the wind! i hate cold and windy - it especially hurts my ears and they burn for hours afterwards. looking forward to seeing more of your favourite holsters.

    sending much love to you, JUGM and the boys. your friend,

    (holy crap! just read Sweet Sandy's comment and our 2 comments are almost identical. great minds and all that eh? bahahaha!

  4. I agree, my ears do the same. See, you both have great minds. I know you have had more wind lately than we have, hang in there spring will finally warm up.

  5. You're a good dad for getting them up and out to the game, and being there for them!

  6. I try to be the best dad I can. They keep telling me I am, so I guess I am doing the right thing.