Monday, April 4, 2016

Corn, Corn, and more corn, Spring garden has been started. I feel like I want to go on a rant.

As the title says. Last spring we planted 15 rows of sweet corn in the garden and had pretty good success with it, even dealing with "Drought like conditions here in SC". We ended up harvesting over 300 ears of corn that we are still eating off of. We took the majority of it and blanched it and stuck it in the freezer. Last year, we planted it farther apart than we did this year. I found a good document from Clemson University to go off of and this year and now we have the same, 15 rows, but the seeds are spaced < 6 inches apart. So figure this, 15 rows of Silver King corn seed planted per row with a row length of 80 feet. Do the math, yes I will be in corn up to my ears, literally.

     Since I am following Clemson's advice, I have about 10 days til I can start planting other goodies in the garden. If you saw on JUGM's blog, last Saturday she went to the Future Farmers of America sale at the local county farmers market and bought a bunch of stuff for around $10.00. Now, I like fresh JalapeƱo pepper's when we cook Mexican dishes, so I will try it this year, along with some hot peppers for my pickled Okra I plan to do. The rest of the garden I have been prepping in anticipation of us planting. I have been using the 5 foot PTO tiller on the tractor and have been turning the dirt over with fertilizer and lime to get it ready.

Corn in the back, 2 rows of sweet onions in the front.

      As I was tilling up the middle section, I found two interesting things. First is:

So what tracks do we have here?

        While I was tilling, notice the edge of the tractor tire in the picture, I planted the corn on March 25th, and on April 3rd, we have this, less than 10 days and it's coming up. I guess my chicken crap/sand plan worked well.

Corn stalk coming up
      Tonight, I left early from the boy's baseball practice to get home, turn the dirt over some more with the tiller and also turned the sprinklers on the corn.

      This weekend will be a busy weekend with getting seed as we are getting all the seed in hand for us to plant this weekend.

    Now for my Rant.........

    It was brought to my attention from a close friend in Florida that I have struck a nerve with a former group member here in SC with his comments on his 4th or 5th website in as many years, Yes 4th or 5th website in as many years.  It's pretty obvious that if you start and stop this many websites that you have no clue of what you are featuring on these sites, almost like Hillary Clinton re-launching her campaigns.
    Seem's he doesn't like all the "Pop Shots" I have taken at him lately, I don't give a fuck what him or anyone associated with him think. He posted this on one of his postings and I quote:
"While I’m at it I’ve also been told that that I am no “survival expert”. Sure – I would agree with that. I’ve never professed to be one. I know a little about a lot and am very confident in my ability to figure things out even though I have never been show." Unquote....

   Yeah you are right, you are a expert at nothing, and you proved that in the year I wasted around you. Yes, you know "a little about a lot and am very confident in my ability to figure things out even though I have never been show" Geez, let's ask the other person who drives one of your vehicles of how they were riding down the road with only 1 lug nut left on the rear tire after you tired to change the brakes?



  1. Glad to hear the garden is coming together! Sorry to hear about the other...

  2. Yes, we all walked down to the garden tonight and more corn had started breaking through the surface. You know, I have no idea why this clown keeps checking up on my blog to see what I'm doing. I see every time they show up. I guess they think they can keep tabs on me.

  3. Senior,

    Now that's going to be a great harvest of corn!!! I'm sure you and JUGM will be canning, freezing, and dehydrating corn to put away this year....and you'll have plenty of corn to use as seeds for the next seasons planting as well.

    Like you, I follow Oklahoma State's Agriculture instructions/guidelines for planting my seeds.

    As for the second part of your post, sorry to hear you wasted your time.

    Sending hugs and love to you, JUGM, and your Boys.

  4. Yes Sandy, I think we went a bit overboard with the corn, especially this afternoon when I walked into the garden with dad's best friend. I think I will be giving and selling half of it. I found the SC guide two years ago and it works. About the second apart, you and I worked in disciplined work environments and when you waste your time, I don't know about you but it pisses me off. Ego's, Narcissism, and when people don't get there way, I don't have time to play those games. Trust me, I am much better off. I find it funny that they keep coming to this blog to check up on me to see what I am doing or if I'm in another group or something. Uhh, hello Mc'Fly, do you think I'm stupid, Ha Ha. I have been buying all kinds of stuff, I did get a huge 5 year back pay from the VA for stuff that none of them could afford.

  5. Will you be able to dry the corn for the chickens? Or is a better variety better for that?

    In the past I've overbought corn on sale, cooked, and dehydrated it for future backpacking trips. It's actually quite good, lightweight, and calorie packed.