Saturday, December 1, 2012

As the world turns.......

     Sorry for taking an extended break from blogging. Just have not been in a mood to do much of anything as of late. Lost a good friend and neighbor the other night to cancer. He will be missed. I have been thinking of my own health too and have made a order for Jake's Mint Snuff. I managed to quit the last time using gum but I wanted to try something else this time. If any of you know how difficult it is to quit tobacco, well it is damn hard and changing your behavior and routines can be a challenge. I have done it before and should have never started back. So wish me luck whenever the Postal Service gets off their asses and delivers it.

  As much of you know already I am a college student and that has taking up some of my time. Next month will be my induction into the Business Honor Society, aka Lamba Sigma. I am quite proud of myself for this accomplishment, especially in my 40's.

Only 7 more classes and I will be done, for now. I do plan on going for a Graduate degree, but I will take some time off first.

    Today, the family and I went out to a yard sale for a group member who is hurting financially and helped him out with buying a few things. I know he hated to get rid of the stuff but I hope he will rest a little bit better tonight knowing he will have somewhat of a christmas now. I have also had some side-bar conversations with him about money saving ways and where he can go for help. Hopefully he takes me up on them, but more than likely, wont. Time will tell and I hope I am wrong, i need some humble pie.

    "Riddle me this Batman" As we were out, we went through a drive-up ATM at our bank. As I was sitting there waiting on the ATM to go through its process, I look up and see the phone jack for people who may have hearing problems, then I notice right below the phone jack, Braille. Can blind people drive now and if they can I am very happy for them or is this another one of the ADA requirements? Who knows....

     Reading past events in the news, I see that Fast food workers in NYC are wanting pay raises to $15 plus an hour. Really, give me a break. They say its too expensive to live in NYC, well I have an recommendation for you, MOVE!!!! Better yet, let's look at why you may be working there. Obvious you didnt take your education serious enough to warrant a better job or was it you were to busy hanging out with your friends partying like Lindsey Lohan to even care. Well I guess it is catching up to you now isn't it? "Teaching Moment" Kids, stay in school and learn as much as you can and most importantly, learn Self Responsibility.

     Hurrican Sandy victims are raising hell about FEMA and the other government agencies. Like anyone didn't see that coming. Like I have stated before, having some self responsibility would have made this disaster a bit more tolerable, don't you think? I cant make the suggestion that you change things in the ballot box since you all voted for what you got. Maybe you all have learned the valuable lesson of, the government only wants you tax money and could care less of you in a natural disaster. If I am wrong, please tell me.

     Fiscal Cliff is approaching, well really it isn't. There is no cliff, just a scare tactic, just like pushing granny over the cliff. "Attention, Attention, now hear this", There are India, Delta, 10, Tango's in Washington!!!! Like we didn't already know this, right?

    Results of the poll I had running here on Senior's Mess seems to have a overwhelming verdict of 93% saying that a SHTF scenario in the United States would be a result of a Economic Collapse. I have been thinking about just walking away from my house, maxing everything out to speed up the process, but I cant do it. I have morals and self responsibility, but you never know with me......

     Before I close this post, I managed to pick up another followe; GunDiva pressed the follow button and became my 33rd follower. Thank you very much for taking an interest in what my thoughts are and please feel free to comment and express you thoughts and ideas to any of my posts.

    I must get back to what I was doing, looking at beautiful property for sale.






  1. That's some beautiful view, right there.

  2. The boys and I are super duper proud of you as well. : )
    and yes you can quit,and yes you know we support you.

  3. Sorry for the loss of your friend. It always stinks to loose a friend.

    Congrats on your graduation!!!! That is a major accomplishment!

  4. GunDiva's following here? There goes the neighborhood. Keep a sharp eye on your lamp shades. Just sayin'.

  5. Well done Senior! And the braille on ATMS? Required by ADA... sigh...

    1. Figured ADA was involved. Thanks for the congrats.