Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Numb, not Comfortably

     I think the title says it all, but it is not the song or lyrics from Pink Floyd. After watching the results come in from the abyss of a liberal arts classroom via the Inter-Gore-Net and once home watching it unfold on satellite and reliving the nightmare from four years ago, I am sick to my stomach and disgusted at the people in the country who would vote for this "FU^&*!G MORON"!!!

    Reading a few posts on the bogisphere tonight and writing this entry, I just don't want to talk about it, it depresses me but worst of all, it en-rages me. I posted on Facebook last night with a few friends about the results from the election, with my last post saying "I have lost faith in this country and God" I am sure some will comment on this and until the GUMBERMINT takes control on the Internet, you have that right too. Really, I have a lot of doubt right now, here physically and spiritually. Now, don't take my words as a key to doing something drastic to myself. That is not anything I am thinking about nor would consider. My current duty station is COMNAVHOMELANT and my job is to protect my family at all cost, no ifs , ands or buts about it. Family encompasses immediate and extended family, you know who you are.

    I look to the future and try to visualize events that we all may face in the next 4 years of this incompetent President, and all it points to is a total economic collapse within 2 years. We are in a stale-mate in the District of Corruption, nothing will be solved. Mark my words... If I am wrong and I hope I am, I have no problem eating "Humble Pie". I know what it tastes like.

    What will a total economic collapse, SHTF scenario mean to me? Many people will loose their lives, I don't even want to associate a numerical figure with this prediction, I cant count on my fingers and toes that high. Depression era poverty on a larger scale will be prevalent, violence will be unprecedented. What I see myself doing, UNLEASHING HELL!

There are no rules in war. Yes you have a Geneva Convention and many in the military or have served before know it and what it states. I don't care. Do I have the mental fortitude to act this way in a time of crisis, yes I do. Growing up a hunter, you have that feeling as a kid shooting your first deer, dove, squirrel, or rabbit. Adrenaline is pumping through your young body. Just like riding a bicycle, you never forget that feeling.
     A good training exercise to do and I have done in the past is to elevate your heart rate as high as you can get it, then shoot a course of fire. You cant simulate adrenaline in a life or death situation with a paper or other form of a target you choose to train with. The other option to elevate your heart rate and function in that manner, will give you a training value much more than plinking at a target. Shoot a course of fire in a normal and elevated heart rate. You will see a difference in your shot placement. Adjust, adapt, and overcome your sighting ,you wont have time to shoot between breaths.  One final note, if and when that day arrives, I hope all us prepared who care about our families are ready. I will be.

      In times of disgust or aggravation, I tend to do things that take my mind off what is really bothering me and I actually enjoy doing. I enjoy prepping, because I know what I do now will help me or someone close to me in a time of need. While visiting a local retail store today, I found a new addition to my get-home-bag. It's made by Stanley, which are famous for Thermos's. Its a camp cook and cup set. It cost me around $15 and fits the purpose of boiling clean water or making hot water for a mountain house meal, or even putting hot water in an canteen and using it to heat inside a sleeping bag. Here is a pic of it.

Another pic of the complete set-up.

    As part of any bag setup you create, you need a back-up, to a back-up, to a back-up. Well during rain or a quick distillation of water, I chose to use my ISOPRO stove to boil water. Boiled water in less than 6 mins, then another 2 mins to sterilize water = 8 mins for clean water. May be a bit hot for your drinking, so store, move and drink when it cools.



  1. Property in the mountains is looking better and better, leaches and bottom dwellers are scarce up there.

    1. You are absolutely correct my friend, may use rest of my VA loan and find something and short sale what I have now. Why I should be punished for doing nothing wrong, when they do everything wrong and get rewarded.

  2. I'm still having a hard time believing it has come to this.

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    1. I just dont get it, with all the misery in the Northeast after Sandy, they still vote for the same thing.

  4. dear Senior - sorry to be getting late to this post. i'm sorry buddy...and i just don't know what else to say.

    your friend,