Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Getting the train back on the tracks

     This is my first post since the passing of my father on the 24th of April. Yes, I have felt like a train that has been derailed and thrown off the tracks. I have had times where emotions return and stops any progress I am making to get my life back together. Work, school and spending time with JUGM and the kids has helped a lot though and it will take time. I think with his passing it has stung me more than the passing of my mother in 2008, maybe because he was all I had left, besides a half brother. The first few days I felt anger with his passing, maybe I was selfish that he was gone and I wasn't ready for him to leave, I wanted it on my terms. Well that just shows you how little we are in this world, it's not our decision but the man upstairs. I know we will sit under the maple tree again and BS and tell jokes.

      I want to thank everyone who commented on my posting of his passing and also from the posting on JUGM'S blog. It really meant a lot to us both for the kind and caring words you all sent. I would also like to thank Stephen and Rebel for the beautiful flower arraignments they sent, thank you brothers. Les and Phyllis, thanks for all your support you have giving me over the past 25 years, that's why I call you my Second Parents and glad I can always count on your wisdom.

      Well it seems I have been gone for awhile from the blog, so as part of getting back on the tracks, I need to step things up and get back to speaking my mind. See you soon.



  1. Senior, I'm sorry to hear about your Dad.

    It will be tough when that day comes for me.


  2. I'm so sorry, Senior. My dad passed in May '11, so we understand. Hang in there.

  3. Sorry to hear about your loss and wishing you guys the best.

  4. Senior- the 28th of April marked two years since we lost my husband's dad, Johnny Reb. Needless to say, it was a miserable weekend here.

    However, his mom decided a memorial was in order. And we started a memorial garden for Johnny Reb. Maybe in time, you too can do something similar to that for your Dad?

    In the meantime brother, we know how you feel. And our thoughts and prayers are will you and yours in this most difficult of healing times. Stay strong and carry on- you know he is with you, watching, and pulling for you!